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Rust Devblog 160

Planner Leak When AI was merged into main from pre-release it introduced a pretty big bug. We were checking out the [...]

Rust Devblog 153

Binoculars Shut your blinds! Binoculars have arrived! Not much needs to be said about these. You can find them in [...]

Rust Devblog 146

Lots of changes this week: we’ve added Flame Turrets and Tuna Can Lamps, most ammo now stacks to 128, previously [...]

Rust Devblog 140

Planters, Santa, and more.   Video Update Farming 1.5 I redid some aspects of farming, but we’re not [...]

Rust Devblog 134

XP is out, components are in, and radiation is back.   Component System The component system is now live. This [...]

Rust Devblog 133

The first look at the new harbour, a step closer to the new component system, and more.   Component Update [...]

Rust Devblog 127

Semi-Auto Pistol changes, optimisations, what we’re doing with recoil, and more.   Semi-Auto Pistol [...]

Rust Devblog 121

We’re listening: this patch has a heap of community requested tweaks and balances, from the crossbow de-nerfing [...]

Rust Devblog 118

Changes to the XP system means the Official servers will be wiping XP and maps to get everyone back on a level playing [...] Switch To HTTPS has been switched to HTTPS protocol. This change is totally transparent for users.Our API can still be [...]