Blog Feed en Tue, 25 Sep 2018 17:22 CEST is a Rust servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 Community Update 203 Tue, 25 Sep 2018 17:22 CEST []

Mazes, art, custom maps, and more.

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Community Update 202 Tue, 18 Sep 2018 17:25 CEST []

Ape maps, chemists, addiction, and more.

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Community Update 201 Tue, 11 Sep 2018 17:12 CEST []

Floating islands, slingshots, giant crystals, and more.

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The Performance Update Thu, 06 Sep 2018 19:26 CEST []

We took this month to focus heavily on performance, with lots of optimization. Let us know how we did. We also have a look at some upcoming additions: a new boat event, slot machines, and more. This patch wipes the servers. Enjoy!

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  • Scientists at Military Tunnel throw grenades.
  • Scientists at Military Tunnel use syringes.
  • Workshop skins are now included in the main game download
  • Added prefab warmup to loading screen
  • Added new prefab pooling system
  • Added "Max Tree Meshes" graphics option
  • Added ladder trigger for custom maps
  • Added high frame rate camera movement
  • Added Smoke Grenade item
  • Added "Hide Sign" option
  • Added multi-threaded rendering
  • Added occlusion culling graphics option
  • Added new optimized impostor rendering
  • Scientists at Military Tunnel hear footsteps, explosions and gunfire.
  • Scientists at Military Tunnel use a new aim system.
  • Scientists at Military Tunnel use a new, more reactive, sensory system.
  • Optimized asset bundles
  • Optimized loot panels
  • Fixed various skin icon issues
  • Optimized various dynamic memory allocations
  • Health over time takes longer to convert into health
  • Optimized mesh LOD updates
  • Reorganized graphics and performance settings
  • Optimized low level memory pool
  • Pumpkin and corn now stackable to 10
  • Removed pumpkin condition
  • Workbenches now decay after a long period
  • BBQ allows deployables underneath
  • Repair Bench allows deployables on shelve
  • Pumpkins and corns give less seeds when consumed
  • Atmosphere volumes now visible from outside Bandit Camp
  • Optimized some rendering related dynamic memory allocations
  • Optimized localized ambience system
  • Scientists at Military Tunnel stay engaged with enemies.
  • Scientists at Military Tunnel now reload in cover.
  • Bandit guards now aggro smoke grenade throwers.
  • Bandit guards shoot better at long range.
  • Bandit guards now kill sleeping players after 20 minutes.
  • Recycler at bandit town is now better protected by bandit guards.
  • Junkpile scientists fire their pistol instead of just fleeing.
  • Animals now roam in a restricted distance from where they spawned.
  • Fixed entities sometimes showing wrong skins
  • Fixed stall during ocean patrol point generation on some custom maps
  • Fixed Nametag Performance issue
  • Fixed workbench phrases
  • Fixed passing loot through floor using BBQ exploit
  • Fixed Snow jacket name
  • Fixed RHIB disappearing on server restarts
  • Fixed rowboat becoming invisible
  • Fixed invisible supply signal smoke
  • Fixed being able to turn recycler on/off if you are not the user
  • Fixed boats decaying while in use
  • Fixed tree impostor shadow orientation
  • Fixed terrain texture not resized on graphics quality change
  • Fixed smoke grenade issues with glass windows
  • Fixed censor cube glitches around smoke grenade
  • Frame-rate stutter caused by ambience sound emitter removal
  • Removed world reflection quality as it is currently not supported
  • Removed "MoveToContainer failed!" message
  • Deprecated navmesh grid system removed.
Community Update 200 Tue, 04 Sep 2018 17:18 CEST []

The most ridiculous custom build we've ever seen, a deep dive into the Legacy map remake, a real-life Compound Bow, and more.

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Community Update 199 Tue, 28 Aug 2018 17:20 CEST []

Other games remade in Rust, custom maps, and more.

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Community Update 198 Tue, 21 Aug 2018 17:03 CEST []

Weird maps, naked hunting, Rust IRL, and more.

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Community Update 197 Tue, 14 Aug 2018 17:13 CEST []

Rust IRL, mapping, art, and more.

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Community Update 196 Tue, 07 Aug 2018 17:00 CEST []

Art, maps, and more.

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The Bandit Town Update Thu, 02 Aug 2018 21:39 CEST []

Bandits have made camp in our new swamps. You can trade, bet in their casino, or even take them on with the new Compound Bow. This patch wipes the servers.

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  • Added swamps mini biomes
  • Moved parts of the procedural generation to native code
  • Added Humanoid Shopkeepers to bandit town
  • Added Compound Bow
  • Added Bandit Town Casino
  • Added Farming tooltip with plant info
  • Added RHIB spawns
  • Team member names appear overtop of dots on map
  • Updated underwater vegetation visuals
  • Updated death match loot tables (Savas KOTH)
  • Added puzzles to Hapis Island
  • Made it so team indicators do not show through walls
  • Reduced cost of Revolver and DBS at compound
  • Fixed see through gap between single sheet metal door and doorways
  • Fixed food crates spawning on top of each others at MT
  • Fixed instances where the LS APC would get stuck against decor
  • Fixed missing ladder at LS pool side
  • Fixed too large colliders at powerlines concrete base
  • Fixed an out of bound exploit at MT
  • Fixed ambience memory leak + pooling error
  • Fixed demo playback errors
  • Fixed workshop skin icon upload
  • Fixed puzzles not being indestructible
  • Wire barricades no longer damage players through floors
  • Wire barricades slightly easier to place on rough terrain
  • Compound awning performance fix
  • Xmas gift box no longer marks player hostile
  • Oil barrel no longer marks player hostile
  • Fixed Fridge players getting pushed inside fridge
  • Fixed NPC vending machines appearing as Out of Stock
  • Fixed jackhammer holster position
  • Fixed AllowedContents breaking on server restart
  • Fixed streamer mode not hiding teammate names
Community Update 195 Tue, 31 Jul 2018 17:00 CEST []

A wasteland community map, a pile of Rust-inspired songs, and more.

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Community Update 194 Tue, 24 Jul 2018 17:08 CEST []

Real-world weaponry, maps, and more.

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Community Update 193 Tue, 17 Jul 2018 17:10 CEST []

Watery worlds, desks you can drive on, and more.

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Community Update 192 Tue, 10 Jul 2018 17:05 CEST []

Mapping is getting serious: we look at the tools you've made, and the maps you're making (yes, including Legacy).

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The Team Update Thu, 05 Jul 2018 22:28 CEST []

A new Team UI is here, alongside the jackhammer, a deployable watchtower, and more. This patch wipes the servers.

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  • Added Team System
  • Added Compass
  • Added Hapis old rock cave prefab for modders working to restore old procgen maps
  • Added Watchtower
  • Added Jackhammer
  • Faster Ambient Occlusion effect
  • New visuals for puzzle elements
  • Small wooden sign can be placed on shelves
  • Can place storage boxes under research table
  • Updated Stone world model
  • Disabled forceSingleInstance (multiple servers on one box)
  • Small refinery can no longer be fully submerge underwater
  • Improved water foam
  • Fixed exploit which allowed passing loot through walls using research table
  • Fixed exploit which allowed passing loot through walls using BBQ
  • Fixed guntrap, spinner, tunalight being destroyed after upgrading / rotating wall
  • Fixed a method which allowed players to use vending machine as door (kinda)
  • Fixed tunnel brightness exploit
  • Fixed workshop skin normal maps
  • Fixed some small server memory leaks
  • Downloadable Skin lighting
Community Update 191 Tue, 03 Jul 2018 17:14 CEST []

Things get weird with maps, so much art, and more.

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Discussions Module, GDPR And New Anti-Cheat Tools Mon, 02 Jul 2018 22:50 CEST Discussions Module As promised we have replaced the comment system with a discussions module. This new module gives more options to people posting messages and to server owners.

GDPR Compliance

To comply with the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), we introduced important changes:
- Our users will not receive anymore newsletter from us unless they explicit choose to receive it.
- Our users have now an option to delete their account and data.

These are the first changes to our website to comply with GDPR and more are coming.

New Anti-Cheat Tools

We have released new tools to increase vote cheating detection. Of course, we will not reveal anything about it. We should see the first results very soon...]]>
Community Update 190 Tue, 26 Jun 2018 17:04 CEST []

Map making, Rust 76, and more.

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Community Update 189 Tue, 19 Jun 2018 17:05 CEST []

hJune hits 7500 hours, cards, a ridiculous musical performance, and more.

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Community Update 188 Tue, 12 Jun 2018 17:04 CEST []

Partners play Rust, 5 things you might now know, a turret exploded, and more.

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The Puzzle Update Fri, 08 Jun 2018 22:12 CEST []

Apologies for the delay. The new monument puzzles lie in wait for you, a look at the new swampy bandit town, custom maps are coming, and more.

This patch wipes the servers and blueprints.

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  • Monuments Puzzles
  • Added custom map support via levelurl server startup parameter
  • Added Savas offshore junkpiles and dive sites
  • Compound extra exit routes
  • Upgraded to Unity 2018.1
  • Upgraded to .NET 4.x
  • Increased despawn timer on gunpowder
  • Increased despawn timer on sulfur
  • Options Menu max gibs now 2000 down from 10000
  • Updated Diving mask, fins and tank with proper art
  • Spas 12 does 20% more damage
  • Hostile timer increased to 30min instead of 10
  • Overpriced Blue Keycard available at compound
  • Optimized Ambient Occlusion now 2x faster
  • Improved High Quality shadows; now softer in TSSAA mode
  • Improved terrain texturing quality at mid-far distances
  • Fixed grenades going through walls at monuments
  • Removed tiling texture from hoodie (unwanted effect on skins)
  • Fixed console command exploit to see through walls
  • Fixed weapon skins overriding clothing skins on viewmodels
  • Fixed diving tank error when selling in VM
  • Fixed chair exploit to move through walls
  • Fixed divesites despawning too quickly
Community Update 187 Tue, 05 Jun 2018 16:57 CEST []

Pyramid bases, beat-boxing Ubers, and more.

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Community Update 186 Tue, 29 May 2018 16:58 CEST []

A city with a boat race course, a rap, a man and his rocks, and more.

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Vehicle Update Fri, 06 Apr 2018 14:24 CEST



Ahoy! The first player controlled vehicle has arrived in Rust. A motorized rowboat, with seating for one driver and three passengers, can be found on the shores of the island. They require Low Grade Fuel to operate, and have a small storage box located in the bow. If left outside too long they will decay, so you should build yourself a boat house. There will be about 64 active on a 4k sized server, so get 'em while they're hot! You can utilize these boats to access the offshore junk piles added this patch.

I won't go into crazy detail here, because our friends over at have an excellent in-depth write up that I'd just be mirroring, so check them out for more.

Point is, they're really fun

Chinook Event

The CH47 has FINALLY made it in game! Take THAT, Concept Limbo!

This transport helicopter is a periodic server event which will appear offshore and make its way to a designated drop zone to resupply. Drop zones are located at most of the Tier 1 and above monuments, and the helicopter will orbit the area in an attempt to neutralize any threats (read: players). After this, it will approach the drop zone and release its payload.

In an ideal world the scientists expecting the supplies would approach and retrieve them, but we all know that isn't what is going to happen (and it's also not implemented yet). The good news is this leaves this secure, high-value crate up for grabs by the island's subjects. Unfortunately for you, the crate has been equipped with a high-tech locking mechanism which requires some time to disarm. Approach the crate and press your use key to begin the process. A timer will be initiated and upon completion the loot will be accessible. Please note that the computer performing the brute force operation is sensitive and damage to it will slow down the process.

Another thing to note is that your map (and everyone else's) will display an icon indicating the location of any locked supply crates, so lock and load.

Water Junkpiles

Boats are cool, but you know what's better? Boats that have a function. To that end, I've added some flotsam junkpiles which spawn far off the coast. You can use a boat to access them. They're just like regular junk piles, except these are the aquatic type. You can also run around on them, but if you destroy all the loot they'll sink!


My work on boats ended up being generic enough that I could expand it to other areas of the game, the most obvious one being player corpses.

Now when someone is killed in a body of water their body will float on the water's surface and respond to rivers, etc. This not only looks a lot better, but has a functional element as players killed on boats or in water will have their loot be accessible on the surface.

AK47 Nerf

The AK47 now has increased recoil and a slightly more complicated recoil pattern during the initial burst. It is also less accurate firing from the hip due to an increased aimcone value for hipfire.

Item Costs & Balance Pass

After listening to some feedback, I did a bit of an analysis and made a metric tonne of balance changes in terms of item crafting costs. Here's the list:

  • Semi Automatic Pistol now has a HQM cost of 4 (was 8)
  • Semi Automatic Rifle now has a HQM cost of 4 (was 0)
  • All SMGs cost half the HQM they used to (including mp5)
  • Heavy Plate Armor pieces are half price
  • T-Shirt costs 20 scrap to research (was 75)
  • Longsleeve shirt costs 20 scrap to research (was 75)
  • Longsword crafting cost was halved
  • HV Rockets cost 1/4 what basic rockets cost
  • Hide armor leather costs halved
  • Bolt action rifle cost reduced significantly

In addition to the cost changes, I've made some gameplay changes to various items.

  • BAR more damage
  • Heavy Plate less nerf
  • Shirt/longshirt more radiation protection
  • HV rockets deal 1/4 rocket damage
Less Junk

Don't you just love it when you battle it out for an airdrop and get three sets of Wood Armor? Me too. But it's not us we're catering to here, so I've made some changes to the airdrop loot table so that it'll have a lot more guaranteed "good" items and way less (none, in my opinion) trash.

This also applies to the Elite crates and the new Locked crate object from the Chinooks.

Rocket Changes

HV Rockets really needed a balance pass done on them. I've changed them up to be about 1/4 the cost of regular rockets as well, as dealing 1/4 the damage. They're a lot more accurate and there's less time between firing and impact for your targets to move out of the way. This makes it a much more viable option for taking out targets which are farther away, or maybe even flying... Maybe they'll actually be crafted now that you can use them to raid and not incur a pointless cost penalty.

I've also decreased the cost of the Rocket Launcher substantially. It now costs 50 HQM and 6 pipes (was 100 HQM/10 pipes) and increased its durability, so you don't have to worry about repairing it as often.

Please enjoy!

Water Impacts

Bullets now impact the water. Big whoop.

Projectile Pooling

You know what feels like shit? When you fire your gun and a frame drop happens. While we were doing a good job with pooling particle effects and sounds, we weren't reusing the actual projectile objects. This could be particularly annoying when firing on full-auto. So I added projectile pooling and then quickly realized why we hadn't done it before. It broke a ton of stuff since various effects were either disconnecting from the projectile or destroying themselves at various points during the lifespan of a projectile. It took a while to figure it all out, but it's all working now and you should notice a smoother experience when zerging down a naked on the beach.

Network Interpolation & Extrapolation

When Helk started working on the vehicles he noticed a ton of problems. Vehicle movement is done on the server, so it needs top notch interpolation and extrapolation on the client without adding a ton of delay to the controls. I rebooted this for players a few patches ago, but server side vehicle movement was at a whole new level in terms of what it demands from the system. 

Notice that we didn't achieve this by adding a bunch of delay to the movement, instead the next position is predicted on the client and then smoothly corrected when it is received. It's easy to make things look good when the server is running perfectly, but as always in life it gets hard when something is not performing the way it should. I'm really satisfied with the result, enjoy the silky smooth movement goodness!

Workshop Skin Loading

We were having some issues with newly released skins not working until after a server restart. Due to this we had to force server updates when releasing skins for the past few weeks. This is now fixed, so future skin releases will no longer require server owners to immediately restart their server.

Triangular Walls

Long story short, people have been abusing the shit out of the conditional roof side walls by using them as entrances. The recent improvements to the conditional model system now allowed us to remove these and add model conditions to walls that change them to a triangular shape when placed next to a roof. 

If this works well we can finally go ahead and implement all sorts of new conditional models to make buildings better looking and more interesting.

Procedural World Fixes

In addition to the new forests I implemented with Damian (for more info see his section), there are some small but important world generation fixes in this update:

  • Fixed some rocks occasionally overlapping monuments
  • Fixed monument terrain blending issues (regression from terrain blend maps)
  • Fixed monument terrain carving issues (falling through terrain)
  • Finally fixed the (rare) checksum mismatch on certain seeds

Particularly the checksum mismatch has been giving us headaches for a long time since it could force server owners to re-wipe their server an hour after the wipe because the map was broken for some people. This should now finally be fixed once and for all.

Server Stalling Issues

There were a number of performance issues that could cause the server to stall for anything from several milliseconds up to more than a second. The majority of those are now fixed, which is important both for vehicles and to ensure a smooth experience overall.

Hapis Island Update

Hapis Island has received some love. The goal was to improve various points of the map which aren’t often used, as well as polishing up some older areas. Here are some highlights:

  • Added Junkyard
  • Added Sewer branch
  • Added Outpost B3
  • 8 New caves and tunnels
  • Updates & fixes to older radtowns
  • Updated roads
  • Better Junkpile spawns

See the change log for full list of changes. I look forward to receiving feedback and suggestions to further improve the island.

Forest Revamp

I've been pushing our vegetation even further than before. The first thing you will notice in this update is that instead of having just one forest type, there are now two. You’ve been asking for deciduous trees to come back, so I created another forest type with its own unique topology. The old forests contain pines, Douglas firs and reddish birches, while the new ones are filled with American beech trees and green birches. Also, temperate and tundra biomes contain large oaks that are scattered across the fields. These changes add much greater visual variety and give the game a lush feeling that we wanted to achieve for a long time.

In addition, you will notice that the density of trees has changed. Forests now cover large parts of the map and the density of the deciduous forests is quite high. This makes small bases hidden among the trees more viable. We have also adjusted the areas in which forests spawn and made trees grow alongside the edges of lakes. All in all, this means you will be staring less at vast empty fields, and forests will break up the lines of sight.

I have also spent some time helping Diogo balance his new wind-zone tech. All new trees and bushes will now react correctly to weak and strong winds.

Finally, once all this new foliage was in, I was able to look into how everything blended together. I spent some time color correcting all the textures, adding color variation and balancing various material settings and improving the billboards. I also experimented with adding custom vertex normals to trees to improve their shading. The results were really good and I was able to roll this out into today's update as well. All these small tweaks and changes should make everything blend nicely together and give the game a more pleasing look.

Map Update

I've updated the map. I originally intended to fix the lag spike when opening it, but after fixing that there were a few other things that annoyed me.

You had to left click to activate the cursor, then you'd be able to right-click to move around. This behaviour was left over from when you could draw on it, and was a bit counter intuitive. So now when you open the map your cursor will be active and you'll be able to scroll around straight away.

The map is actually rendered from the terrain's splat maps and normal maps, so it can be a lot more detailed than it was. So I played with the shader and have increased the detail levels.

Steamworks Update

I've updated Steamworks. There's nothing significantly updated here, just a bunch of smaller bug fixes.

Player Hair

The Hair Cap system is now live thanks to Diogo, which means better looking hair, especially when not using the TSSAA anti-aliasing setting. The old hair had a floating piece of geometry that sat just above the head and body and simulated fine detail, which looked good in the top settings, but the visual quality massively dropped off when using lower settings. This detail has now been shifted on to the Skin material itself, letting us do detail like this fade that looks much more similar when using TSSAA and even no AA at all:

Because of the tech changes, all head, face and body hair has been totally reworked to accommodate. Body hair especially should look way better, close-up and at distance. No more weird mangey bits! I've also added some fuzz style layer to our hair, which helps to break up the feel a lot and make it look thicker and bushier. Hair colours and dyes now look a lot more natural. Another bonus of these updates is that hair lights better now, especially at extreme lighting angles. I'm sure many people have seen the hair go bright metallic orange at sunrise and sunset; this no longer happens.

I've taken some time fixing bugs, like body hair clipping through clothing and head hair completely disappearing when wearing certain hats. Now at a minimum you'll see your hair cap. I'm working on some more deforming morphs so we can eventually cover all headwear, especially for much used items like the Metal Face Mask that have some skins with a lot more transparency than the default item. These require a small code change so expect them next update.

Since finishing the new tech I've been making more head and facial styles so there should be quite a bit more variety out there. With every new hair item it will add to the pool of items, so your look will change as the pool increases.


The major focus this month has been mountable NPCs. A large portion of the AI of an NPC is disabled when mounted, like cover reasoning and positioning. They are not as chatty either. A mount point decides whether the seated NPC can wield a weapon, and will restrict their ability to look and aim.

Junkpile scientists are enabled by default this release. They should no longer hover slightly above the ground, and the scientists will be removed together with their beloved junkpile if it times out and sinks.

When scientists spawn, they will be invulnerable until they activate fully. If a player hits a scientist, their reaction time when the player comes into view is faster.

A lot of performance improvements and bug fixes has also been made across the board for the NPCs.

Monument Puzzles

Monument runs in general could be more compelling. Until now, we relied mainly on the tiering system (map zone placement) and pockets of radiation to scale accessibility to loot.

But what if monuments were interconnected? What if they could play a specific role in the wasteland? I have been working on ways to create a hierarchy throughout our monuments. Right now you have unlimited access to all our doors, in all buildings. In the future you will need various forms of access for different types of loot rooms. Here's an example:

You just looted a Blue Access card from a common scientist NPC at a junkpile. This card grants you access to a building in the trainyard, but without electricity the card reader on the wall won't work. You get electricity back on by replacing missing fuses in a fusebox with one you found earlier along the road. Now the door is operational and grants you access to an office room. In this place you find a decent amount of loot and an intriguing Red Access card...

Scientists Compound

Amidst the other larger things this month, I started to work away on a PVE oriented monument called 'Compound'. This monument is a hub where scientists regroup and keep peace and order. They also sell things through vending machines. We want it to look like an urban settlement that represents a portion of an older larger town. Scientists walled what they could afford to defend from the wasteland.

I currently have a functional greybox of the compound and we are moving towards producing final art for it in order to ship it in next month's update.

Sound Mix Finalization

I've finally finished up the big mix pass I've been working on. Hooray! Almost every sound in the game got tweaked in one way or another. Volumes are a lot more consistent across the board. Quite a few sounds that felt a bit too sharp when the volume was cranked have been smoothed out. Some older sounds got redesigned from scratch, and new sounds got added in a few places. The backend of the sound system got some nice workflow improvements and a few bug fixes too.

Everything should sound a little more full and polished and fit together a little more nicely now. I'm sure I'll end up making a few more adjustments after I play this weekend, and there's a handful of sounds I want to redesign still, but all in all I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.

Proper Water Reflections

Last month I replaced our water reflections with a temporary analytical solution, while I finished a new system for real-time baking of reflection probes. On this update, I finally rolled out the new code which gives us our original reflection quality at only a fraction of the cost.

Our reflections again show sun and moon detail, stars and even clouds while delivering a solid performance improvement over the temporary solution. You can see the sun coloring and intensity matching the sky properly and a proper partial Moon reflection:

To clarify, this solution is similar to what we had a few months ago, except environment reflection updates are much faster than the Unity built-in system we were using.

Foliage Wind Animation

Throughout the course of this month I've been helping Damian with the necessary changes and fixes to foliage shaders. The biggest challenge was revamping the old wind animation code and adding new features without breaking existing assets.

The procedural wind animation code had to support different wind speed and turbulence values, as well as various wind sources simultaneously, either global/directional or spherical/localized. For example, it would have to be possible for foliage like grass or trees to react to a helicopter landing and an explosion, or any other effects, simultaneously.

Water Shading Improvements

After noticing that our water shader was hard to tweak I made some changes to ensure that we can modify its params like any other physical-based material in our world. You can expect some improvements to water shading, as it may integrate the rest of the world slightly better.

Some changes were also to rivers, though less than I'd prefer, in order to eliminate stretching along the river flow and improve wave normals. Chromatic dispersion should be a lot more subtle now, which was making our rivers look oily. We'll definitely revisit river rendering in the near future.

Skin Specular Occlusion

This new feature started out as an experience but evolved into a very decent solution, ending up as part of our baseline Skin shader. By resorting to Bent Normal Maps, combined with regular Normal Maps and some shader magic, we were able to achieve very interesting results. Not only were we able to mask out impossible reflections that would otherwise be shadowed, we're also able to mitigate some of the specular aliasing and exaggerated highlights that are visible when using regular normals. Naturally we also added support for static Occlusion Maps, that also help darken some areas, for a more natural look.

Note how differently indirect lighting affects the neck area and how the specular occlusion helps below the chin and ears:

Please note this screenshot was taken using only ambient lighting. No direct lighting is being used.

While this option is now available in our skin materials, these improvements probably won't be in before next month because they require artist intervention.

A New Rule for Votes Thu, 12 Oct 2017 20:41 CEST
After two servers, all the servers of the same community have their votes ignored in the score.

If you have some questions about this, feel free to ask us directly with the ticket system :

This new scoring system is a first test and can evolve in the future, but one thing is sure : It was not fair to have multiple servers boosted by the same pool of players.]]>
End of Support for Legacy Servers Sun, 27 Aug 2017 14:37 CEST Rust Devblog 174 Fri, 25 Aug 2017 13:58 CEST

Bradley APC

Let me start this off by saying that it is not complete by any stretch of the imagination. It's going to have a bunch of bugs, especially with movement, and it doesn't have the right loot tables or damage or protection values. It's going to get stuck, and it's going to make bad decisions, and you'll probably find ways to exploit it. All that being said... it seems like it is ready enough for a trial by fire. I'll be watching every single bug video, and reading any reports posted on reddit and elsewhere. Please do your best to try and exploit it and let me know how it was done so I can improve the AI.

The loot tables are kind of slim right now due to the fact that I know it will be exploitable and I didn't want a bunch of free loot going into the economy.

The weapon systems are also not complete. It's missing its rocket pod and the side gun ports, but it does have the main cannon and coaxial machine gun active. It'll try its best to prioritize targets, and if you run away from it it'll try and search for you.

Not much else to be said. This was a lot of work and it's still not complete. Enjoy some of the media and I'll see you guys at the launch site.


Not much to report this week as I was way too busy with the APC. However, I did lower the horizontal recoil on the M92, so let me know how that plays out. The next step will be to polish the MP5 to get a baseline for how SMGs should function, as well as deciding on the best feeling pattern types for semi-auto weapons. Then we will roll it out to the remaining guns.

Server Gib Fix

There used to be an issue with server gibs (helicopter debris) that prevented people from being able to harvest them unless they were in some arbitrary "sweet spot". This is now resolved, and when the temperature has cooled off (no sizzling sound when hitting) you can harvest them from any position. This also applies to the new APC gibs.

Smoke Trails

Remember when a rocket was fired and the smoke trail disappeared as soon as the explosion happened? This is now fixed, and the game looks much better during raids and helicopter strafes. They'll stick around until they've completely faded out.


My work on the supermarket is coming to an end. This week I focused on setting up the scene to appear in the proc map, creating LOD and collision meshes and placing loot spawns. In addition, I polished the scene decor and added further damage to the supermarket floors and walls. With all that out of the way, all that is left is texturing the remaining newspaper stands, cash register and other store props. Since my work this week was mostly technical not much has changed visually since last week's devblog.

Gas Station

This week on the gas station I completed the final exterior and interior models for the main building and dressed the outside with a touch of overgrowth. What's remaining now is props work and polish. It looks like Damian's supermarket and this are on target for the next wipe cycle.

Garbage Collection Optimizations, Part 3

I made some huge progress on the GC optimizations this week. I've eliminated massive amounts of GC allocations from the networking backend and entity serialization that really hit us hard when entities were streaming in. I've also gone over dozens of commonly used utility methods that were causing GC allocations and optimized them one by one and eliminated the last remaining GC allocations from the effect recycling pipeline. Once that was done I tackled GC allocations from the foliage, renderer and collider batching systems and the foliage displacement system, which were particularly noticeable when moving around the world. I also continued with the elimination of GC allocations from string updates, which we're now doing a pretty good job with aside from the UI, and I took a stab at some remaining GC allocations from the skin application process, which now deals with the required material updates much more efficiently. Lastly, our internal memory pool is now prewarmed with some common class instances for better cache efficiency and less runtime memory allocations - which both helps with performance and makes debugging runtime GC allocations much easier.

The next big thing on my list is to optimize the paintable sign texture caching, which I'm hoping to get to next week. I'll probably have to move parts of this to native code in order to get it to perform well. Overall I estimate that I'll spend at least another week on these sorts of optimizations.

Material Memory Leak

While optimizing various things all over the code base I stumbled over a fairly significant material memory leak. The game would continuously leak materials whenever mining quarries, vending machines, flashlights, lasers and planter boxes were coming in and out of the networking distance. Needless to say, that's not a good thing. Thankfully it is now fixed, though we had to disable certain visuals that were causing the leaks until we find the time to rewrite the underlying code.

Sky Brightness

The sky isn't as bright anymore, big whoop.


This week I did a clean-up pass over all the systems I have been working on relating to general AI management and Navmesh, and in the process I got to improve on quite a few sub-systems, like how many Navmesh patches in a bake queue we generate async at a time. The last big piece of the puzzle related to the Navmesh Grid is linking the patches together. This is required for NPCs to be able to walk between patches of Navmesh, and it's a bit of a hassle to get it working well. When this is working properly, all the puzzle pieces should be in place for me to get back to Scientist behaviour.

The latest version of the Navmesh Grid has been merged to main, but it's not activated by default. If the Navmesh Grid is on, Scientists will spawn around monuments. This isn't working yet as intended, and is just for testing.

Rendering Performance

My week started and ended working on rendering optimization, some long overdue, across the board from CPU side material related bottlenecks to GPU overlay and post effects.

Total savings could range from 2 to 5 ms depending on the hardware combination. Overall, this will should translate into a decent FPS improvement. I've seen 8 to 12 fps improvement on my local test machines. The highest improvements were on lower CPU and GPU class hardware, and in cases where multiple effect overlays were active (e.g. hurt, cold, radiation).

Complete list of changes:

  • Fixed culling related runtime allocations
  • Fixed culling false positives
  • Fixed material related performance bottleneck (SetPassUncached)
  • Fixed large furnace lower LOD looking too dark
  • Fixed LOD transition popping in high external wall
  • Packed an additional 70 materials
  • Reduced texture footprint in some materials
  • Eliminated terrain splat texture related dependencies
  • Improved performance in materials using biome tinting
  • Improved overlay effect performance (e.g. water)
  • Improved performance for Tonemapping, FXAA, Sharpen, Vignette

Geiger Counter

The Geiger Counter materials are finished. All that I need to do now is the LODs and Unity Prefab setup, so it's ready for implementation. I enjoyed making this asset a lot, especially smaller details like the tags on the side and the top. Details like these that really bring an asset to life. Here are some images, and a spinny thing for you lot to spin. Enjoy!

Engine Sound System

I only had one non-vacation day this week (if you ever get a chance to go see a total solar eclipse, do it!), but I've continued working on the engine sound system today. At the moment I'm working on generating additional engine cycles for RPMs ranges that only have one or two cycles by slightly pitch shifting cycles that are close to the RPM we need to fill out. It's working pretty well so far, and if the last little bit of tweaking and testing goes well I'll be moving on to the rest of the sound design work on the tank shortly.

I also spent a little time hunting down and fixing a bug with effect recycling that was preventing the helicopter explosion sound from playing more than once.

August 24 2017
  • NEW

    Added Bradley APC to launch site


    Fixed culling false positives


    Fixed material related performance bottleneck


    Fixed large furnace lower LOD looking too dark


    Fixed LOD transition popping in high external wall


    Fixed a material memory leak


    Fixed ores missing partially broken stages on lower LODs


    Fixed only being able to harvest debris from certain angles


    Fixed smoke trails disappearing too soon after rocket explosion


    Improved performance for overlay effects (e.g. hurt, cold)


    Improved performance for Tone-mapping, FXAA, Sharpen and Vignette


    Updated multiple descriptions


    Paper map now despawn in 5 minutes down from 20 minutes


    Reduced sky brightness slightly


    Greatly reduced GC allocations throughout the game


    Optimized the internal memory pool


    M92 Horizontal recoil halved

Rust Devblog 160 Fri, 19 May 2017 16:54 CEST

Planner Leak

When AI was merged into main from pre-release it introduced a pretty big bug. We were checking out the dump files from a server and the 2nd highest entity count was invariably the planner entity. This is what is used when you go to deploy anything. How could this be? Well, it turned out that this bug has been in the game forever, but AI uncovered it for us. AI would eat food and seeds - seeds used the planner entity to figure out how they could be deployed. When the AI ate the seed, it just deleted the item which didn't properly clean up after itself, letting an entity leak each time. This also happened anytime two stackable, equippable items were merged in the world (e.g.: throwing bandages on each other), but as this happened so infrequently, we could not detect the bug. This is all fixed now.

Tl;dr entity counts on large servers should drop by about ~50,000, and you’ll see some memory usage reductions (after a wipe).

Shotgun Trap

I’ve added a new trap straight out of Concept Limbooo. This shotgun trap detects motion in front of it, and when it does it starts blasting homemade shells every second until it runs dry. You can place them on walls, ceilings, floors, etc. I’m excited to see how people use this for base defense moving forward. I’d eventually like to have actual pressure pads and stuff, but this should do for now. It’s worth noting that it is only triggered by people who are not authorized on your Tool Cupboard, similar to the flame turret. Enjoy!

Flame Turret Placement

Last wipe I had difficulty placing my flame turret in my airlock, so I changed it so you can make it hug the wall a little easier. Big whoop!

Invoke Optimizations

I moved over nearly all of the remaining Unity invokes to our optimized invoke handler. This generally eliminates overhead and makes our code more robust as I explained when I first added the system to the game. Nothing too exciting, but progress nonetheless.

Pickup Penalty

To prevent the abuse of the extended pickup mechanic on window bars and embrasures for unintended use cases I added a penalty when picking up those building pieces. They now lose half of their health whenever they’re picked up, and need to be repaired with the hammer after placing them again.

Decay Improvements

We want to rework decay to make it more intuitive and much more efficient at solving the problems it’s meant to solve. The first step for this was to optimize the decay computation on the server to lay the foundation for more complex decay behaviour in the future. Once this was done I enabled decay on all twig building blocks such that all parts that are left over from raids decay quickly within two hours, eliminating the need for the base owner to manually clean them up.

Floor Spikes

Floor spikes have been quite useless for a while, especially so after re-enabling twig raiding. I changed them so they now block foundation placement the same way barricades do. They’re still quite easy to destroy with metal tools, but can offer some protection for smaller bases and can be useful to block hiding spots around your base entrance. If they turn out to still be useless after this change we can adjust their health as needed with the next wiping update.

Rocket Factory Building

I continued work on the rocket factory building. I focused on finishing the ground mesh and did a dressing pass on the ground level. In addition, I have created a scaffolding around the rocket, polished the interior geometry, added damage to the walkways and began to playtest the layout. My next step for this area is to finalize all the paths throughout the levels, finish the jumping puzzles and add ladder access to open up different levels of the building.

Water Jug Sounds

I made a bunch of recordings for the water jug this week and have done most of the editing to get the final sounds ready to go in game. Should be finished next week!

Floor Grills

Floor grills have been rarely used since they offered little advantage over the normal building floors. To give them a purpose you can now build them closely above the large furnace as they allow for the needed air ventilation and therefore fulfill a specific purpose in the game.


I continued work on music this week, mostly working on polishing all of this stuff up now. I’ve got the remake of the classic theme set up in game, and although there are a few tweaks to make on the audio side still, it’s sounding pretty good so far. I’m particularly happy with how much smoother intensity changes feel with this one.

I was able to build the song up from much smaller audio clips because of the new playback system, so we’ll be able to save bit of disk space and memory too. The bassline, for example, is built up from 5 different 1 bar long clips now. In the previous system we would have needed 6 different clips and they’d all have to be 8 bars long, which would have been about 10x more audio data.

I’ve also started working on another song that I’m pretty hyped about so far and have spent a little more time fine tuning our other existing songs, particularly looking for spots where I can swap longer clips out for a handful of properly arranged shorter clips.

I’m getting pretty close to having this stuff wrapped up, but I think I want to sneak another new song or two in before I push it out. I’ll have previews of those up soon.

Scrap Pile

This week I finished off the LODs, gibs and prefabs for the revised dropbox that you saw last week. I also created the gibs for the single-shot gun trap, readying it for implementation. Then I moved onto a new asset: the Scrap Pile that Paul concepted. This is what you’ll now see when you break a barrel:

Player Preview Animations

Continuing with player anim feedback ideas. I went back to the player preview animations I concepted a while back. They now all have the required transitions to/from each state, as well as Unity animator states ready for implementation if/when it's desired.

Shading Revamp Progress

This week I went on to test and fix a bunch of integration issues introduced by the new physical-based shading. It's pretty much ready to deploy, but I decided to postpone it until after today's patch, so we can get a week's worth of player testing on Staging.

Below is a video showing off the new skin shader on the viewmodel hands. Please mind that some of the textures were tweaked by me and are still pending on a proper contribution from a real artist. Same goes for the player/worldmodel skins. Regardless, you'll be able to give it a spin tonight on Staging.

I also started building a new hair shader that I plan to unveil next week.

Melee Weapon Impacts

You know what sound I really hate? The salvaged icepick. Holy crap! I started working on polishing up the impact sounds for it this week. I took a piece of pipe from a speaker stand I’m not using and recorded some impacts with it. I ended up doing one set on concrete and another set on some packed down dirt.

The packed dirt kept the metal from ringing out really nicely without adding too much of its own character to the impact. I was careful not to strike at an angle and kick a bunch of dirt up, so there’s not really any debris sound, and it layers really nicely with our existing grass/sand/cloth/etc impacts.

A while back I did soft material impact variations for most of our melee weapons by editing the existing impacts, but the quality improvement from using separate recordings was pretty massive, so I’m having a go at re-recording other melee impacts in the same way.


  • add Added Shotgun Trap
  • fix Fixed distant see-through walls when using TSSAA or MB
  • fix Fixed AI “look rotation viewing vector is zero” error
  • fix Fixed Planner leak (50k entities saved on large servers)
  • fix Fixed some older item skins not working
  • upd Optimized building decay processing on the server
  • upd Decay now applies to all twig building blocks
  • upd Moved most remaining invokes to the optimized invoke handler
  • upd Can place floor grills and floor frames above large furnace
  • upd Floor spikes block foundation placement similar to barricades
  • upd Window bars and embrasures now store item condition
  • upd Window bars and embrasures lose half their health when picked up
  • upd Flame turrets can be placed closer to walls (viability in airlocks)
Rust Devblog 153 Fri, 24 Mar 2017 22:03 CET Binoculars

Shut your blinds! Binoculars have arrived! Not much needs to be said about these. You can find them in Purple Crates or craft them at a cost of 5 HQM and 1 Gear. The good thing about the Gear cost is if you don’t really want a pair you can recycle them and have a chance at retrieving the Gear. Right click to peer through the binoculars and Left click to cycle zoom levels. Enjoy!

Spinner Fixes

Some minor fixes to the Spinner. Firstly, I disabled occlusion on the spin sound so you’ll hear it through Chainlink Fences and Shop Fronts. Secondly, I fixed the issue preventing things from properly attaching to it. This means if you throw a Spear at it, the Spear will spin! So will bullet decals etc.

Map Fixes

A bug was introduced a few months ago where the map would not properly update its drawn sectors to other players due to an optimization. This is now fixed. Thanks, bawng.

Furnace Optimization

Furnaces have been being abused forever. Due to an oversight in the Furnace code (most) players quickly learned if they split the contents of the Furnace up into multiple stacks, each stack would cook separately, vastly increasing the performance of the Furnace. This is a bug and an exploit and I will be addressing it soon. The real reason I’m dealing with it now is because every time someone set a furnace up like this it would constantly be creating and destroying new entities as it threw Charcoal out into the world. This had an adverse affect on server performance, something we are looking into. So, for now, any time your Furnace spits something into the world it’ll turn off. This means you’ll lose a slot on the Furnace and Large Furnaces will suddenly seem far more attractive. More to come on this in the following weeks.

Crossbow Cost

I’ve removed the gear cost from the Crossbow. Let’s see if everyone bitches about this and I have to add 3x Tech Trash to the recipe next week.



Fuel Inventory

Objects that can hold fuel will now have a selection panel reflecting their contents. This panel can be used to load/unload the fuel.



Deployable Pickup

I’ve added the ability to pick up a bunch of items after they’ve been deployed.

  • Tuna Lights
  • Lanterns
  • Ceiling Lights
  • Flame Turrets
  • AutoTurrets

Due to the aforementioned fuel inventory, the light sources will simply have their inventory moved to the item. For the turrets, it will just attempt to move their contents into your inventory along with the item. As with decor deployables, you’ll need to have building access and have a Hammer equipped to pick these items up. I know this is sort of a weird mechanic, but it serves its purpose right now in preventing screw ups. We’ll have to come up with a “real” way to handle this soon.

Cost Reductions

The Holosight’s Tech Trash cost was reduced to 1, and the Silencer cost was reduced to 5 HQM. Maybe we’ll see a few more attachments these days? Oh and C4 requires one less Tech Trash too. I also reduced the cost of the Eoka, making it even cheaper to not craft. Enjoy!


I continued on my path to reduce frame rate drops and increase overall performance on the client. This week I added pooling support to a large number of client side entities, which greatly reduces stuttering when those entities are created. We’re now pooling nearly all common client side entities and the last remaining step is to optimize some of the lower level inefficiencies like network deserialization and network group management.

Next I optimized our runtime mesh building which is used by player colliders, building meshes, dynamic occluders and most server side colliders. As I mentioned before there are parts of mesh building that Unity forces us to do on the main thread, and I managed to reduce those costs down to around 0.1ms per frame even at peak times, which is a reduction by a factor of 10-20 depending on the task.

Workshop skins are still a bit of a performance concern, but I think I have an idea for how we can combat this. However, I might switch over to server side optimizations next since there appear to be some rather big areas of improvement that need to be dealt with on the high population servers.

Launch Site Grey Box

We’ve started work toward a new monument: a rocket launch site that’s fully equipped with the rocket, factory, office outbuildings, etc. The area will aim to provide a challenge to higher tier players, typically players who are into end-game content.



The type of loot spawns encountered should be higher tech than the rest of the game’s locations. We’re also trying to get a nice mix of indoor and outdoor areas to vary movement and player encounters.



On one end of the site is the rocket launch platform with its chute; on the other the factory where the rocket was manufactured and carried by a train to the platform. We want to offer interior segments inside the factory hangar and at least one office building. The launch platform already has an underground network, unlike previous monuments.


After finishing up on the Tier One Workbench I worked up a new asset: Binoculars! I managed to finish the model this week with LODs, so here’s an collage of images of the model, and as usual you can take a spin below!



I’ve made a start on the Tier Two Workbench, and will hopefully have images to follow by next week’s blog. Peace out till then!

Skin Cooldown Period

You can’t market your skins while they’re for sale in the item store anymore, which is usually about eight weeks after they’re initially made available.

This is something we’ve decided to try out after looking at the current system and talking to the skin authors. The issue has been that after the first week no-one buys their skins. So the whole system of increasing the skin prices over 2 months becomes useless.

Our hope ultimately is that this is more profitable for skin authors because this is their work. Our secondary hope is that when the skin leaves the store and is marketable, it retains or exceeds its original cost and is still profitable for people to market.

While we get that this might possibly “hurt” the people that have been buying skins to flip them in the relatively short term, we can’t encourage that behaviour. We’re trying to make sure that the item’s author is making the profit from it being sold, not the flip men.

AI Update

Unity is prepping to release 5.6 any time soon. Once it goes live and is stable we’ll be able to release the new AI system.

Right now the beta version has some UI bugs. If those are fixed and 5.6 is released properly, and we don’t have any more issues, it’ll be April 6th. If not, then it’ll be May 4th.

Clothing Standardisation

One issue I’m constantly running into when creating or updating armour and clothes is the fact that all our clothing items have quite drastic differences in terms of displacement. I touched on this briefly last week, but it means that layering items becomes a nightmare of clipping and floating where I have to accommodate for such a large range in offsets from the skin. I’m working on standardising some of these values a little, to minimise the clipping and floating as much as possible. It should also mean that complicated items like the heavy armour (or even the bone armour, but no promises as of yet) will be able to be equipped over clothing. You can check out a comparison of the floating and clipping below.

Viewmodel Animations

I went over the animations for the following weapons this week: AK47, M92, Spear, Sawn-off Shotgun, Double Barrel Shotgun. I tightened up some of the “floatiness” and made them feel more “chunky”, as well as fixed some clipping issues.



I also fixed a longstanding bug with the viewmodels clipping when the FOV setting was changed in the graphics options. The viewmodel now adjusts accordingly and there should be little to no clipping.

Footwear Specific Footsteps

Woohoo! This is done now! It ended up being a larger undertaking than I originally intended time wise, but I’m quite happy with how it all turned out so I think it was worth it. Hearing the light pats of your bare feet switch to clompy rubber when you pop a Hazmat Suit on feels great.

I may re-record a handful of the jump landing sounds, because some of the hard-soled shoe on hard surface jumps sound a little too sharp right now.

The code side of this is pretty minimal but it hasn’t been tested outside my local copy of Unity yet, so I’m going to hold off on pushing this out until next week just to be sure we don’t end up breaking something as important as footsteps.

World Model Skins

I’ve finished up fixing world models that were displaying skins incorrectly. As previously stated, in a couple of cases this was due to optimisation, and in the others these issues have been there since day one. We’re only now seeing issues due to finer details being placed into areas of the skin not utilized by our base textures. Going forward, we’re hoping to make models with these types of skinning considerations in mind to help we you create great content.


Bolt rifle world model re-created
Double barrel shotgun world model re-created
Revolver world model re-created
Fixed global anisotropic not forced with default config
Added batching support to foliage wind animation
Added player and animal ragdoll culling
Improved sleeper player culling
Fixed campfires sometimes hurting people even though they were not burning
Added client side entity pooling to a large number of common entities (performance)
Fixed climbing exploits that were using jump right after waking up
Fixed viewmodel bobbing looking weird since last week’s optimizations
Added instance position encoding to batched meshes (future optimizations)
Fixed plant skins sometimes being incorrect until the first network update was received
Optimized runtime mesh building (player colliders, building meshes, dynamic occluders)
Optimized server side player loot refresh
Spinner wheel sound no longer occludes
Fix for drawn maps not loading properly for other players
Lowered cost of Netting
Stuck objects/decals on spinner actually spin
Furnaces and Campfires will turn off if they overflow once (server perf)
Added Binoculars - right click to look, left click to cycle zoom levels
Removed gear cost from crossbow - but costs more wood/frags
Removed green t-shirt spawn from purple box
Lanterns/Candle Hats/ Miner hats now have a fuel inventory
Can extract fuel from Miner/Candle hats
Can pick up tuna lights
Can pick up lanterns
Can pick up ceiling lights
Can pick up flame turrets
Can pick up autoturrets
Holosight tech trash reduced to 1
C4 tech trash reduced to 2
Muzzlebrake has higher durability
Muzzlebrake further reduces recoil
Silencer cost reduced to 5 HQM
Cooked pork icon is darker
Rust Devblog 146 Sat, 04 Feb 2017 13:27 CET

Lots of changes this week: we’ve added Flame Turrets and Tuna Can Lamps, most ammo now stacks to 128, previously visited servers should load significantly faster, rocks can now spawn with a previously chosen skin, and lots more. This patch will wipe all the servers.


Video Update

Concept Limbo

For the next few weeks I’ll be going through Shadowfrax’s Concept Limbooo and implementing what I consider low hanging fruit that was pushed aside for other, more important, reasons. I figure if I spend some time on this everyone will have a bunch of new toys to play with, rather than weeks of bugfixes and minor balance changes.

Wall Lamps

Pretty self explanatory, and the people over at reddit cried about this a lot for some reason. Either way here you go:

Hopefully they don’t tank your FPS and I won’t have to spend all next week removing them.

Flame Turret

I had a lot of fun with this guy. It’s an area denial trap that uses Low Grade Fuel as ammunition. You’re going to want to place it around corners throughout your base to slow down potential raiders. When triggered, they will spray flames for 5 seconds, inhibiting player movement and causing damage. Do not place these inside wooden structures. We’re also doing something a little different with this turret as an experiment: instead of authorizing with it, instead it won’t attack people with Building Privileges. If you really want to let someone into your base just take the fuel out for now. Eventually this should work with pressure pads and stuff like that, but let’s just see how this goes. Check it out:

It’s probably OP; it’s possibly UP; and it probably lags the server to hell. I’ll fix any of these issues if they come up, though.

Radiation Changes

I had this little bit of code that let a tiny amount of radiation always leak through clothing. This was annoying in practice because even in a Radsuit you had to spam bandages. I think in the future I will just have radiation damage the clothing items instead if we want to limit how long you can spend in a Radtown when fully protected.

Building Privilege Light Restrictions

I know it’s magic, but right now I don’t care: I hated how absolutely no-one designed a base that had a ceiling light or a lantern or anything like outside, because someone would just run up and steal the Low Grade Fuel in 5 seconds. Now you can only access the Ceiling Light, Wall Lamp, and Lantern if you have Building Privileges. This may change in the future, but let’s try it out for now.

Water Filling Changes

You can now only fill up water containers from the tap part of a Water Barrel or Water Catcher. There’s also a really bad particle effect to accompany it!

Ladder Hatch Changes

You can no longer spam rocks at the ‘weak’ side of a Ladder Hatch. Sorry, but this was stupid. A hatch is now completely equivalent to a Sheet Metal Door in all respects, and neither are vulnerable to being broken down by using 347 rocks on them.

Planting Changes

I’ve modified things so that plants take damage and can be chopped down. They also stick around a lot longer when they are dead, so that you have a chance to see your shitty dead crop that you neglected instead of an empty planter box. You’ll also require less trips with a bucket to completely saturate the soil of planter boxes. More work needs to be done on planting, but I’ve given it a rest to implement some other things…

Ammo Stacks

Most ammo stacks to 128 now.

Signage Cost Reductions

Wow! A large banner used to cost over 750 Metal Frags, Wood, and Cloth. No wonder I haven’t seen one of these crafted in forever. Virtually all the exotic signs have had their costs reduced to ⅓ or ¼ what they were.

Arrow Trails

The Arrow trails were using the wrong shader and did not take lighting information into account. This meant that the trails were bright white, even in the dead of night, making stealth operations very difficult. This has since been fixed.

Stripped Ownership

I stripped the ownership code out this week. I know: you liked it, you want it back, it was fun to see the origins of an item; but it was adding unnecessary overhead to the whole item system. We can look at storing an item’s creator at some point — I can see some kind of value in that — but I’ll leave that up to Helk.

Player Model Fixes

The player model’s new angles weren’t updating when the player was standing still. This meant that the player could be looking in completely different direction and you wouldn’t know until they attacked. This is fixed now.

The player’s lower half is now a dead zone, so the top half of the body can rotate within that dead zone and the bottom half will stay still, until the angles get uncomfortable and the legs will start to spin around. This looks a bit less robotic than the whole model spinning around on the spot.

I manipulated the player’s spine slightly, to avoid looking so hunched over when aiming down slightly. When looking up, the player’s upper spine bends more when aiming down the lower spine comes into play.

Skin Changes

I changed how we apply skins. The old way was dumb, and I can’t even be bothered to explain it. Long story short: the new way means we can better define which objects are skinnable, and which materials are to be replaced. This means that we can make more items available for skinning.

While I was in the zone, I managed to get a few long requested features done: Quick Craft will now craft items with the last chosen skin. Crafting queue shows items using the chosen skin. Player’s will spawn with a skinned rock if they chose one previously.

Win32 Errors

If you’re on a 32bit version of Windows, you probably have bigger problems in your life than not being able to play Rust, but this week I investigated and found a problem with our Steamworks implementation when launching on 32bit Windows.

You should now be able to launch properly. There’s not a lot of you guys left, but we’ve got your back.

Modular Pipes

I’ve been working on a set of modular pipes, electric installations, air ducts, valves, gauges and so on. Some of them were shown in the last week update on the bunkers, but they were just rough grey boxes. The idea is to create a bunch of variations, including straight, curved and broken pipes and place them inside existing interiors to add a bit more depth and interest, meaning you will spend less time staring at empty walls when exploring. The highpoly and bakes are finished, but I’m still working on texturing and setting up all variants.

In addition, I spent some time this week helping Diogo with occluder meshes for construction deployables.



Loading Times

The first iteration of the world serialization system is now live. This means the world is generated and cached the first time you join a server. Consecutive joins can then simply load the world from the cache. This means you should see vastly reduced loading times. Here’s a comparison.

Server Physics Crash

Alistair and I are still investigating the server physics crash. Since all servers wipe today it shouldn’t be a massive problem for at least another week, but so far we haven’t found a definite answer to where this is coming from. We’re essentially seeing a really random low level server crash in Unity’s physics system when there are somewhat many colliders and at least one rigidbody in the world. I’ve also contacted Unity and we’re trying get this solved as soon as possible, either in a Unity update or by finding a workaround on our end.

Physics Optimization

While investigating the physics crash I found some physics inefficiencies and optimized them as needed. The server is now using vastly fewer rigidbodies as I removed all rigidbodies from ceiling lights and the client does a better job at culling those rigidbodies in the distance.

Server Load Entity Leak

Another thing I found while investigating the crash was a small entity leak that occurred whenever the server loaded a save. This only concerned two entities on every server start, but since many community servers do daily restarts and those entities are networked to the client it’s still good that we found and fixed it.

Combat Log ID

I made the combat log more useful by adding a unique ID for both the attacker and the target. This makes it much easier tell players apart in group engagements.



Building Downgrade Exploit

In the earliest days of the hammer tool, you were allowed to downgrade building blocks while in your own building privilege. This was quickly removed as it opened up exploits when you took over someone’s cupboard. However, only the client side code was updated. Naturally once hackers found out they added the option to downgrade building blocks when inside your own building privilege. This is now fixed.

Cave Ambience/Reverb

I added ambience to caves this week. I did a lot of the design for this a while back, but it’s been tweaked a bit and actually implemented now. The ambience system is aware of the environment volumes that we use to darken ambient lighting underground now, so we’re also using those to stop things like birds from playing in the caves.

I also set up a way for us to store reverb settings in a centralized place, and did a pass over the reverb in caves.

Deployable Placement Sounds

I’ve started a polish pass over deployable placement sounds this week, and started working on sounds for some objects that are missing them still (locks, water purifier, etc).

Heavy Plate Armour

I’ve finished up the baking and texturing of the heavy plate armour added a bunch of extra plating in the legs to make it feel a little bulkier. Other than a final texturing pass, I’m ready to get it LODded, rigged and to whip up some world models.



Player Animations

I redid a bunch of third-person animations so they accurately display the direction the player is actually facing. I also made new animations for when the player is aiming down the sights. There is now a noticeable difference between the two states, making it easier to tell if other players are aiming at you or just hip firing. I also redid a bunch of reload and deploy animations to better match their viewmodel counterparts. I managed to do a lot of weapons this week but there’s still a lot more to go, so it’ll probably be another couple weeks before I have all of the weapons animating exactly as they should.

World Model Optimisation

Work continues on the long list of weapons. There’s also been clean-up on the prefab side (strange connections and values) which has made this task a little more time consuming. We’ve settled on budgets that hopefully retain quality but help performance. All models have three LODs, the highest detail being 4-6k triangles, the lowest being 100.

Metal Chestplate Skinning

The chestplate has now been updated to remove the elastic/stretchyness that’s been around for so long.


Fixed player model angles not always being broadcast properly
Player models standing rotation have a 80 degree dead zone
Added player ladder animations
Fixed player model feet slipping on jog/run animations
Fixed player model hitching when changing between looking up and down
Player models look less hunched
Fixed steam startup errors on Win32
Removed redundant ownership system
Fixed pumpkin helmet getting culled too early
Optimized console system
Quickcraft uses last chosen skin
Double Barrel Shotgun is skinnable
Satchel Charge is skinnable
Spawn with rock skinned to previously chosen skin
Icons in craft queue use skin icon
Steam inventory resources (like cloth) are stacked
Hammer guide is blue instead of red
Eoka is skinnable
Player skulls are named after the player they're from
Fixed orientation on several 3rd person animations
Ambience system distinguishes between environment types (underground)
Added Cave ambience
Added a way to store reverb settings in a central place
Polished reverb in natural caves
Minor mix tweaks
Torch world model & prefab optimisation
Salvaged sword world model & prefab optimisation
Mace world model & prefab optimisation
Salvaged icepick world model & prefab optimisation
Thompson world model & prefab optimisation
Double barrel shotgun world model & prefab optimisation
Satchel charge world model & prefab optimisation
Salvaged axe world model & prefab optimisation
Semi-auto pistol world model & prefab optimisation
Metal chestplate skinning updates
Fixed weapons culling too early when thrown
Optimized client side rigidbody distance culling of ceiling lights
Fixed duplicate community and resource deposit entities in saves
Removed ceiling light rigidbodies from the server
Added timescale and gravity server convars
Added corpses, events and dropitems server convars
Added respawn_groups and respawn_populations server convars
Fixed building block downgrade exploit when inside building privilege
Added missing physic materials to various junkpile assets
Added unique ID of attacker and target to combat log
Added world caching (vastly reduced loading times)
Added world.cache convar (toggles caching)
Reduced serialization overhead from harbors prefabs
Added collider state to dump files
Removed 60 second suicide time limitation for admins/developers
Disabled shell protection for ladder hatch
Ladder hatch now identical to Sheet Metal Door
Ladder hatch/sheet metal doors no longer vulnerable to rock spam
Thrown water now equally distributed payload between objects
Water Planters require less trips to saturate their soil
Can only fill buckets/bottles from the tap portion of Water Barrels/Catchers
Cleaver does slightly more damage and has a higher attack radius
Minor constant Radiation Damage even though fully protected removed
Added Wall Lamps
Light Sources can only be looted/turned on/off if the player can build in that area
Most Ammo stacks to 128
Bone armor cost reduction
Can now place lanterns on small boxes
Dead plants stay around longer
Can chop down plants
Drastically reduced cost of exotic signage
Added Flame Turret