Blog Feed en Thu, 04 Aug 2022 20:36 CEST is a Rust servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 Trainyard Unloading Thu, 04 Aug 2022 20:36 CEST TRAINYARD UNLOADING TOWER[]

The above-ground rail network is now connected up to the Trainyard area, and the Trainyard has a new tower that can unload certain types of train wagons.

Railway sidings will now sometimes spawn unloadable wagons in several varieties
  • Ore wagons filled with sulfur, iron, or charcoal
  • Fuel tank wagons filled with low grade fuel
  • Loot wagons that can be unloaded to reveal loot crates

All of these can be hooked up to a train and taken to the unloading tower at Trainyard for unloading. You'll need a green keycard and a fuse to get full access, after which you can unload as many wagons as you like. Ore and fuel go into an output hopper and fuel tank respectively inside the tower. Loot wagons activate their crates when emptied so you can then go out and loot them.

The above-ground Work Cart train engine has been reduced in power, and is now only able to pull a small amount of train cars at a time. The large new Locomotive provides superior pulling power instead.

Two new throwable items have been added to the game.

The Molotov Cocktail is a powerful area denial weapon which slows movement and deals damage over time. It can also be used to damage and destroy wooden structures.

The Flashbang is a short fuse, low damage explosive which will blind and disorient anyone unfortunate enough to be in the blast radius and looking in it's general direction. We're hoping the addition of this tool reduces the benefit of corner camping and shakes up how room clearing is approached

Both are available in the tech tree of the T2 workbench.


Updated Wooden Signs
The Wooden sign has been received a model update

Scrap Tea Buff
Scrap Tea now yields more scrap and lasts longer

Improved Cliff Collision
A number of cliff colliders have been improved, making them easier to climb

Invalid Projectiles when Mounted
Fixed a long standing bug causing invalid projectiles when mounted to vehicles


The lighting in Rust has been quite outdated for a long time. The primary reason for this have been our highly dynamic environments that prevent us from using any sort of statically baked lighting data. This resulted in flat and boring looking environments, particularly in areas that weren't receiving any direct light. To combat this, I finally implemented our own ambient lighting model that uses a blurred version of our existing reflection data, which is already completely dynamic.

The new lighting model is of course enabled for everybody, but it comes with a few customization options. The previous "World Reflections" quality setting has been replaced with two toggles in the "Experimental" graphics options: Advanced interior lighting, which when enabled includes player bases in the new lighting model, and advanced forest lighting, does the same for trees.


I spent a good part of the month looking for client performance optimisations with varying levels of success.

  • I removed a variety of unnecessary components from all humanoid NPCs (Scientist, dwellers, shopkeepers, etc). This should reduce the performance hit when entering network range of an NPC.
  • I removed unnecessary components from various static entities that are placed in monuments (think vending machines, chairs, etc). This should make them spawn faster when entering network range.
  • I made some changes to our LOD system to more aggressively disable shadows in places where it will make no visual difference. This includes any static prop that is considered "small" and parts of the player body (clothing, eyebrows, teeth, etc). These changes should reduce the number of shadow casting meshes when more than a couple of meters away from a prop or player. Both of these changes can be disabled by the graphics.AggressiveShadowLod and graphics.AggressiveShadowLodWearable convars but they will be enabled by default this month.
  • Underground props that are part of the train tunnels are now more aggressively culled if you aren't in a train tunnel.
  • Made more potential optimisations to the performance drop when hitting a tree/resource node. This is mostly due to the UI animating in the bottom right of the screen and a lot of the performance cost is happening outside of our control. I've still made a few improvements that should hopefully improve it but there is still a mild performance drop.

I spent some time over the past few weeks adding new lights to a bunch of our older monuments. Now nearly all of them should be covered this pass, aside from a few monuments that are meant to be completely abandoned and should remain dark. This includes monuments such as Harbors, Power Plant and the Trainyard.

In addition, you will find that the monuments covered by the lighting pass will now feature light switches that you can use to toggle the lights on and off. You can now decide whether you want the comfort of seeing clearly in the dark at a risk of being seen by other players, turn the lights off for your safety while exploring, or use them to ambush unsuspecting players.


We recently saw a video from hJune which helped us identify a long standing issue with the aiming code. Basically, if you when into ADS mode shortly after running, the weapon bob was not immediately disabled, and instead took far too long to gradually dissipate.

This resulted in a disparity between the weapon sight and the true aim direction, meaning you were not actually aiming at your target for the first several shots. This has been fixed and aiming down the sight should feel a lot more responsive and snappy.


Thanks to everyone for taking the time to report offensive content last month, we were able to clear a lot of content on official servers as a result.

To help us quickly act on your reports, I made a Slack tool this month that allows us to remove any reported content directly from Slack, without having to load the game up. If server owners are looking for similar functionality we can recommend the Discord Sign Logger[] plugin by MJSU.

Please keep sending your reports in!



On August 9th at 8:00 pm GMT a team of 160 well-known Twitch creators world around the world will compete in this massive global Rust competition, taking place over 5 days with a prize pool worth $100k.

During the Twitch Rivals event, Rust Twitch drops will be enabled for 5 days from selected participating channels, well-known streamers such as hJune, Mendo, Welyn, Bchillz, Willjum, Panpots and of course the team captains Thegrefg, dhalucard, xqc and Disguised Toast.

Over the course of the 5 days, teams will build up their bases and supplies. Eliminating each other from day 3 onwards with the last man standing on day 5.

We'd like to thank Rustoria for working with us and Twitch to make this event possible.

Learn more at


We updated our legal documents[], to comply with recent consumer protection and data protection law changes since we last visited the documents in 2019. We re-added an IP infringement notice form that had disappeared somehow. You can see all historic versions at

The changes will take effect in the next 30 days and you can email any questions to

Community Blog 244 Thu, 21 Jul 2022 19:42 CEST Twitch Rivals is back![]

August 9th Rust + Twitch + Rustoria bring you the next edition of chaos.

4 Teams, 5 Days, 40 players per team, new custom map with an elimination-based scoring format.

$100k prize pool!

See all your favorite creators duke it out to last chads standing!

We've made it easier!

I touched on this last summer in a Update 235[] but we felt being able to mute other players was a little convoluted and could use a facelift.

We've now added some options to the contact card system. Here you will now have both a mute button and a report button. This could be incredibly useful to someone not wanting to hear close proximity mic spam.

Here you can Mute, Report, and put notes about the player. You can set them as friendly or enemy.

Reporting players for bad behavior is always good as it leave a "papertrail" and many community servers scrub for these reports. Using in-game reporting options will capture all the relevant information required to check into them.

Always good to check with your favorite server of choice on their preferred way to report.

Bank Monument[]

Kusha showing off their monument making skills. These are part of a 3 monument bundle and come from a 3 story Bank/Vault (with puzzles) and the other is part of a Cafe.

More images on the blog post[].

EpicDesk Campaigns[]

EpicDesk[] has new campaigns going right now!

Pre-orders are available for:







These limited edition deskpads can be snatched up until August for Sept/October deliveries.
Don't miss out!

New Creators are added to this program every few weeks.

Creator Spotlight[]

This month we have Real&Game! He specializes in recreating life-size Rust items in the real world.

"I've known the game for about six years. And one day I just wanted to make a real thing from the game, so that it would always be with me. Making a real things from the game and holding it in my hands is a fantastic feeling. Words cannot say it. I love being a part of the game, I enjoy my hobby and I will do cooler stuff whenever possible."

He's made everything from workbenches to snowmobile replicas!

Even does masonry!

Banditcamp in Unreal[]

I'm a little late on discovering this gem but omar 8-BIT redid Bandit in Unreal Engine 5. It's pretty great and gets bonus point for using Anno1800 soundtrack for it! One of my personal faves.

That foliage though.

Full Blog Details Here[]
July Update Thu, 07 Jul 2022 20:00 CEST Combat Balance
Since the release of the Combat Update, we've monitored player feedback and overall we're happy with the state of the gunplay in Rust. We will continue to listen, and make adjustments when needed.

The fuse time on the F1 grenade has been decreased by 0.5 to 2.5s. During combat testing we felt that grenades were a bit too easy to evade under most circumstances. Maybe some day we will allow players to cook grenades but right now that seems like it would be a bit too cheap of a tactic.

The M39 has had it's role changed so it feels more like a superior SAR. Its fire rate has been increased and recoil modified.

We've also noticed that shotgun slugs were very underused so we have reduced the damage falloff so that shotgun users can opt to utilize them in mid range combat and stand a chance.

Lastly, we've fixed a long standing issue with viewmodels where the first shot shortly after ADSing would play the non-ADS animation and obscure the screen with the view model. All weapons should feel much more snappy now.

Following the release of the combat update last month we addressed the following issues earlier this month, here is a recap:

  • Improved hide blood option
  • Added hurt flash disable option
  • m249 is slightly more aggressive
  • HMLMG recoil is more aggressive
  • Lowered HMLMG durability
  • Increased HMLMG crafting cost
  • Using scopes on weapons now increases their recoil
  • Reduced blur/blood effects
  • Accuracy bonus removed from the silencer

Loading Optimization

We worked on reducing the time it takes to load into servers this month. It will now queue up the loading of assets so they can continue being read from disk while the main thread spawns all of the world prefabs, which means better utilization of hardware. This also applies to the dedicated server so server owners may see some improvement with boot times.

The long "Asset Warmup" phase of loading will now start running in the background as soon as the game reaches the main menu. Connecting to a server will not wait for it to complete -- it will keep running in the background until it finishes.

The game will no longer unload monument assets when running on a computer with 16GB or more of RAM. This allows for much faster server switching because the monument assets would already be loaded. Setting the global.forceUnloadBundles convar to true will override that behavior so it always unloads the monument assets.

Gunshot sounds

Alex finished up the remaining new gunshot sounds this month, including new silent shots for every gun. We'll likely do another round of tuning on these in the next month or so to address some feedback we've gotten but we'd like to allow time for folk's ears to adjust and the dust to settle before we dig too deep into that.

General QOL

Spray Can crosshair - Added a crosshair when free spraying

Mute and report contacts - Can now mute/unmute and report players from the contacts screen

Placement Rotation - Mailbox, BBQ, Medium Battery and Windmill now face toward the player by default

Return To Sender - Can now insert photos into mailbox

Inventory idle animation - Updated player inventory idle animation

Jackhammer Tapping - Jackhammer will hit hotspot every time without tap firing

UGC Admin Panel

To better help server admins moderate the content on a server, I've implemented a new section in the Server Admin tab that allows admins to easily see all of the User Generated Content on a server. This includes all painted signs, audio content on cassettes, carvable pumpkins, neon signs and pattern boomers.

As well as being able to see/hear the content, admins can now see who was responsible for the content and delete the content from the UI without having to travel to that entity. There is also a search field so all content created by a specific player can be found quickly.

Offensive Content Reporting

We've improved the process of reporting problematic content this month by implementing a new Offensive Content report type. When reporting offensive content a screenshot will now be included to better help admins act on the issue.

For server admins, there are new convars to better access these reports:
reportsServerEndpoint - if set, player reports on your server will be sent to this http address (as JSON)
printReportsToConsole - if set, player reports will be logged to the server log

For more information on using these new convars, please see the wiki.

Hapis Island updates

Along with numerous small bugfixes, we've added 3 new monuments to Hapis Island. Two of them in the desert, and one in the northern arctic.

We also fixed most of the mountain goat ore nodes, berry bushes not spawning, roadside spawns being overly sparse, and updated some existing monuments to be more in line with where they now stand on Procedural Map.

Some bugs still remain, but we're ironing it out. Thanks for all the bug reports!

Harmony QOL

You can now load/reload harmony mods onto the server at runtime with:

`harmony.load <name>`

and unload with:

`harmony.unload <name>`

This will allow all server owners (vanilla or modded) to deploy fixes onto their servers without needing to restart them, as well as ease development of harmony mods.

Chat Filtering

We're now using Steam's chat filtering functionality to obscure strong language and slurs in chat and other text players can share in the game.

The filtering is applied on the client and can be customized in your Steam account preferences. If you haven't changed these settings before then filtering would already be enabled.


A few new debug camera commands have been added this month for content creators to use. As with existing camera tools, these can only be used by server admins or in demo playback.

Physical Camera Properties

We've added the ability for the debug camera to use physical camera properties - in other words, you can choose from common camera sensor types and specify a focal length to mimic real world photography measurements.

Below are the newly added commands for using physical camera settings:
client.camphysical (1/0) - Enable/disable physical camera properties on debug camera
client.camphysicalsensortypes - Prints camera sensor types with corresponding number
client.camphysicalsensor - Select physical sensor for debug camera (use sensor ID number from the above 'sensortypes' convar)
client.camphysicalfocallength - Set focal length of the debug camera (Measured in mm)

Camera Info UI

Along with the above physical camera commands, we've also added camera information UI which can be enabled/disabled using the command client.showcaminfo 1/0

When enabled, this overlay will display the following information at the top of the screen:
Camera FOV
Depth of field aperture and blur values
Camera lock status (debugcamera_lock)
Sensor type (if using physical camera mode)
Focal length (if using physical camera mode)


This month we've added some useful assets for community map makers - the most notable being the introduction of tiled cube prefabs. The current collection features over 60 cubes with materials including brick, wood, metal, concrete, plaster, metal, cloth and more.

Each cube can be scaled, rotated and positioned in custom map scenes whilst maintaining the local tiling of the individual prefab's texture.

We look forward to seeing the many creative ways map makers will utilize these assets and we hope to continue expanding this collection in the future.


We're currently aware and investigating certain performance issues affecting a large number of users, this is also known to be affecting third-party applications such as Discord, we believe this is possibly fixed today via an update by EAC.

We are also actively investigating a number of other areas with poor performance.


  • Added tiled cube prefabs for community map makers
  • Added chat filtering
  • Improved M39 DPS and recoil
  • Lowered F1 grenade fuse time to 2.5s (was 3.0s)
  • Shotgun slugs have reduced damage falloff
  • Achievement todo list is now disabled if game tips are turned off in the game options
  • Added a crosshair while free spraying with a Spray Can
  • Increased the default number of sprays per player (25 -> 40)
  • Can now Mute and Report players from the Contacts screen
  • Z/C/Y keys no longer control zoom when in free camera (replaced with debugcamera_zoomin and debugcamera_zoomout binds)
  • Added debugcamera_raise and debugcamera_lower binds instead of hardcoding to Q/E
  • Added physical camera convars for the debug camera
  • Added camera info overlay command for the debug camera
  • Kayak now faces away from the player deploying by default
  • Mailbox, BBQ, Medium Battery and Windmill now face toward the player by default
  • (CUI) Add support for vertical overflow on Text components
  • Updated player inventory idle animation
  • Added interaction sounds for small loot containers (food, medical, tech, ammunition, etc)
  • Updated generic loot crates with existing interaction sounds
  • Hapis Island: Added 3 new monuments
  • Jackhammer will hit hotspot every time without tap firing
  • Torch despawns after 30 seconds
  • Dropped backpacks will despawn after 30 seconds for rocks + torches
  • Streamer mode will hide map name in server browser
  • Can insert photos into mailbox
  • `benchmark_demo {demo}` command to run the benchmark on different demos
  • Can connect '' without a port on the end
  • Servers will no longer show the name of the custom map, only "Custom Map" if they are running one
  • Optimized bulk loading assets from bundles
  • Improved hide blood option
  • Added hurt flash disable option
  • m249 is slightly more aggressive
  • HMLMG recoil is more aggressive
  • Lowered HMLMG durability
  • Increased HMLMG crafting cost
  • Using scopes on weapons now increases their recoil
  • Reduced blur/blood effects
  • Accuracy bonus removed from the silencer
  • Fixed first shot while ADSing sometimes playing the non-ADS fire animation
  • Fixed missing deploy sound for combat knife
  • Fixed missing sounds for smoke grenades and supply signals
  • Fixed missing crosshairs and camera movement while first person spectating
  • Fixed smoke grenade effects not working correctly with first person spectating
  • Fixed horses not properly moving with elevators
  • Fixed error with a particular configuration of items when making Low Grade at a Mixing Table
  • Fixed missing localization on progress bar when Hold to dismount is enabled
  • Fixed some deployable entities changing rotation every time they are selected on the belt
  • (CUI) Fixed some skin id's not loading correctly (PR#37)
  • Fixed some missing sfx on the Spray Can
  • Fixed an exploit when changing water quality
  • Fixed flashlights & laser needing to be turned on every time you equip them
  • Fixed exploit to steal attachments out of shop fronts
  • Fixed nodes & animals taking extra hits
  • Hapis Island: Fixed berries not spawning
  • Hapis Island: Fixed roadside spawns being overly scarce
  • Hapis Island: Fixed numerous other reported issues.
  • Fixed flashlights & laser needing to be turned on every time you equip them
  • Fixed exploit to steal attachments out of shop fronts
  • Fixed nodes & animals taking extra hits
  • Fixed animal headshots not playing hitmarker
  • Fixed exploit to let you keep last item in softcore
  • Fixed ability to shoot through armored window collider
  • Fixed exploit to keep shopfront standing when breaking wall frame
  • Fixed debris not created for walls on triangle foundations
  • Fixed research tables getting stuck researching
Community Update 243 Thu, 16 Jun 2022 16:45 CEST Custom Rust Deskmats

Last week we announced our exciting partnership with EpicDesk[]! They are a custom desk/mouse pad producer that specialize in limited edition campaigns for content creators!

They have a few campaigns live right now you can check out for pre-order. With more creators being signed up regularly.

If you are a dedicated Rust content creator be sure to reach out[] and see what magic can be made!

Beautiful Rust Poetry

As some of you may know we had one of our most controversial updates last patch. It caused quite a stir in the community!

Here's Roman Fever with a festive, poetic recap in the tone of snarky.

Creator Spotlight

This month we have the ever-so-graceful Blazed!

"Hi, I'm Blazed, I have been playing rust for over 6 years and streaming on twitch for 2 years. My friend originally introduced me to rust and I haven’t stopped playing rust since.

I began gaming on original ps2, and moved to PC games playing Arma 3 and counter strike, and eventually Rust. I love that rust has no set way to play, it keeps it fresh and fun to play for long amounts of time, and I look forward to playing for many years to come!"

You can find him mostly on Twitch[].

He does upload to Youtube frequently as well!

Mars Monument

Project Nova never disappoints!

They just released their latest monument, the Robotics Lab, for the Mars map! This monument is comparable to Airfield on Earth. High/Mid-Tier Loot, Blue Card Puzzle, and Red Card Spawn.

Details on how you can check it out on their website[]!


I'm a sucker for a good in-game Rust art and speedpainting! Pronwan knocked it out of the park.

Meowgress also gave us a speedpaint of the Rust art done for our merch store[].

Show me the stuff!

If you made something cool or saw something cool, reach out! Tag me on the Twitterverse or u/ErrnieGerrn Reddit.

Cover art by Lost!]]>
Combat Update Thu, 02 Jun 2022 20:02 CEST

Combat Changes

Today, we're releasing an update to the gunplay in Rust. The initial implementation of the weapons in Rust was done nearly 7 years ago and hasn't been significantly modified since it's inception. While these changes will be controversial, We believe these changes are necessary for the health of the game.

The old recoil system in rust had some issues. It was loved by some, and hated by others.

If you didn't have hundreds if not thousands of hours practicing the recoil in rust, Firing at people in the game would often feel like attempting to align two like poled magnets. Frustrating would be an understatement.

Ultimately, being good at first person shooters and having the drop on someone wasn't good enough. If the other person had thousands of hours of training their aim you stood very little chance.

This was fun for people who could spend thousands of hours training their aim, or morally bankrupt individuals who would choose to use scripts to gain an advantage. This was not fun for 99% of the population, and it's time for a change.

Instead of pattern based recoil, we now implement a gradient based aim drift and inaccuracy for automatic weapons. That is to say, the longer you hold down the trigger, the more inaccurate the weapon becomes. It still takes skill to try and keep it centered on the target, but it is not the same with each burst. We've also updated aimcone (inaccuracy of bullets relative to where you are aiming )to use a weighted system, so that roughly 20% of the shots will land in the center. This means that automatic fire at a long range effectively decreases DPS. This encourages players to use the right weapons in the right situations and to improve their tactics and burst discipline. There should be less 200m beaming going on. What this has done is compressed the skill ceiling, and we think this is a good thing.

Perfectly replicated recoil also meant that mouse scripts could be abused to put 30 rounds on target at 200m, every time.

In addition to the aforementioned recoil changes, we went through and modernized some other elements of the 'first person shooter' experience.

The most immediately noticeable change is the sound effects of most of the guns have been updated. This might take some getting used to but the quality has improved significantly.

View models
The View Models have had their dynamic animations updated. You'll notice the walking bob is much improved, as is the sway when looking left/right/up/down. It's a small change but helps to bring things into this decade.

View Models also have a crisper punch back when firing, and they animate the main camera during reloads to emphasize the hand actions.

We've added head bob which is active when sprinting, it's a small touch but adds to the experience. You can turn this off in the options.

All of these elements combined gives the weapons in rust a much cleaner and modern feeling.

Hit punch & directional markers
We also felt that there were some issues knowing where you were taking damage from, with large splotches of blood covering most of the screen during high damage encounters.

We've changed this so that you now receive a smaller semicircle blood splat indicating the direction you took damage from, and a small amount of Screen Shake. Please note that silenced shots will not produce a damage indicator on the victims HUD.

Hit cross
We've added a visual hit indicator to accompany the sound you're all familiar with. Upon landing a successful hit onto another player or AI you'll now notice a hit marker cross briefly appearing.

10 years ago in legacy rust, people would tie dental floss to the top and sides of their monitor to create a crosshair in the center. Now everyone can simply enable one on their monitor or using third party software. Because of this we decided to add a crosshair to the game natively.

The crosshair will give you a rough idea of your accuracy based on the weapon you are holding and your stance. We'll be looking at crosshair customization options in the future, as well as specific crosshairs for different weapon types (melee/throwing, etc.) The crosshair can be disabled within the options menu if you hate it and third party crosshairs are allowed to be used.

As always, this is a work in progress, We're going to review all the feedback and continue to make adjustments until we get this right. Everything is subject to change.

Handmade LMG

The handmade light machine gun is a new tier 3 craftable weapon, with high damage, a high rate of fire, and low accuracy but great at suppressing fire.

Crafting cost: 30 HQM, 1 rifle body, 2 metal springs and 3 gears.

Extended magazine

The extended magazine is a new tier 2 weapon attachment which can be attached to most guns, providing an additional 25% ammo capacity.

Crafting cost: 10 high quality metal.

Mixing Table Ammo

Hate standing around crafting ammo? You can now craft basic ammo types from the mixing table. Players are still required to have the ammo blueprint unlocked.

General QOL

  • Rail Speed Boost - Horses on train tracks receive the same speed boost as on roads
  • Coupled Car Display - The train's screen now shows the number of connected cars
  • Land Mine - The Landmine is now scaled down
  • Projectile Invalid - We've resolved a number of invalid projectiles whilst shooting under low ceiling
  • Vehicle Sensitivity - Vehicles will now grab all mouse input leading to smoother control
  • Compound Bow - Now loses less durability while held back
An artifact of fixing vehicle sensitivity is players are used to the incorrect sensitivity. If your vehicle still feels difficult to control, please use the in-game options menu "Vehicle sensitivity" slider or the console command 'vehicle_sensitivity 0.8' (whatever value you want) to adjust to your liking.

Launch Site AI

Scientists have been added to the main building at the Launch Site monument. You can expect to see them patrolling the various floors as well as the rooftop area.

As with some of the other recently added Scientists, these ones can use healing items, too.

Covered Work cart

There's a new Work Cart train variant that will sometimes spawn on the above-ground rails, which has some more cover at the back. It's marginally slower than the other one, but otherwise behaves the same.

In the near future, we have a proper new locomotive and more rail system updates on the way.

Rail Sidings

Expanding upon last month's rail network changes, this month we added closer rail sidings to sections of the rail network. Train spawns have been moved to those sidings in order to free up the main rail for traffic.

Graffiti Pack

The spray can has received an upgrade with the Graffiti Pack available in the Item store. Once purchased, you can choose from a variety of decals to spray in the world, as well as a free paint mode letting your creativity run wild.

Once purchased, hold Reload (R) to browse the decal options or to switch to free spray mode. While in free spray mode you can press Interact (E) to change spray size and Reload to change colour or switch back to decal mode.

Found some graffiti on your base? Simply interact with the spray while holding something filled with water (Bota bag, bucket, bottle, etc) to clear the spray off.

By default sprays should last three hours. There is a cap on how many sprays can be sprayed by a given player (25 at the moment) that we'll keep an eye on and raise if possible in future updates. Streamers should note that sprays sprayed by other players won't be visible when "Hide Signs" is active, although your own signs will still be visible.

The reskin ability remains unchanged and is still available to everyone.

Hapis Island

For those of you who prefer more familiar surroundings, we're releasing the updated Hapis Island today, which has been AWOL ever since our last graphical update broke it. It should all be pretty familiar, with the exception that we decided to expand the desert in the south, and make it a proper desert this time.

We've also added a few more secondary islands, along with some other small additions that I'll leave you to discover. Later on I expect we will add the new railroads to it as well, but for now we just wanted to get it out there.

All blueprints on Facepunch Hapis Island servers will be wiped today.

Steam Point Store

We're finally releasing the updated Rust Steam Point store today, Lewis and Paddy have been working hard on improving the quality and quantity of the store assets.

We'll be expanding the collection over the coming months. Visit the store now by clicking the image above.


  • Updated recoil
  • Added Hit cross
  • Added directional hit markers
  • Added hit punch
  • Added Crosshair
  • Added Handmade LMG
  • Added extended Magazine
  • Added Spray Can Decal Pack
  • New covered work cart train
  • Added invisible spawnable loot prefabs for map makers
  • Added Scientists to the Launch Site monument
  • Added sidings to rail network
  • Parenting to an entity in a demo shot will now properly be recorded in the shot
  • Compound bow now loses less durability while held back
  • Reduced landmine size
  • Add "autofocus" option to input fields for Community UI
  • Improved performance when picking up resources
  • Jittery magnet crane rotation is smoother
  • Added SedanRail entity for admins. Spawnable only on rails
  • Horses now get the same speed boost on rail as they do on road
  • WorkCart monitor now shows the number of connected train cars, beeps when a new one is connected, and the whole monitor display is 40% brighter
  • Added FPS counter configs to the options menu
  • Improved loading screen on ultra widescreen
  • Basic ammo types can now be crafted from the mixing table
  • Fixed some UI layout issues on the answering machine UI
  • Fixed helicopters being visible when idle at long distances (also applied same behaviour to Hot Air Balloons)
  • Fixed Spear Gun not appearing in players hands correctly when equipped (affected players and NPC's)
  • Fixed auto turret missing open/close UI sounds
  • Fixed footstep sounds always being barefoot sounds after changing to other footwear
  • Fixed cargo ship RHIB being unusable after server restart (RPC error)
  • Fixed cargo ship RHIB leaking fuel and storage entity after server restart
  • Fixed solar panels pointing to the sun's location in the server's central sky dome instead of the sun's true direction. Light angle on solar panels now always matches visible sun position
  • Fixed floating wooden barricade cover
  • Fixed invalid projectiles when shooting under low ceilings
  • recoilproperties.version will be removed within the next 2 weeks while we evaluate feedback
Above-ground Trains Update Thu, 05 May 2022 20:02 CEST
Above-Ground Trains

We wanted to get some trains onto the above-ground rails this month.

We have some more train content in the works, but for this initial release we're mostly reusing existing assets in order to provide something to try out until that content is ready.

The above-ground Work Cart closely resembles the underground one, but now has coupling points at each end that can connect to other train cars. The bogies (also known as trucks - the wheel assemblies) have also been updated to rotate with the track more realistically.

We've taken some static train wagon models that we had and made them functional. These don't actually do anything special yet, but they spawn along with Work Carts on the new rail sidings and they can be shunted around.

The Work Cart train engines take low grade fuel as usual. Their target speeds at low/medium/high throttle are constant, but their acceleration and pulling ability are affected by gravity and how many couples wagons they're pulling as you'd expect. If your long train can't make it up a hill, it's possible to use multiple Work Carts in a multi-engine coupled setup for more power.

Coupling happens automatically when wagons collide at a low to moderate speed. High speed collisions will not couple, and may take damage instead. Uncoupling is manual - simply interact with the coupling point.

Rail Network Branch Lines

The rail network has received secondary lines that branch off the main line and merge back onto it. This all happens entirely procedurally with no need for predetermined prefabs aside from the rail mesh itself, which results in a very flexible system that can cover a wide range of use cases as we expand the rail network in the future. For now, these branch lines are just where the trains are spawning. We will see how things work out and go from there.

Rail and road foliage improvements

The foliage / bushes spawning next to rails and roads have received some optimizations to eliminate their overhead as you move around the world. They now also spawn in larger clusters with varying coverage, resulting in some dense areas and some open areas, which allowed us to also reduce their total count as a performance improvement without having it affect the visuals too much.

Zipline Improvements

Ziplines seemed to be well used last month, but there were too many cases of ziplines failing to connect, leading to zipline platforms with no connections. I've improved the procedural generation process this month in a few different ways.

Ziplines are now better at routing around obstacles, allowing ziplines to go via 2 separate mid-points before arriving at their destination. I also added zipline arrival points at Sewer Branch, Stables, Lighthouse and Dome.

All of these changes combined have improved the number of ziplines on procedural maps by about 40%.

Death screen Improvements

The death screen has been improved this month with many NPC's getting custom icons and proper translations. We've also improved how we show your death information if you suicide while downed. Previously doing this would result in the death screen showing your death as a suicide, preventing you from seeing the name and weapon of your attacker. This is now fixed and you will see the last attack details even if you suicide while downed.

Client Performance

Client performance was identified as a growing issue last month so we all put some time aside to try and improve performance this month. We've made good progress in some key areas:
  • Fixed a regression introduced last month that was generating a lot of garbage and causing stutters. This was deemed high enough priority that we released it in a hotfix early in the month.
  • Identified a bug that was preventing lasers and some other heavy systems from budgeting their performance correctly (This was also affecting server performance).
  • Significantly reduced network traffic from planters and plants getting watered by sprinklers.
Performance is always a high priority for us and we've got more improvements being worked on for future updates.

General QOL

SAM Site Damage - SAM Site can no longer be damaged by bullet type damage

Junkpile scientists - NPCs have returned to junkpile spawns

Community UI Improvements

We've integrated several pull requests from the Community UI Github project this month, bringing improvements like blocking keyboard input while in text boxes, better item and skin rendering as well as fixing a handful of bugs. Thank you to Ailtop, Jake-Rich, shooter46 and Mughisi for the contributions.

We have some more improvements to this system in the works, specifically to improve rendering and network performance on rapidly updated UI displays.

Hapis Island

Some of you have been waiting for Hapis Island to return after last year's graphical overhaul broke it. This is just a little heads-up to tell you that we are aiming for it to finally go live again in next month's patch.

Twitch Drops

Starting from today till May 12th 23:59UTC Twitch drops are enabled for Rust Twitch streamers. You can earn special and unique skins simply by watching your favourite Rust Twitch streamers.

During the final 24 hours of the Rust Twitch drop campaign, all drops will be moved to general.

Learn more at


  • Added rail network branch lines
  • Added above-ground trains
  • Added 4 type of train wagons
  • Improved client performance
  • Improved zipline placement and monument integration
  • Reduced network traffic of sprinklers watering large amounts of filled planters
  • (Community UI) Added support for natively showing item icons (thanks Mughisi)
  • (Community UI) Added support for read only and multi line InputFields (thanks shooter46)
  • (Community UI) Added support for the NeedsKeyboard component
  • (Community UI) Adding "needsKeyboard" to an InputField will block keyboard input only while that input field is focused
  • Improved and fixed several issues in collection of official server analytics
  • Improved rail and road foliage performance and visuals
  • SAM Site can no longer be damaged by bullet type damage
  • Reduce the chance of vehicle parts from junkpile_j
  • Fixed grenade launcher reload error when first person spectating
  • Fixed long ziplines disappearing when the player is at the end of the line
  • Fixed a bug that was disabling the performance budget of budgeted systems (lasers, walk animations, etc)
  • Fixed incorrect prevent building bounds when building around zipline wires
  • Fixed very long ziplines disappearing when a player was near the end of the line
  • Fixed several overly strict antihack configs resulting in unable to damage construction
  • (Community UI) Fix countdown not working (thanks Ailtop)
  • (Community UI) Fix RectTransform only being added when a graphic component is added (thanks Jake-Rich)
  • Fixed junkyard keycard not respawning
Happy Easter Thu, 14 Apr 2022 18:38 CEST Easter Hunt
For the next week, every 24-38 hours in-game hours an Easter egg hunt will begin. You'll have 3 minutes to collect as many eggs as you can. The top 3 players are given special eggs as a reward. These eggs can be cracked open for various types of loot ranging from scrap all the way up to an M249!

If you don't make the podium, that's okay. The painted eggs you collect can be upgraded to Bronze eggs once you collect 10. If you collect 10 bronze eggs then you can upgrade to a silver egg, eventually all the way to gold!

There are various items available to help you during your hunt. The Easter Basket will allow instant pickup of eggs and the Bunny Onesie and Ears will provide you with an advantage via Egg Vision.

Have fun!

Easter Store Returns

A number of items are hopping back into the store this year:

Egg Hat

Bunny Hat

Easter Wreath
Zipline & Rail Update Thu, 07 Apr 2022 20:04 CEST

Procedural Rail Network

The first iteration of the procedural rail network is now live! Any map size 4250 or larger should have a single railway in the shape a ring going around the entire island.

This is just a tech test / proof of concept for now, so there's no official gameplay element to it yet. Please report any weird looking areas you might encounter.

In the near future, you can expect driveable above-ground trains.

Powerline Ziplines

Powerlines have had an upgrade this month, with new platforms and ziplines now appearing across procedurally generated maps. To access the zipline you'll need to climb to the top of the new platforms that are attached to some powerlines. Once at the top, you can use the zipline to travel to another platform further along the chain of powerlines or to nearby monuments.

You can speed up on the line by holding forward and jump off at anytime with the jump key (just be careful of the drop!). Colliding with anything solid while on the line will also knock you off the line, this includes trees, players and vehicles, so use with care.

We'll be improving the generation of these over time to connect more monuments, as well as exploring ways for players to place their own ziplines in the future.


Since launching out of early access in 2018 Rust's achievements have served as a way for new players to learn the basics of the game. Unfortunately they haven't kept up with the amount of new content added to the game every month so we've made a set of 18 new achievements to earn. As usual, achievements can only be earned on official servers.

Monument Lighting Continued

We have continued improving the lighting setup for our monuments. This month we have focused mainly on the monuments such as; Lighthouse, Fishing Villages, Stables, Excavator, Arctic Research Base and Airfield.

The degree of improvements varies depending on the monument. Some of the newer monuments like Fishing Villages, Stables and Excavator received only minor updates. This includes changes such as adding darkening volumes to interiors, adding new ambient lights and enabling interior lights during the daytime.

Other monuments like Lighthouse and Arctic Research base received more extensive upgrades, which includes a whole lot of new lights, that will make the monuments significantly brighter during nighttime and more atmospheric during daytime.

The monument that received the biggest upgrade this month is the Airfield. Here we have added not only new lights and darkening volumes, but also tweaked some materials and added a lot of new prop dressing to bring it to the same level of quality of our newer monuments.

General QOL
  • Landmine Update - The landmine has received a visual refresh
  • Loading Background - Loading screen image will now alternate between images
  • Magnet Crane - Further improvements to the junkyard magnet crane handling

Steam Networking

We have updated Steam Networking to the latest version, which comes with a number of important performance improvements. It's still disabled by default, but we will run some tests on various official servers to provide feedback to Valve regarding any potential issues. In the medium term, we hope to switch all servers to Steam Networking by default.

Official server analytics

Balancing Rust can be a daunting prospect given the wide variety of play styles and content. With that in mind, this month we're releasing our first pass of server analytics for official servers so we can start to gather some data about how you play Rust. While this will be invisible to you, we're hoping to use this data to better allocate resources to parts of the game that need work as well as identifying balance issues.

If you're playing on an official server, thanks in advance for helping us out. We'll be sure to share any interesting stats that pop up.

Twitch Rivals

On April 14th at 8:00 pm GMT a team of 80 well known Twitch creators with 40 players from North America (team Disguised Toast) will face off against a team of 40 players from Europe and Latin America (team Alexby11) in this massive global Rust competition, taking place over 48 hours with a prize pool worth $100k.

During the Twitch Rivals event, Rust Twitch drops will be enabled for 3 days from selected participating channels, well-known streamers such as hJune, xQcOW, Welyn, Silithur, BaboAbe, sykkuno, Ray__C, LakshartNia and of course the team captains Alexby11 and Disguised Toast.

Over the course of the 48 hours, teams will build up their bases and supplies. During this time, teams can gain access to additional resources by getting kills, completing objectives, and claiming crate drops. The final hour of the competition will be an all-out battle, as both teams try to raid the opposing base. The team that collects the most dog tags will win.

We'd like to thank Rustoria for working with us and Twitch to make this event possible.

Learn more at

Easter Event

On April 14th at 19:00 BST / 18:00 UTC / 14:00 EST we'll be releasing an optional update to enable this year's Easter egg hunt event, more details to follow in an upcoming blog on the 14th.

  • Powerline ziplines
  • 18 new achievements
  • Server analytics on official servers
  • Added dog tags (for event use only)
  • Generic snowmobile model updated to include visible lights
  • Updated landmine model
  • Magnet crane pedals now animate and have IK for the driver's feet
  • Added a blue light to the Magnet Crane cockpit. When the magnet crane cabin is within 10 degrees of facing straight forward, it lights up
  • Holding the crouch key while in the Magnet Crane now automatically rotates the cabin back to zero
  • Debug camera controls while spectating or in demos now uses the players movement bindings instead of WASD
  • Made lighting improvements to Airfield, Arctic Research Base, Excavator, Fishing Villages, Lighthouse and Stables monuments
  • Loading screen now alternates between a selection of images
  • Hopeful fix to prevent certain crashes when switching servers
  • Fixed missing passthrough name on DLC industrial wall lights
  • Fixed camper module rear lights not working correctly
  • Fixed magnet crane physics behaving strangely when the magnet arm was extended far out in front
  • Magnet crane is now much less prone to 'digging in' its magnet arm, getting it stuck in the ground without being able to easily back out
  • Fixed players being able to grip on to the sides of the train tunnel elevator shaft while falling down it
  • Fixed not being able to kick passengers from the taxi module
  • Fixed not being able to hear notes played from deployed instruments while mounted to something
  • Fixed the helmet slit overlay blocking the status effect UI, and fixed the scope overlay being in front of the helmet slit overlay
  • Fixed the autoturret idle animation moving more slowly at higher server framerates
  • Fixed Rust's graphics Quality setting defaulting to 0/6 ("Super Potato") on first install. Set the default to 4/6 ("Good")
  • Fixed loading screen text overflow
  • Fixed Ice AK showing an extra particle effect in first person
March 2022 Update Thu, 03 Mar 2022 20:04 CET Monument Lighting
This month we’ve made visual improvements to some of our older monuments to get them more consistent with the quality of our new content. This includes changes such as adding darkening volumes to interiors to prevent them from becoming too bright during the day, adding new lights and effects, tweaking existing lighting and other minor visual improvements.

As a result, the interiors should feel much darker and more atmospheric. The monuments that we’ve changed so far are the Supermarket, Oxum's Gas Station, Bandit Camp and Launch Site and we plan to improve more of them over time.

Soundtrack Release

This month we're really excited to announce the release of Rust's official soundtrack - available now on Steam, music streaming services and a handful of digital stores. This initial release (Volume 1) is comprised of 29 tracks clocking in around 1 hour and 45 minutes of music.

Alex originally wrote a lot of these songs for our update videos but he's been expanding them into more fleshed out, standalone pieces of music. There's also some songs he has written to fit the occasional calm moment in game that you won't have heard at all yet.

Alex is in the process of getting these songs chopped up and implemented to playback dynamically in game as well. Around half of the new tracks are ready in this update, and the rest should follow shortly.

Listen now on your favourite music streaming platforms, including:

Apple Music[]
YouTube Music
Amazon Music[]
And many more digital music stores!

Improved vehicle body visuals

This month we've been exploring new ways to improve the visual experience when driving vehicles. While we initially explored dedicated viewmodels for vehicles (floating arms in front of the camera) we settled on using the full body mesh with tweaked hand logic. You can see this most obviously on the Snowmobile, the driver seat of Modular Cars and the Workcart, while it's visible but less obvious on the Minicopter and Scrap Transport Helicopter.

This approach allows us to highlight the hand IK on vehicles like snowmobiles and cars so you can see your arms turning. There's also some subtle camera movement if the player model leans or moves (like on the Snowmobile).

Magnet Crane Cleanup

We looked at the junkyard magnet crane this month to see if some bugs and the general feel of it could be improved.

It's now a bit more stable to drive, and old issues like the driver not quite visually syncing up with the cabin as it rotates are fixed.

Another concern with the crane was that with its controls being pretty complex, it was easy to burn through your fuel just learning them. To combat that, we've reduced the fuel it uses at idle by 80%, and the maximum fuel it uses when not holding anything by 25%. So if you're just practicing moving the magnet arm and rotating the cabin, your fuel will only be being consumed at 20% of the rate it was before.

Snowmobile Cleanup

We added some small final touches to the snowmobiles.

Most were minor bug fixes, but an obvious one is that animations are improved, with the driver now getting visually bumped around at times, and showing an idle animation cycle. Audio is improved as well, with the snowmobile revving more realistically when driving up hills.

For game balance, the arctic base snowmobile no longer comes loaded with any fuel.

World Model Update

There are some assets that need world models and some that needed refreshing so towards the end of last year Tom completed a number of new and updated world models, these are now in-game!

General QOL

  • Slower Car Decay - Cars decay 4x slower when left outdoors
  • Alt Look Restrictions - Restrict how far up a player can look with alt look while looking down
  • Water catchers & barrels now decay - Should lower the number of catchers and barrels that are left outside
  • Large Furnace Heat - Large furnaces now provide comfort and heat
  • Monument Loot Hiding - Monument loot no longer spawns when players are within 20m of the spawn point
  • Phantom Footsteps- We believe we've now fixed a long standing issue of hearing phantom footsteps

Night Vision and post fixes

We've had reports of the NVG effect being blown out for a while. When we looked into it, we realised that it only looks incorrect on procedural maps.

After a lot of digging, we found that there was a post process volume placed inside one of moon pools set to global rather than local erroneously.

This means that it was being applied all of the time and messing with exposure settings. This also means that it's had an effect on the overall exposure of the game for while also, although this has been a bit less apparent than with NVG.

Search and loading screen update

The loading screen was long overdue for a revamp, you'll now see server stats and a more clear tooltip sections while loading into the server of choice.

In a future update, the background image will randomly change through a preselected gallery on each load.

Additionally, we've added support for tag filtering to the server browser to make finding servers of interest easier.


  • Added support for tag filtering to the server browser
  • Added new in game music
  • Added 14 new world models
  • Updated loading screen
  • Improved arm and body visuals on some vehicles
  • Improved 3rd person keycard animation
  • Can no longer reskin doors that are open
  • Can now switch to and from Ice Rifle skin regardless of ammo or attachments
  • Added support for infinitely scrolling MIDI knob convar bindings (see MidiConvar.BindKnobRelative convar)
  • Restricted how far a player can alt look up when looking down
  • IO Entities can now decay (fixes Water Barrel, Water Catcher, Above Ground Pool, Boom box, CCTV, Connected Speaker, Counter, Disco Floor, Sprinkler, Wind Mill, Car Lift, Paddling Pool, SAM turret, Search Light, Smart Alarm, Solar Panel, Sound Lights, Telephone, Water Pump not decaying when placed outside of a base)
  • Removed slot 8 input bind
  • Renamed slot 7 input bind to "Holster Item"
  • When opening the inventory the currently equipped belt item will automatically be selected
  • Modular cars take 4x longer to decay
  • Increased local player voice volume when recording a cassette
  • Junkyard magnet crane is more stable to drive
  • Junkyard magnet crane now uses 80% less fuel when not driving around, and 25% less fuel when not carrying anything on its magnet
  • Added Always Sprint to the game options. If enabled, sprint key behaviour is inverted. Player sprints by default, and holding the sprint key will return them to walk speed
  • Improved lighting in the Supermarket, Oxum's Gas Station, Bandit Camp and Launch Site
  • Large furnace now provides a small amount of heat and comfort
  • Added BuildingDark and BuildingVeryDark volumes for map makers
  • Polar bear should no longer migrate to warmer climates
  • Horses now trigger pressure pads
  • Fixed a case where changing weapon while gesturing would lead to incorrect viewmodels (missing attachments)
  • Fixed case where changing clothing while inventory was full would sometimes incorrectly delete an item
  • Fixed rounding issue when using Pure Ore Teas leading to an ore node giving 1501-1505 resources (now gives 1500)
  • Fixed some out of date radio stations
  • Fixed phantom footsteps continuously playing
  • Fixed incorrect sfx footsteps playing
  • Fixed modular cars using no fuel if they had multiple engine modules and one of those modules had no components
  • Fixed magnet crane arm movement speed slowing down at low server framerates
  • Fixed magnet crane driver not syncing up visually with the crane itself when rotating the cabin
  • Fixed magnet crane magnet hurting the driver if it was positioned as close as possible to the cabin
  • Fixed magnet crane treads sometimes animating in the wrong direction when turning
  • Fixed the snowy edges of ice lakes also being considered ice by modular cars and snowmobiles
  • Fixed the Tomaha suspension snapping to the wrong position when active updates stopped
  • Fixed a sleeper loot exploit
  • Fixed CCTV clipping exploit
  • Fixed BBQ looting exploit
  • Fixed pickle jar desc typo
  • Fixed Excavator puzzle reset bounds exceeding the prevent building volume, causes player to die when logged out
  • Fixed missing passthrough name on DLC industrial wall lights
  • Fixed oil hunt mission reward only being 50 scrap
  • Arctic base snowmobile no longer comes with 20 low grade fuel
  • Arctic base snowmobile garage no longer spawns puzzle loot

Arctic Update Thu, 03 Feb 2022 20:02 CET here.]]> Lunar New Year Fri, 28 Jan 2022 20:30 CET
First off, throughout the Lunar New Year celebration, everyone will be able to craft a set of throw-able firecrackers to make a racket. Traditionally set off to scare away evil spirits, many people would set them off when opening the front door before they went out. We somehow doubt these will scare off a dedicated door camper but you can try!

Tiger Mask

To celebrate the year of the tiger we have created a beautiful Tiger Mask with jiggling chin tassles. Similar to last years Ox Mask, it replaces the wolf headdress.

The Tiger Mask can be purchased on the Rust item store.

Sky Lantern

New this year is the Sky Lantern. When ignited with a lit torch the sky lantern will take to the skies and is able to carry one item in the direction you're looking.

Available to be crafted in five colours: white, purple, green, red and orange.

The Sky Lantern can be purchased at the Rust item store.

New Year Items

In addition to this year's tiger mask and sky lantern, we’ve added items back from prior years sale to the item store, the Dragon Door Knocker and the Chinese Lantern.

New Year Gong

Dragon Door Knocker

Chinese Lantern

Onwards and upwards Thu, 06 Jan 2022 20:00 CET 2021
Servers are now wiped, Santa is packing up and clearing out the bodies, we hope you enjoyed the Holiday Season. We're getting back to work after a couple of weeks off which is why this is a light blog and we're looking forward to the journey ahead in 2022!

2021 was an exceptional year for Rust in almost all regards, after 8 years of continuous development Rust has gone from strength to strength. In 2021 Rust blew up on Twitch, we saw record-high player counts, released Voice Props DLC Pack, World revamp, missions, freight trains, underwater labs, gestures, submarines, MLRS and so much more.

An interactive recap version can be found here[].


July 1st we released Voice Props DLC Pack which quickly became our best selling DLC to date.


In May Double11 released Rust console[] after a number of years in development. This allowed a whole new player base to finally experience the harsh world of Rust.

8 Years

In December Rust celebrated its 8th Birthday. 8 continuous years of development and no plans to stop.



What can you expect from us in 2022? More of the same! guaranteed monthly updates every first Thursday of the month along with occasional hotfixes and holiday events.

Below is a sneak peek of a new upcoming arctic monument which we'll be releasing in the very near future.

In addition to new monuments, this year you can expect to see new weapons, deployables, events, vehicles, animals and so much more.

In February we'll be releasing a heap load of quality of life changes.

We're excited to see what we can accomplish in 2022 and we thank each and every one of our players for continuing to enjoy our work.

EgoLand 2 Twitch Drops

Starting from tomorrow (Friday 7th) till January 14th Twitch drops are enabled for Rust Twitch streamers with a focus on supporting the Spanish creators of Egolands. You can earn special and unique skins simply by watching your favourite Rust Twitch streamers.

During the final 24hours of the Rust Twitch drop campaign, all drops will be moved to general.

We'll be doing another round of Twitch drops in February featuring a number of long-standing Rust streamers.

Learn more at
Labor of Love Award Final Voting Wed, 22 Dec 2021 19:00 CET
You can do so now by clicking the vote button above and to show our appreciation if Rust wins the Labor of Love Steam award, we'll give you (the community) control on designing a new deployable item in the game!

If you haven't already voted we'd like to show you in some words, pictures and videos why Rust is a Labor of Love for us!

Rust came to life because Helk and Garry felt there was something missing in the games they were playing and set about making a game they could play how they wanted to play it, Rust was started in Unity Engine 4 and was playable in a web browser and keys were sold in a dutch auction and as the player base grew the game was made into a standalone version and released on Steam in early access on 11th December 2013.

Work continued at pace, new features being added like the research bench, a new water system along with a new sky system, bugs being squashed, some quite serious.

It was decided we needed a better way of telling guys what we were doing in the background so weekly updates were started and with that came the Friday blog in March 2014.

Not long after this, we realised Rust was getting too big for Unity 4 and we were getting seriously limited on how much we could grow which would impact on how you could play and enjoy the game, it was decided we would switch to Unity 5 and while you continued to enjoy playing the game we would completely rebuild the game from scratch. It was a huge decision and task but made Rust what it is today.

In July 2014 we started the Community Blog which would showcase what our players and creators were doing in Rust from builds and raids to erm ... rituals to Garry.

By the end of 2014 the groundwork for the Rust reboot was set, instead of the same map on every server, the island could be generated procedurally giving every server it's own identity.

Custom weapons were designed and modelled to give more of a hand crafted feel

New tools were created to help you get the resources you need, including the iconic rock and the hatchet. Useful for farming the animals that were added for food and more resources.

Having resources meant you were going to need a nice base to keep them in and the building system came to life, not only could you create the design you wanted with new building pieces you could now upgrade it to different materials to give your base more strength. This progressed from late 2014 into early 2015 as a system you might recognise today and you could also use a Tool Cupboard to give ownership to your base!

2015 continued to build up on the groundwork set and the islands got more procedural features like roads and power lines between the monuments.

Everyone had the same male character so It was decided we should add more varieties and also a female character which could all be randomly assigned to players, we also gave them armour for protection from each other.

By the end of the year we had added Beartraps, Assualt Rifle, Pump Shotgun, C4, Attack Helicopter, Ambient Sound, Gibbing, Decay, Paintable Signs, Rocket Launcher, Monuments, Assigning sleeping bag to friends, Repair Bench, Guitars, Building Upgrades, Player skin colours, Wounding, Hapis Island, Rivers, Research Table, Barricades, Bullet Penetration, Large Furnace, Loot, Decals, Ammo Counters, Blueprints System, Grenades, Horses, Landmines, Water Catchers, Crossbow, Code Locks, Draw-able Maps, SMG, Supply Signal, Floor Spikes, Language Selector, Pistol, Ladders, Throwables, Pickable arrows/spears and load of bug fixes, optimizations and visual improvements.

Rust also got it's first Christmas Event!

Shortly after, we realised weekly updates weren't really ideal for us, we'd lose a day of development time preparing the update and dealing with any issues that came up post update, this downtime would be less noticeable over the period of a month so the switch was made to the monthly updates you know today and have been happening since.

As you can see, the first two years kept us really busy, skip forward and the last two years have been just as busy pushing out content month after month. Here are some of the highlights and the associated update trailers!

Instruments DLC - For our first DLC we gave you the opportunity to get together and jam with your friends or annoy your neighbours.

Modular Turrets - Since it's creation, the turret came with an included assault rifle, we gave you the option to add any weapon (or trumpet) to your turrets!

Farming 2.0 - Brought you new ways of growing your own crops with automated watering systems to keep you supplied with food and cloth.

Rust+ - The companion app for your phones to help you organise your Team, control your electronics and receive notifications from in game.

Modular Vehicles - A new way of getting around the Rust island in a variety of setups depending on your needs,

Sunburn DLC - Our 2nd DLC full of summer essentials from lazing on a rubber ring in your pool to water pistol fights on the beaches.

Tech Tree - We gave you the option of unlocking blueprints on a linear path rather than having to find each blueprint in loot

During the Christmas holiday period of 2020 Rust received a massive boost when we were joined by a variety of well known streamers and content creators with events being run by OfflineTV and their friends and Egoland and their friends who spotlighted Rust to viewers who had probably never seen Rust or thought of joining us and gave us a huge boost with record player counts and viewership. This gave the developers a boost and spurred us on to bring more content for players to enjoy.

Freight Transit Line - A new underground system throughout the whole map which gives you another option for getting around the monuments.

Voiceprops DLC - Our latest DLC for recording and playback of voice and audio to making your own in game disco.

Underwater - Another new way to explore the environment, submarines to transport you around and underwater labs to explore and loot!

We hope this gives some insight into why we bring updates month after month to bring more content and new ways for you, our players to enjoy Rust and on behalf of everyone at Facepunch Studios we'd like to wish you a Happy Holidays and we look forward to what 2022 will bring!

P.S Have you voted yet ? :rust:]]>
Season's Beatings! Thu, 16 Dec 2021 20:00 CET Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
From everyone at Facepunch, we'd all like to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!

The Christmas Event is once again live! If you haven't been around for this before, here's what you can expect:

Every once in a while you will hear the sound of jingle bells. Run outside and look for a gift! Two gifts are spawned per player, in a radius of about 40m from where you are standing. Run up and bash it open to receive your Christmas presents. They come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. If you have enough small presents stashed, you can "trade up" to a medium or large. The contents of each present vary, but you'll find a mix of resources, weapons, and candy. We've also added wrapping paper allowing you to wrap up items as gifts to other players, perhaps sold in your vending machine...

Once again, you will be able to find Santa hats and reindeer antlers, both of which can be worn and provide a decent amount of protection. There’s also a lickable candy cane club, and two types of stockings. If you hang a stocking inside your base when the jingle bells ring the stocking will fill up with loot. The larger stocking has a higher chance for better items and both last around 5-10 refills.

Have fun!

New Festive Items

Snowman Hat

Get in the festive Rustmas spirit with the new Snowman hat! The Snowman hat new paid cosmetic skin is available from the store.

Pattern Boomer Firework

Create your own firework pattern and broadcast your "art" to the whole server with the new Pattern boomer firework.

Once your design is complete, wait till dark and set alight the firework using a torch, or a flamethrower if you're feeling brave.

Available now on the Rust item store!

Advent Calendar

The advent calendar is a new craftable deployable available to everyone. Once placed you can claim a surprise every in-real-life day.

Returning items

We have brought back the following items from previous years, now purchasable from the Rust Item Store.

The festive garland pack now includes a double door garland. If you've already purchased this pack you'll now be able to craft this item.

Deluxe Christmas Lights

Snow Machine


Festive Garlands Pack

Christmas Door Wreath

Santa Beard

Neon sign pack

Rustmas Base Decorating contest

We're excited to announce Rust's first Rustmas base decorating competition!

We're looking for the best festive base Rust has ever seen!

The Christmas content update is now live and will stay in game until January 6th, 2022.
Hoping this Rustmas will be the best one yet. Go big or go home, right?

£75 worth of skins of their choosing and two Rust DLC keys.

Runner up
£50 worth of skins of their choosing and one Rust DLC key.

How To Submit
Once you’ve completed decorating your base, take a screenshot and upload the image to Twitter using the hashtag #Rustmas2021

The winner and runner up will be announced from Rust's official Twitter account on January 13th.

Submissions will be judged based on the following:
Judging will be performed by Facepunch Staff.

This competition is run by Facepunch Studios Ltd at Concept House, Elmore Green Road, Bloxwich, Walsall, UK. The competition ends on January 6th 2022 23:59UTC. No more than three entries per person. The winner and runner-up will be selected based on which Facepunch thinks is the most original/creative and any decisions Facepunch makes will be final. The winner and runner up must claim their prizes within one month of the closing date (which Facepunch may exchange for an alternative of the same or greater value). Our terms of service apply to any content you make for the competition: Winning entries must pick items from the Rust marketplace with market value.]]>
December Update Thu, 02 Dec 2021 20:01 CET here.]]> Steam Awards 2021 - Rust Nomination Wed, 24 Nov 2021 19:00 CET

We think the description of the award sums up Rust perfectly, Rust is our baby, quite a big baby at nearly 8 years old but we still continue to spend every day helping it grow, there’s been joy and tears and many sleepless nights but we still strive to bring out fresh content every month for you, our players, to enjoy.

Looking at just the last 12 months, we’ve bought you Tech Trees as another way of researching the items you need, The Marketplace in safe zones so you can efficiently purchase from vending machines using drones, The Freight Transit line and train carts for a new way of exploring and traversing the map, The Poker Table and Slot Machines as a new way of earning more of that precious scrap, Gestures for new ways of expressing yourself along with the Contact System to sort out friend from foe, A World Revamp which brought new life into your surroundings including monuments, rocks, flora and fauna.

We made the ocean a new place for adventure, submarines to get around and new underwater monuments with Labs to visit and earn loot from along with threats from the newly added sharks or you could just sit and relax with a bit of fishing to stock your food supplies.

Each month we bring a whole host of Improvements, balances and fixes mostly from the feedback we get from you, without you there wouldn’t be the passion we have for making the game what it is today and we look forward to bringing you another year of planned updates and many more to come.
Permanent Store Thu, 18 Nov 2021 20:01 CET here.]]> MLRS & desert base update Thu, 04 Nov 2021 20:00 CET DESERT MILITARY BASES
We added fully procedural Military bases containing the MLRS equipment this update, these will be different on every server, every wipe. They are built from a pool of individual modules and fill 4 different templates.

Each has a few points of entry, regular loot with a sprinkle of oil and you will face some resistance from scientists as well.


The new Desert Military Base monuments each have a parked Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS). This vehicle doesn't move - you won't be driving it around the map - but it can be set up to fire rockets to any target. Except safe zones, naturally.

These MLRS rockets can do significant damage to bases. They can be countered by SAM sites, but a full barrage of 12 rockets will only be mostly repelled by two SAM sites, and completely fought off by three.

Using the MLRS
1. First you'll need to acquire an MLRS Aiming Module which can be found in locked hackable crates and one to twelve MLRS rockets that are found in elite, APC and Attack helicopter crates.

2. Interact with the back of the MLRS and insert your rockets.

3. Get in the MLRS and open the Aiming Module slot, and insert your aiming module, which will activate the weapon systems.

4. Interact with the targeting screen and set your desired target.

You can click-and-drag to move the map around, and click to place the target. If you've set a marker on the main map view earlier, it'll show up here as a red marker, which should help with targeting bases.

A red crosshair indicates where you want to aim. A white circle indicates where the MLRS will actually hit. These will usually match, but can differ if the MLRS is still moving its aim into position, or if there's an obstacle in the way. The MLRS shoots high in the air, so mountains and so on won't usually be a problem, but the white circle will show you if they are.

The target circle shows the total area that might be damaged by an MLRS attack - not all rockets will hit the exact same spot, though there is a bias towards the centre of the circle. No damage will be done outside of the target circle area.

5. Press button to fire. The MLRS will shoot all the rockets you have loaded, and break down for 10 minutes (or whatever the brokenDownMinutes console variable is set to).

Improvements & Fixes Highlights

Painting Undo - Added undo & redo support for painting

Marketplace Search - Added search option when browsing shops at marketplace

Crouching Gestures - Can now use hand gestures while crouching

Check out the changelog for more changes.

Blueprint Wipe

On December 2nd, in line with Rust's next major update patch, we'll be forcing a blueprint wipe across all servers.

Additionally, we'll be looking at retiring a number of lower populated Facepunch servers.

Twitch Drops - Charitable Rust Nov 20 -21

A special edition of Twitch drops will be enabled on November 20-21 for charitable Rust. Charitable Rust has raised $540,786 over the past 6 years supporting various charities such as Rise Above the Disorder, Pencils of Promise and charity: water. This year the charity charitable Rust is supporting is Preemptive Love.

Preemptive Love provides aid in countries of conflict with food, water, medical care relief and much more for families on the frontlines of violence.

Check out the charitable Rust website ( )for more details.

Pumpkin Carving Competition

Last week we announced Rust's first in-game pumpkin carving competition in the Halloween update blog post. If you wish to enter you have until November 7th 2021 23:59 UTC.

SteelSeries Competition

To celebrate the release of SteelSeries GameSense with Rust, SteelSeries has launched a desktop battle station contest. Head over to their Discord and post your best RGB and desk setups with SteelSeries gear in the #Rust-Desk-Contest channel for a chance to win a copy of Rust + DLC and an Aerox 3 wireless mouse.

Ends on November 16th.


  • Added MLRS
  • Adding 4 desert military base monuments
  • Added MLRS Ammo
  • Added MLRS Targing module item

  • Undo Redo support for painting
  • Search option when browsing shops at marketplace
  • Can now loot items in campervan storage while it's on a lift
  • Can now use hand gestures while crouching (doesn't apply to dances)
  • New entity.downloadsign convar downloads sign data to the game folder in png form (admin only)
  • Reduced horse dung
  • Added "hits" to combat log (how many previous objects a projectile has hit)
  • Added "integrity" to combat log (how much of its maximum damage % a projectile did)
  • Added "travel" to combat log (the time a projectile has travelled for)
  • Added "mismatch" to combat log (how much the client trajectory differs from the server trajectory)

  • Fixed "Too close to monument" errors appearing when other placement problems were to blame
  • Diving mask UI is now lit better while underwater in daytime
  • Fixed screen overlays (Diving goggles, heavy plate helmet) being affected by UI scale
  • Player inventory doesn't open up for a frame when a player is looted in a demo
  • Fixed tool cupboard stacking using table deployable
  • Fixed multiple rock terrain gaps
  • Fixed various TC stacking methods
  • Fixed a small gap in armored door double's hatch
  • Fixed armored door inconsistent hatch LODs behaviour
  • Fixed bonkers AO map on wooden doors gibs
  • Fixed foundation.steps.stone wrong gibs assigned
  • Blocked double jump through gas station extension ceiling
  • Fixed Player IO ent button LODs kicking in way too soon
  • Fixed floating decor in water_well_a
  • Fixed grass missing in front of supermarket
  • Fixed floating electric wire at stables_a
  • Fixed missing keypad on compound farming vending machine
  • Fixed a hole by Military tunnels mine entrance rocks
  • Fixed inaccurate shadow proxies of lighthouse
  • Fixed multiple deployment issues with beachchair

  • Removed Halloween
Halloween 2021 - Darkness falls Thu, 28 Oct 2021 20:01 CEST here.]]> Missions & QoL Thu, 07 Oct 2021 20:00 CEST

Today we're introducing the first iteration of a mission system to Rust. You are now able to speak to various NPCs found around the world and receive a list of objectives you must complete in exchange for a reward. This first pass of missions are geared more towards players just getting started but the system is capable of much more. We will be expanding on this in the coming months to include PvP missions (capture and hold, delivery, ambush) and eventually even bounty hunting.

You can find mission providers at most safe zones and their tasks vary, from catching fish or harvesting lumber to hunting sharks and uncovering hidden treasure.

The mission system will be expanded upon over the coming months. We look forward to reading your feedback.

Camper Module

Take that long overdue vacation in the new Camper module for your modular car. It’s a two slot module that includes 4 seats that function as spawn points, overhead lockers, a bbq and a small box worth of storage.

To mark a seat in the camper van as a respawn point simply sit in it, look down and use “Make Bed” to claim it. You will then be able to respawn directly into that seat regardless of its location, even while the car is moving! If another player has claimed a seat, you'll have to clear their ownership before you can claim it as your own (this will appear as an interaction option).

The module requires a T2 workbench, 175 Metal Frags and 125 Wood to craft.

You’ll find the locker above the seats, the barbecue to your side and the small storage box underneath the barbecue. Happy camping!

General QOL

Jarryd spent some time this month working through a backlog of quality of life improvements that we’ve assembled internally. Thankfully all of you in the community had plenty more ideas so after a month of work the QOL list is now even longer than it was at the start. Thanks to everyone across Discord, Reddit and Twitter for suggesting ideas! If your suggestion wasn’t implemented this month rest assured we’ve taken plenty of notes for future work in this area.

A lot of the changes are pretty scattershot and all around the game (see the changelog for more details), but some of the notable changes are below.

Sign Painting
The primary improvement for sign painting this month is being able to pick up signs and redeploy them without losing the painted content. You can now pick up signs, picture frames and neon signs with the hammer, inspect the painting in your inventory, trade it to others and redeploy it at will. The sign painting interface has also had some improvements, including being able to voice chat while painting and better lighting settings for large paintable sources.

Auto Turrets
After many (many) requests we’re adding the ability to authorize friends to auto turrets, as well as automatically authorizing yourself when placing the auto turret.

Door opening while wounded
You’ll now need to hold down the interact key to open the door while wounded. Watch out for door campers!

Admin UI
We’ve created a simple admin UI accessible in the F1 menu for server admins to easily modify and administrate their server. This isn’t meant to be a replacement for RCON or the console, but hopefully it will act as a simpler way for new admins to manage basic elements of their server. If there are more features you’d like to see feel free to reach out, this is just the first iteration of this tool.

Improvements & Fixes Highlights

  • Vehicles On Cargo - Can now land on the cargo ship without your vehicle sliding off

  • ADS Sensitivity - Added a separate slider to modify sensitivity while aiming

  • Skin Search - Search for skins by name in the Repair Bench and Crafting Menu

  • Item Counts - Show the total count of items in inventory when picking up items

  • Large Planter snapping - Large Planters now snap to centre of foundations and floors

  • Auto fill code lock - Added a button to auto fill the last code entered into a code lock

  • Rowboat Flip - Boats now rightside up with one push

  • Horse Dung - Horses now produce dung more often

  • Binoculars Zoom - Now start at the lowest zoom setting

  • Supply Drop Beacon - Supply drops now activate a red beacon at night

  • Snap Disable - Holding sprint now disables snapping on planter and high external wall placement

  • Engine Components Craft - All modular car engine components craft reduced from 30s to 10s

Check out the changelog for more changes.

Steam Point Store

We're currently working on some Rust assets for the Steam point store which we plan to release in the coming weeks.

Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions! You can take a look at the animated avatars, profile frames and profile backgrounds over on the DEVBLOG[]

Halloween update

On October 28th at 19:00BST / 14:00 EST we'll be releasing a mandatory server and client update to enable some new spooky features!

  • New Camper Module
  • New F1 Admin UI
  • Added Missions system
  • Added a search text box to the skin picker in the Repair Panel and Crafting menu
  • Added a button to enter the last entered code in the code lock (can also press Reload to trigger the button)
  • Added an Aim Down Sights sensitivity multiplier (acts as a multiplier on base sensitivity eg. 0.5 mouse sensitivity x 0.5 ADS sensitivity = 0.25 sensitivity while aiming)
  • Item descriptions now scale to fit long descriptions in the Crafting menu
  • Binoculars now fade in/out twice as fast and start at the lowest zoom setting
  • Can now voice chat while painting signs
  • Sign painting will no longer use a low resolution texture on low graphics settings
  • Show the total amount of an item in your inventory on the item pickup pop up in the bottom right of the screen
  • The planter inventory can now only be accessed by looking at the edge of the planter
  • Large planters now snap to the centre of foundation and floor blocks (hold Sprint to disable)
  • Flipped boats should now reliably flip rightside up with one push
  • Looking at vehicles that have no seats left will now show as Occupied instead of showing a Mount option that won’t work
  • Painted signs can now be picked up (includes empty picture frames and neon signs) without losing their painted data
  • Unpainted signs can now be stacked up to 5
  • Painted signs have a small icon in their inventory and clicking on them will show the painted data
  • Increased range of light source in painting UI so large signs aren’t partially illuminated
  • The sign painting UI will now remember the rotation of the last sign that was painted (per session)
  • Open/closing doors while crawling now takes three seconds
  • When attempting to build too close to a monument the error message will now display the translated name of the monument (instead of “Can’t build here”)
  • Improved several placement error messages
  • F4 and F9 keys are no longer hardcoded to screenshots, added screenshot.takescreenshot and screenshot.takehiresscreenshot that can be bound as needed
  • Right clicking scrap while a research panel is open will put the scrap in the bottom slot
  • Lowered volume of audio static in the background of boom boxes, speakers, etc
  • Right clicking a pumpkin in the inventory will now move the pumpkin to the belt instead of clothing
  • Ceiling light can now be repaired more reliably from below
  • Worms and grubs will go the inventory by default instead of the belt
  • Auto Turrets now automatically self-auth when placed (like TC’s)
  • Added an Assign to Friend option to Auto Turrets
  • Any team members in the Assign to a friend Sleeping Bag/Auto Turret UI will now appear first in the list
  • Don’t show steam ID’s on Sleeping Bag/Auto Turret friend UI while streamer mode is active
  • Human skulls being sold in vending machines will now display their name in the tooltip
  • Item search in crafting menu should now disregard accented characters when filtering (eg. Pólvora and Polvora will now both return gunpowder when playing in Portugese)
  • Supply Drops now have small lights that activate at night
  • [Admin] entity.deleteby now accepts multiple steam ids
  • [Admin] Added entity.deletebytextblock that parses a text block for steam ids (eg. can use the results of “ent auth”)
  • Added "cargoshipevent" command for server owners to start the cargo ship event
  • Horses now produce dung more often
  • Dung yeilds more Fertilizer
  • Added custom junkyard prefabs for map makers
  • Military tunnels NPCs no longer respawn while players are inside tunnelsMilitary tunnels elite crates respawn inline with AI (no more looting elite crates with no AI spawned)
  • Added small (50) MinDistanceDifferentType to roadside monuments
  • Less strict locker placement
  • Added "Copy" and "Clear" to the console UI
  • Reduced crafting time of all modular car engine components from 30s to 10s
  • Fixed garage doors blocking placement on the floor above them while open
  • Running a dedicated server will no longer set graphics quality to 0 on clients on the same machine
  • Fixed issue where binding a key to nothing that was also a default key wouldn’t save correctly and the binding would be lost on next boot (can now unbind mouse wheel)
  • Fixed glowing hair in player inventory preview
  • Fixed issue where players would get stuck in a placeholder dance when respawning if they were dancing when killed
  • Fixed Boom Box loading incorrect URL after a player leaves and enters network range or after a respawn
  • Fixed tanker car module not getting properly disconnected from water sources when moving
  • Fixed Small sign stacking
  • Fixed elevator exploits
  • Fixed excessive explosion force on the chinook
  • Fixed cargo ship layouts breaking during server restart
  • Fixed paddle glow outline being flipped
  • Removed Gravis Island from Facepunch servers
September Update Thu, 02 Sep 2021 20:01 CEST here.]]> Going Deep Thu, 05 Aug 2021 20:01 CEST here.]]> Voice Props DLC Pack Thu, 08 Jul 2021 19:29 CEST here.]]> Wounding Update &amp; Voice Props DLC Thu, 01 Jul 2021 20:01 CEST here.]]> New Trailer and Summer Sale Discount! Thu, 24 Jun 2021 19:01 CEST here.]]> Contacts Update Thu, 03 Jun 2021 20:00 CEST Contact System
We've added a new system for keeping track of the players you interact with.

You'll find a new tab on your inventory screen which will open the contacts panel. From there you'll be able to use the various controls to flag a player as either friendly or enemy. This will change how their name tag shows up when you encounter them in the world. Players are automatically added to the 'seen' category if you've been in close proximity for several seconds.

Any player who kills you will be added to your Enemy list.

You can select any contact from the list and filter by category (friendly/seen/enemy) as well as assign a contact to a category.

Binoculars have also received a buff, and will allow you to see a colored pip above players indicating if they are an enemy or a friend.

There is a rudimentary reputation system in the works which will very slightly shade your nametag either blue or red based on how likely you are to kill on sight. This system is a work in progress and will be expanded upon in the future.

Any server can disable the contacts system with the convar relationshipmanage.contacts false

The nametag system has also changed and you can now display your name plate at long distances to anyone you are looking at by using the 'wave' gesture. We hope this will allow players to avoid killing other 'friendly' players and grant the ability to signal your intentions.

As for the majority of hardcore rust players who kill everyone on sight anyway, you may as well pretend this system does not exist as it will not affect you. However for those less inclined to destroy and kill every living thing that passes infront of them. This system might help you find some like-minded players to team up with.

Wire Colour Coding

This was suggested on Reddit and we all felt like it was a good idea so I added the ability to colour code your electrical wires and hoses this month.

Simply hold Reload while holding the Wire Tool/Hose Tool to select which colour you’d like to use.

Demo Shot System

This month we’re adding the first iteration of a more advanced feature set for viewing and manipulating demos. This has primarily been built to improve our internal production tools, but considering the rich and diverse community of Rust content creators out there we’d love for this to be a tool that all of you can use.

Once you load a demo with “demo.hud” turned on, you’ll see a variety of new options including a shot manager and scrubbable timeline. Pressing the ALT key at any time will switch control between the demo UI and debug camera.

You can now create and manage 'shots' within demos, which are individual recordings of camera motion as well as properties such as FOV and DOF. These shots can then be played back in-sync with the demo scene.

To create a shot, simply press the “New Shot” button, give it a name and then hit record - your live camera movement will now be recorded. To end a shot recording, press the Escape key.

For added management, shots can be sorted into folders, moved between folders, renamed and deleted all from the in-game interface. Folders can also be renamed/deleted by right clicking on them in the shot list.

This current shot system is the first stage of a comprehensive cinematic toolset we’ve planned out. Our goal for the future is to expand on this system by adding features such as keyframe editing, redubbing elements of shots post-recording, UI for modifying world conditions (eg. weather, time of day) and export options so you can render your shots into actual video or image files.

Are you making videos in Rust? Let us know how this tool can help you!


The first phase of the AI rework is finished and it replaces multiple different AI systems across different game locations with a single new one.

Making changes to an established game as big and complex as Rust is scary, especially due to the multiplayer nature, so there's bound to be some initial bugs. Please report anything you find and I'll get it fixed.

The advantages of having everything running on one AI system are numerous, the main one being it should be easier to keep the AI updated going forwards. New features will be easier to add, and they will work across all of the AI, and not just for AI in certain areas or specific monuments.

So whilst there's still plenty more to come in this area, there are already some new features such as animal packs to look out for.


Rust+ now works with IFTTT! You'll be able to connect Rust to other apps, services, and devices through IFTTT to automate all kinds of tasks. For example, all of the deep sleepers who wanted Rust+ to have a louder alarm can now connect Rust's smart alarms to your actual smart home alarm, your bedroom lights, and other services which support IFTTT.

The IFTTT integration depends on having Rust+ set up on your phone so you can pair your Rust servers - so if you aren't using it already, install the Rust+ app on your phone! Once you're all set up with Rust+ you'll need to create or sign into your IFTTT account and head over to the Rust service page on IFTTT where you can link Rust+ to IFTTT and then build applets.

The current IFTTT integration does not support controlling smart switches at the moment - this is something we're looking into supporting in the future.

Updated Animals

The animals in Rust have sucked for far too long. They stand out more than ever now with the team dropping the amazing world revamp last month.

We've updated them with brand new models and materials, as well as a fuzzy fur shader for the longer bits of hair. This gets culled beyond LOD0 so we don't anticipate a big hit on performance - in fact, in the process of updating we discovered each model had a lot of redundant bones which we've stripped out!

Along with the new models came the arduous task of updating rigs, skinning & animation.

Some animals proved more challenging than others as the updated models correct issues in proportions of the previous models, which meant changing bone placements.

Creating new controller rigs for the whole suite of animals would of increased the workload by months & also meant every single existing animation would have needed to be replaced just to get things functional.

I decided to try and force the current rigs into submission for any animation updates, although as mentioned all redundant bones have been removed. The idles took quite a while to get something natural, but are a big improvement on what we have. I've also updated walks & some runs where possible, but this really is a baseline to build upon.

I'll be looking to update more anims like attacks/cycles, and once the ai becomes more advance we can hopefully increase their motives/goals/states and I can start to add more animations to support this. There are also current issues with some of the code-based turn movement as well which I'd really like to improve and have a greater degree of control over.

Improvements & Fixes Highlights

Procgen Improvements & Fixes: Multiple Improvments & fixes To Procgen Generation

Tree Minigame: Improved tree X markers positioning

Solar Panel Update: Updated Solar Panel model

Twitch Drops

No Twitch drops this month, they'll resume in July.

Hapis Island

This has been a frequently asked question, as mentioned last month: Due to the huge world revamp Hapis Island is currently removed from the map pool while Petur works on bringing the map up to date with the new visuals.

No update on this as of yet but progress is being made.


  • New Demo shot system
  • Contact system
  • Rust+ IFTTT integration
  • Fixed certain monuments sometimes spawning partially underwater
  • Fixed terrain height artifacts that were causing extreme slopes on certain seeds
  • Fixed edge case where tunnel entrance would not connect to tunnel network
  • Fixed tunnel network gap when two stations were spawned right next to each other and a tunnel tried to cross them
  • Fixed harbors and fishing villages spawning at ridiculous slopes
  • Fixed edge case that could make rivers overlap each other
  • Fixed being able to break Injured animation by playing a gesture
  • Fixed demos over an hour not displaying time correctly in the demo list
  • Fixed being able to shoot over a ledge while in a beach chair at extreme height differences
  • Fixed some headgear blocking vision while injured (Lunar New Year masks, NVG goggles, etc)
  • Fixed M39 viewmodel sometimes ejecting two shells every shot
  • Sleeping players will no longer blink
  • Fixed some potential gib errors when destroying bases (likely resulting in a disconnect)
  • Fixed Storage Monitor bounds, often causing LOS to fail resulting in not sending the paring notification to app
  • Don't spawn harbors in tight places where they end up adjusting the coastline opposite to them (looks bad, leads to glitchy topologies)
  • Full rewrite of monument prefab prioritization when determining their spawn locations and which monuments not to spawn if there isn't enough space for all of them
  • Changed giant excavator monument to default priority
  • Changed mining_quarry_c monument to default priority
  • Can now press Reload to change the colour of placed electrical wires and hoses
  • Added a tooltip when first using a grenade to explain the controls
  • Prevented tree X markers from travelling too far down the tree
  • Ladder hatches that hit a vehicle while opening will now cancel their animation (like regular doors)
  • Allow gestures to be used while mounted on Secretlab chair
  • Reduced road vehicle wrecks to lessen the impact on roadside junkpiles
  • Improved small battery placement
  • Small battery can now be rotated before deployment
  • Small battery can now be deployed on tables / boxes
  • Censorplayerlist now enabled by default on servers
  • Rock colliders improved, still requires continued work
  • Icelakes not generating on procedural maps - this will be fixed in July's update.
  • Bone error in SkeletonProperties - this is a harmless server warning which can be ignored. We're investigating the cause.
World Revamp Thu, 06 May 2021 20:02 CEST here.]]> Rust comes to Dying Light! Check out the crossover event and a free DLC! Mon, 19 Apr 2021 22:05 CEST here.]]> Gestures Update Thu, 01 Apr 2021 20:01 CEST here.]]> Freight Transit Line Thu, 04 Mar 2021 20:01 CET here.]]>