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Hostname Salty Zombies PVE|XP|Zombies|Shop|Kits|Events
Status Checked 3 minutes ago
Players 22 / 50
Location United States of America
Version 2365
Platform Windows
Map Custom Map
Registered by SaltyZombies
Registered since May 17th, 2022 05:48 AM EST
Last update November 26th, 2022 10:30 AM EST
Tag(s) Custom Loot Economy Events Friendly Kits PvE Rust++ Vote Rewards

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About This Server


Salty Zombies is a vast Gaming Community that hosts multiple games, mostly survival games. We just launched our first RUST PVE Server. We know the full PVP servers can be highly toxic, but RUST has an elaborate and exciting PVE survival element many people like. There is plenty to do without the need to PVP in RUST, and the developers are adding more and more PVE features to the game.

We also bought over $2,000 of plugins to enhance the PVE element. For example, we have RUST Zombies, multiple events like Convoy, Armored Train, Sputnik and Raidable Bases. You can even call in on NPCs to raid your base and test it and yourself in a PVP simulation.


So if you are interested in joining our Rust server feel free to join our RUST Discord. We have a large group of players from all over the world playing many different games. For example, we also host 7 Days To Die, Minecraft, DayZ, SCUM, Valheim, Atlas, Empyrion and ARK, to name a few. Our Discord has grown into quite the Gaming Discord community.


RUST 10x Server
The 2nd RUST server we launched was our RUST 10x Server for our PVE players to try the PVP side of RUST but without the care of being raided or killed. Since 10x comes with so many resources and items in just 30min of looting, you can have a solid base up in no time. So if you woke up to being raided and left with nothing, it's nothing to worry about because you are back to where you were an hour later. That's the beauty of a fast past action pack 10x Server.

RUST Building/Creative Server
We also added a building and creative server for those who want to practice base building. Either to build something spectacular or to test out a new PVP base design. This also works well with our NPC Raiding mod. You can test your base by spawning NPCs to Raid your base.

Minicopter Training Server
Believe it or not, this is a frequently visited server. Getting to grips with the Minicopter and Helicopter can initially seem impossible, especially when you are constantly under PVP Duress. That's why we opened up a RUST Minicopter Server. Once you are in this Server, you can immediately spawn in a Minicopter or Helicopter and start practising, there is no damage done by crashing, and the fuel is unlimited. So you can practice every day and not d out of fuel.

RUST Aim Training Servers
We currently don't have any RUST Aim Training servers since they require a highly customised mod. But I did write an article listing the Top RUST Aim Training Servers. These guys have been around for a while and specialise in running Aim Training and Recoil Training servers. So I highly recommend you check them out.

Having trouble with performance on? Checkout this article on how to boost your RUST FPS how to boost your RUST FPS.

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