RustFantasy Nova PVE 5x MultiMods SkyRaidBases

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Hostname RustFantasy Nova PVE 5x MultiMods SkyRaidBases
Status Checked 5 minutes ago
Players 0 / 60
Location Australia
Version 2519
Platform Windows
Map Custom Map
Registered by killswitchzero
Registered since April 28th, 2022 07:32 PM EST
Last update February 15th, 2024 11:37 AM EST
Last wipe February 15th, 2024 12:00 AM CET
Tag(s) Custom Loot Events Friendly Instant Craft Kits PvE Starterkit Vote Rewards

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Vote(s) 58
Rank 113
Score 95
Favorited 3
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About This Server

RustFantasy Nova owns the very best of Custom Maps, Mods & Events. Brand NEW Raidable SKYBASES & Boss Monsters!!! Action Packed PVE! We are a player-based Server and pride ourselves on focusing on what our players love. We use many plugins to make your life easier and none of the playable content is hidden behind donation ranks. Atmosphere is Apocalyptic. Running on Top of the Line Hardware - No Lag! We have a great community of players from all over the world who are friendly and creative. If you are a Bradley addict, then you will enjoy our server even more.
EVENTS: Survival Arena, Raidable SkyBases, Bradley Convoy, Boss Monsters, NPC RaidMe, Zombie Hordes, Cargo Train Event, Meteor Showers containing elite loot! Sputnik Space, Monument Bradleys, Roaming Road Mini Bradleys, Guarded Crates, RF Dangerous Treasures, Cargo Plane Crash, Events exclusive. (We alternate the events to spice it up!) + Minicopter Combat. PVP PURGE (is voted by the players) the night before wipe. Blueprints wipe 1st Thursday of each month. Reward Points are retained forever.
Ranks Legend, Myth & Beasts are ranks for players who support the server, along with special commands and kits. We award our Top Voter and the player that plays the most hours with Myth Packages. Note: The server provides all the "must have" mods for all players, donators get Quality of Life and kits as a part of our appreciation for the support.

SuperFast Minis, Attack Minis (all modded for a faster smoother maneuverability)
Raidable SKYBASES~
Virtual Quarries~
Skill Tree~Boss Monsters
No Fuel Required Vehicles
Powerless Turrets ~ VIP
PVP Survival Arena~
No Backpack drop~
Better Stacks~ Jetpacks
Personal Messaging~
Very Extensive SkinBox~
All TP options incl TPBack~TP to Corpse
Eternal Plants~
Spawn your own Trees~ Make a nice forest for your Base
Craft Multiplier~ VIP
BGrade x 4 with Remove~ including upgrade all at once
Chest Stacking: VIP
Own Premium Casino - VIP
No Stability - Build a skybase!
Rewards Store~ Starter Kits
Server Rewards~ Auto Doors~
Death FX~
Vehicle License ~Free use for all transportation
Clans~ Auto Auth
Weapon Changer~Larger Mags
Repair your Heli base in 1 hit
Zombie Horde Enhanced~Not your Regular Kind
Preferred Environment: VIP
Repair Base no resources required: VIP
Premium Own your Casino
Active Admin | Ticket System in place
and so much more!
Wiped February 8th 2024 (AEST). Custom Map "Badlands" by Gruber. We are Weekly with an 8hr Purge the night before wipe=Fridays mornings (AEST)
Server Support gives you a selection of VIP Packages ‚ęł|Beast |Myth |Legend and a Donator's gift
It has been a joy creating this server, we work hard every day of the week to ensure optimum game-play. The owners are (Australian) Admins (from Australia, Denmark & the Philippines) and a Creative Director who are always around to help you online or in discord.
Competitions & Giveaways Monthly you can win VIP or a chest full of the good stuff! Restarts twice a day for a Lag-Free server.

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