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Yzaruland PVE 5x/15x

Server Information
Hostname Yzaruland PVE 5x/15x
Status Checked <1 minute ago
Players 0 / 69
Location Luxembourg
Version 2370
Platform Linux
Map Custom Map
Registered by pinguin
Registered since June 22nd, 2021 12:27 PM EST
Last update February 2nd, 2023 02:06 PM EST
Tag(s) Fast Crafting Friendly Instant Craft Kits PvE Starterkit Vote Rewards

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Vote(s) 3
Rank 220
Score 7
Favorited 0

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About This Server

- 5x Day Gather Rate
- 15x Night Gather Rate
- Normal Decay/Upkeep

- Monthly Wipe (second Sunday after update)
- PVP event before wipe (from Friday to Sunday)

PVE Rules:
- No Griefing
- Be respectful to other players
- No hatespeech, no Nazi symbolism
- No blocking off monuments
- A single base may not take up more than a single square on the map


- Raidable NPC bases
- More NPC Bots
- Call Heli for RP
- Respawn Bradley for RP
- Teleport to last death location
- Loot protection

Reward Points (RP):
- Custom NPC vendors
- Buy vehicle license
- Seasonal decorations
- Kits

Bases & Building:
- Buy and build pumpjacks and quarries
- Craft a personal recycler for your base
- Building Grades, auto upgrade what you build
- Upgrade whole building
- Homes & Teleportation
- Load an image from the web onto a sign
- Authorize turrets & SAM when authorizing TC
- Remover Tool
- Toggle automatic doors

Crafting & Inventory:
- Apply skins to items
- Backpack: 7 rows of space, drop on death
- Instant craft & research
- Craft Multiplier, queue more stacks at once
- Sorting tools & Large stacks
- Furnace Splitter & Quicker Smelting
- Trade per command

- Vote Rewards
- Player Rankings
- Playtime Tracker
- Info Panel
- Kill feed