Posted on November 2nd, 2023 01:46 PM EST

This month we are finally connecting the above-ground rail network with the underground. While playing on servers with a world size of at least 4250, you will find one or two rail tunnels allowing you to seamlessly travel between the underground and above-ground networks.

To do it, simply take a train inside one of the tunnels, drive it down a short slope and you will be inside the underground network. All wagon types are fully compatible with both networks regardless of their length allowing for new gameplay opportunities.

To top it off, we also made some visual tweaks to the network that fix light leaking issues in small areas like the stairwells, as well as made some other minor tweaks and fixes.


For a while now we've had signal lights in the underground train tunnels, but they were always off. They're now fully functional and can be used to see what's up ahead.

- A green light means the block is clear.
- A red light means the block has something in it - a train or a barricade.
- A yellow light means the next block has something in it, so you can get prepared.

A "block" is the section between two train signals. If there's no next signal, it's the rest of the track, either to the end of the line or the next 500m if it's further than that to the end of the line.


Not only did we couple the rails this update: we also allowed you to re-couple your wires!

If you have done electrical before, you know the pain of unequipping a wire tool and having to re-run the wire from the top to bottom of your base all over again. (or yelling for a teammate to place a root combiner quickly!)

Short demonstration here[].

Note: If a teammate blocks industrial with a wall as you have your wire tool holstered it will resume right before the industrial pipe is blocked.

We also added the ability to reconnect existing wires to avoid rerunning them through the base. This speeds up redesigning circuits and will make reconnecting long wires significantly easier. Use right click to reconnect, hold right click to disconnect & clear wire.


Dropped items no longer fall through vehicles. You can now drop items on trains, cars, boats, helicopters etc and they'll collide properly.

Dropped items do have some mass, so they can weigh vehicles down a bit if there are a lot of them. But you can still fly a scrap heli load of stuff across the map.


New this month is the Frontier base decor pack DLC, a wild western-themed collection featuring ten new items and 17 variants.

The pack can be bought from the Rust Steam item store or in-game.

Fish Trophy
Put your best catch on display for the world (or at least your teammates) with the Fish Trophy! Simply insert a fish to make it appear on the mount. Try interacting with the mounted fish to get a peek into the life of a fish in Rust.

Hunting Trophy
Caught something a bit too big for the Fish Trophy? The Small and Large Hunting Trophies allow you to stuff and mount the heads of your foes. To get started you’ll need to use the new Skinning Knife to harvest a corpse, this will result in a special Head item that can be mounted.

The Large Trophy can display a Shark, Bear, Boar, Wolf, Polar Bear, Horse and Stag head.

The Small Trophy can display either a Chicken or Humanoid head. When harvesting a player or NPC, the head clothing worn by that person will be displayed on the mounted trophy.

Once a Trophy is mounted you can mount extra matching heads onto the stand, this will be tracked and displayed along with the name of the creature or player.

Wooden Frontier Bar Doors
Make a stylish entrance with the Wooden Frontier Bar Doors. These can be installed into a Wall Frame and operate like a regular Double Door except your player opens the doors like a gunslinger walking into a saloon. You can also open the radial menu to access the kick option, giving you even more style when opening the doors.

Wanted Poster
Look your enemies in the eye, all the time, even in your own base with the Wanted Poster. You can interact with a deployed wanted poster to assign a player to it, this will put the players mugshot and name on the poster. You can select from any player in your contacts (any status) or from your friends list. The Wanted Poster comes with 3 additional skins with different styles and sizes.

Torch Holder
Don’t throw out your starting Torch yet, now you can put it in this fancy holder to provide some quick illumination in your base. Once you insert a Torch you can interact with it to Ignite/Extinguish it and it will react to any nearby Igniters or sources of water (Water Buckets, Water Guns, Sprinklers, etc). The Torch Holder works the same with all Torch skins, even the Abyss Torch.

A mounted lit Torch will decay at the same rate as it would if held in a player's hands and will break eventually.

Rocking Chair
Had your fill of dull, lifeless chairs? Ditch the mundane and embrace the spirit of the frontier with the Rocking Chair. It's the quintessential piece for the player who appreciates both comfort and aesthetics. This chair marries practicality with a touch of rustic charm. Movable with your inputs, it's a remarkable blend of both function and form, ideal for your base. Just make sure you don't act like a gunslinger whilst seated!

Frontier Planters
Now you can grow your crops in style! Whether you want to grow corn or hemp in a disused minecart, an abandoned bathtub or a hand-crafted rail road planter, the new planters will allow you to plant 2,3 and 9 of your favourite berry seeds.

Give your hemp farms that wild western look with the new frontier planters!

Single Item Weapon Racks
Short on space? The three new single item weapon racks let you mount and proudly display your favourite or most essential items. Place them somewhere convenient and easy to grab!

Storage Barrel
Two new storage items, the vertical and horizontal storage barrels.


Water Catchers
Water catchers now fill even faster following last months changes

Jackhammer Repair
The jackhammer can now be repaired inside the workbench for free

Jackhammer Refill
Jackhammer can now be refilled in the repair bench for free

Planter Pickup
Planters can now be picked up with a hammer

Repair Bench Auto Skinning
Autoskin items by holding shift while right clicking into repair bench

Increased slots per horse saddlebag from 6 to 12


Observer Island is a 4K-sized custom map created by community members CollapsedOrange and wheatleymf. Observer Island features custom mountains, road/train bridges, train tunnels, unique monuments, arch rocks, a unique map layout, and manually sculpted cliff formations.

The goal of this map is to encompass all the elements of vanilla Rust while expanding upon them with new features, making map exploration more engaging. It also aims to refresh vanilla gameplay with new building locations, unique map layout, and various other enhancements, including some secrets.

CollapsedOrange and wheatleymf dedicated time to experimenting with ideas frequently suggested by players for procedural maps. As you explore, you'll notice custom caves, mountains, large forest areas, several underwater monuments, and arch rocks that allow you to build inside them, just like in the old, simpler days.

In addition to the new map features, lots of effort has gone into building custom monuments. While some are relatively simple, others are far more complicated. They might even lead to a well-hidden secret monument…

It’s worth mentioning that this is not “new Hapis”. But instead a unique map layout with its own features, so you can always come back to this map if you ever feel tired of procedural maps. We had fun making it, and we hope you will enjoy it too. Please let us know what you think about this map!

How to play?

EU - connect
US - connect

For server owners, since this is a custom map made by the community, this map will be available for purchase from November 9th in the[] store. This will include a full map, related plugins and permanent access to all future updates.
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