Posted on August 3rd, 2023 12:47 PM EST

I've changed the wounded UI so that it now displays additional information relating to your wounded status. It will now tell you the probability of recovery as well as how many seconds are left until recovery/death.

Remember: Maintaining full water and food will grant you a higher probability of recovery, and a large medkit in your belt will grant 100% chance of recovery.


Chat Emoji is a new feature this month that allows you to express yourself in some new ways. You can access the new list of emoji’s via the emoji button on the right of the chat. From there you can search for a specific emoji as well as change the current selected skin tone for all of your emoji’s. You can also type a : into the regular chat box and start typing to get an autocomplete that you can navigate with the arrow keys and Enter.

In addition to the animated emoji’s you can also use the internal item name to create an emoji using the item icon (eg. :wood:).

Server owners can also create their own emoji's for use on their servers, placing 256px png or jpg images in the "serveremoji" folder in their root directory will automatically expose those emoji for use by players on the server.

Emoji's are not currently compatible with chat in Rust+ although we’re planning on exploring this in the future.


Available now from the Rust store is the new brick-building skin which allows you to change the visuals of your stone base.

This skin is for sale at the Steam store. To use, simply equip your hammer tool, display the wheel, enable building skins, this should reveal the skin's wheel on which you may choose brick style upgrade.


Server Crash Loot
Crafting queue items are no longer lost if a server unexpectedly shuts down

World Models Stack Size
Some world models now reflect the amount dropped.

57 Art Bug Fixes
57 Art Bug Fixes, see the change log for full details


Burst modules have been buffed. While using a weapon with a burst module, The time between each shot in the burst has been reduced, and the overall recoil felt by the user has been decreased. In addition, aim cone has been reduced, resulting in a much more accurate and viable fire mode.
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