Rust Server #90132

The requested server has been removed from our server list.

Random Servers

Rank Server Players Uptime Tags
1173 Online 1993 Russia 1 / 100 98% Airdrops Instant Craft Kits Oxide PvP Starterkit
Europe -SG&TT- Magyar Rust Szerver
Online 1993 Hungary
6 / 50 98% Airdrops Events Friendly Oxide PvP
1385 Online 1993 United States of America 0 / 150 83% Airdrops Custom Loot Doorsharing Instant Craft Kits Oxide PvP Starterkit
88 Online 1993 United Kingdom 2 / 50 99% Airdrops Events Friendly Instant Craft Kits Oxide PvP Starterkit
1818 Online 1951 United States of America 0 / 50 100%

Comments (4)

is it going to go back online soon?

I have the same question mate... Hope so a tittle says we got again hacker on the server frankfurt 1/ hes nickname elDiablo from (russian) as we know so far.
steam profile:
screenshot iff not work the steam profile:
we got killed like ESP 100% + aim
as you can see on profile:
Paranoya cheating on the server hes didnt hide just shoot troo bushes and everything we 5 go and hes with friend d3k the kill ass all there hes steam