Rustoria Zeus No BPs 5x

Rustoria Zeus No BPs 5x
Hostname 26/1 - No BPs EU 5x [ Kits | Shop ] JUST WIPED
Status Checked 3 minutes ago
Players 270 / 280
Location United Kingdom
Version 2211
Platform Windows
Map Procedural Map
Group Rustoria
Registered by RyanD
Registered since March 1st, 2016 09:44 PM EST
Last update June 19th, 2018 01:13 PM EST

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Vote(s) 66
Rank 122
Score 111
Favorited 20
Discussion(s) 1

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This is a version of the well known Rustoria Zeus server,

However, it's with a twist. This server has no blueprints, meaning you don't have to study the blueprints to be able to craft anything. All blueprints are unlocked for you when you join the server, so you can craft whatever you want from day 1.

This is a more PVP oriented server, so we'll look at adjusting some things based on feedback in the future.

To connect, follow these simple steps.
- Launch Rust and then press F1
- Copy and paste the following "client.connect" and then hit enter.
It'll look like you're connecting to "Amsterdam II" don't worry, that's normal when connecting via console.

This server is a high population server with barely any lag. We have a large selection of customised plugins for our player base, while also having customised versions of existing plugins in order to help with server performance.

This server has donator kits, however the amounts in the kits are balanced with what we offer in our standard kits. The donator kits also have wipe cooldowns to prevent donators being able to raid everyone on the server with resources gained from donating.

This server has an active admin team to ensure players have the best possible time. It is very rare you will see a hacker on our servers for more than 30 minutes before an admin takes action against them.

It wipes every 3-4 days so performance is bearable.


270 Online Players

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