Beard Brothers

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Hostname Beard Brothers Low Upkeep/No BP Wipes
Status Checked 3 minutes ago
Players 4 / 80
Location United States of America
Version 2392
Platform Linux
Map Procedural Map
Registered by ruffranger24
Registered since May 24th, 2023 08:51 PM EST
Last update May 24th, 2023 08:51 PM EST
Tag(s) Airdrops Friendly PvP Vanilla

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About This Server

Welcome to Beard Brothers, a multiplayer-only Rust server where survival is the name of the game. In this harsh, open world environment, players must fend for themselves against deadly animals like wolves and bears, as well as other players who pose the greatest threat. Our procedurally generated maps provide an ever-changing landscape for players to explore, gather resources, and craft tools, weapons, and other gear necessary for survival.

To stay alive, players must constantly monitor their hunger and thirst levels, and avoid other dangers like drowning, hypothermia, and wildlife attacks. The world is also rife with radioactive areas, which require the proper armor or clothing to enter safely. When players die, they have the option to respawn at a random location or at a previously placed sleeping bag or bed, but they'll start back at square one with just a rock and a torch.

Beard Brothers is a perfect destination for players who want to team up and form clans, build bases, and engage in organized raiding and looting. PvP combat is intense and varied, with a range of weapons and ammunition types, as well as weapon attachments like holographic sights for added advantage. Vehicles like boats and hot air balloons allow players to travel quickly and explore the map with ease, but beware of surface-to-air missiles and other players looking to take them down.

Our server also features important elements like airdrops, which provide valuable supplies and loot, as well as safe zones like compounds that allow for trading and discourage betrayal with high-damage automated turrets. So whether you're a seasoned Rust player or just starting out, come join the Beard Brothers community for an unforgettable survival experience.

4 Online Players

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