Rust industrial update introduces an important change on the query port.
You might need to update your server parameters to set a query port different than your server port (and don't forget to update your information here).

EU | ToxienRust X2 | MAX3 | Active Admins | Weekly Full-Wipes

EU | ToxienRust X2 | MAX3 | Active Admins | Weekly
Server Information
Hostname EU | ToxienRust X2 | MAX3 | Active Admins | 26.01. Full-Wipe
Status Checked 2 minutes ago / Online 2 days ago
Players 0 / 100
Location Germany
Version 2367
Platform Linux
Map Procedural Map
Registered by NiklasSC00
Registered since January 25th, 2023 07:38 AM EST
Last update January 25th, 2023 07:40 AM EST
Tag(s) Airdrops Events Friendly Oxide PvP Vanilla

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About This Server

EU | ToxienRust X2 | MAX3 | Active Admins | Weekly Full-Wipes

Weekly Full-Wipes every Thrusday 19:00 CEST

Last Full-Wipe: 24.01. 21:00 CEST
Next Full-Wipe: 26.01. 19:00 CEST

High Performance Server, Active Admins who do not play.


▫️ Gather x2
▫️ Team Limit of three [3]
▫️ Weekly wipe (Every thrusday 19:00 CEST)
▫️ Blueprint Share
▫️ Vanilla Loot
▫️ Furnace Splitter

More features to come in the future.


1. No racism, bigotry or Toxicity. Try and be friendly.

2. Chat Rules
2.1 - The use of languages other than English in our chat is strictly prohibited.
2.2 - Spamming in the chat is strictly prohibited.
2.3 - Promoting other servers or websites is strictly prohibited.
2.4 - Any kind of insults or bad language are strictly prohibited.

3. Teaming, Raid and PVP Rules
3.1 - It is not allowed to be in a team with more than three [3] players.
3.2 - It is not allowed to grief your own team members. That means treason is strictly forbidden.
3.3 - It is strictly forbidden to kill players/NPCs, conduct raids or counter a raid with another team than his own.
3.3.1 - However, it is possible to make a pact with other teams, which allows them not to attack each other. However, this rule is suspended in a raid and all players within the radius of the building being raided must be killed.
3.4 - Door camping is not allowed.
3.5 - Trap bases are not allowed.
3.6 - The continuous killing of nakeds on the beach is strictly prohibited.
3.7 - It is not allowed to take everything during a raid - leave players with enough to pick up and continue playing.
3.8 - The takeover of raided bases is forbidden.
3.9 - Raiding bases that are still under construction is forbidden in the first 24 hours after the wipe, but it is allowed to raid bases that are no longer in the construction phase in the first 24 hours. So there is no general raid ban in the first 24 hours. After the 24 hours any Base can be raided.

4. Scripts, Cheats, Macros
4.1 - Cheating or scripting of any kind results in a permanent ban with no appeal.
4.2 - A cheater on your team results in all team-mates being banned by association.
4.3 - Using any kind of automation to farm, trade or interact with NPCs will result in a ban.
This includes macros or automation used to sell items to NPCs at bandit camp.

Please be respectful of all staff members and listen to instructions that come from them.