Blue Collar Rust Primitive - PvP | Base Protection | Raid Bases

Blue Collar Rust Primitive - PvP | Base Protection | Raid
Hostname [8/4] Blue Collar Rust Prim |PvP|Base Protection|Raid Bases
Status Checked 2 minutes ago
Players 0 / 128
Location United States of America
Version 2352
Platform Linux
Map Procedural Map
Registered by iLakSkiL
Registered since July 8th, 2022 01:34 AM EST
Last update July 8th, 2022 01:42 AM EST
Tag(s) Custom Loot Fast Crafting Friendly PvP Vote Rewards

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Blue Collar Rust servers are aimed toward working adults who don’t want to lose everything when logging off for the night and we strive for a toxic-free community.

About BCR Primitive
- Server Location: U.S. Central

- Two-Week Wipes. PvP everywhere, but no base damage. Primitive Weapons and Items only. Crafting of basic items only. Building upgrade locked to sheet metal or lower. Custom primitive loot table.

- Abandoned Bases mod. After a player or team has been offline for over 48hours (2 days), their base becomes raidable by other players.

- Very friendly modded server with an active community on Discord.

- Free Trial VIP memberships. Allows new players to try additional perks before deciding to paying money on the server.

- Custom Raidable NPC Bases with NPC defenders.

- Server Rewards: points are earned for everything you do... playtime, gathering, mining, harvesting, killing NPCs/animals, quests, voting daily, etc. Spend these points in the /s store.

- Backpacks for extra inventory space.

- Stack size modifications: Stack core resources up to 25,000 and most other items up to 100.

- Remover tool /remove.

- Zombie Hordes at low tier monuments.

- Faster crafting, smelting and recycling.

- Teleportation: (/home /bandit /outpost /town).

- Clans (up to 8 players) with automatic team creation and codelock sharing. Keylocks are not shared. Clan members also have automatic authorization sharing.

- Chest stacking: includes stacking coffins three high.

- Quarries and Pumpjacks available for purchase through online store. Quarries and Pumpjacks can be locked and are protected from random people turning them off as well.

- Autolock for Tool Cupboards. No more worries of leaving a TC unlocked.

- Furnace Splitter: automatically split ore in a furnace with an additional fuel trim option.

- Lanterns do not require fuel and auto turn on/off during the night. Candles never burn out.

- Loot Bouncer: Empties and destroys a crate if it's been looted and has items remaining in it. No more crates with a single item left in them!

- Player Ranks: Battle for custom chat titles.

- Quick Sort: Quickly dump items or 'Loot All' from a container or backpack.

- No restock time at NPC vending machines and vendors.

Custom plugins found nowhere else
- Variable Gather Rate; Default is vanilla, Monthly Donors get 2x.
- Shoot to explode Beancans and Satchels.
- Composter Splitter: automatically splits compostable items for faster composting.
- Repairbench takes resources directly from TC.

VIP Perks
- Additional storage in backpacks.
- Access to SkinBox: Access all approved item skins, including some custom non-approved ones.
- Sign Artist: Upload jpegs or pngs to any sign in game.
- Workbench range is extended over entire building.
- Auto Planting: Shift + Click to plant and pick an entire planter box at once.
- Double RP for activities.
- Use of /vip command for 1500 RP every 24 hours (not usable with Trial VIP).
- Gold name in chat (Bronze for Trial VIP).

Monthly Donor Perks
- Gather rate increased to 2x.
- Increased gather rate for pumpjacks and quarries.
- Triple RP for activities.
- Ability to lock furnaces, refineries, composters, etc.
- Use of /setgenes command to customize the genes of any plantable seed.
- Use of /donor for 1,500 RP and 1 supply singal every 24 hours.
- Absolut Sorter: Allows players the ability to setup storage containers with configurable items and item categories via a UI. Then with the click of a button sort and dump all the items from the players inventory into the designated containers.
- Donor Kit in /kit.
- Upgraded starting kit (includes metal tools and miners cap with fuel).
- Dark Gold name in chat.

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