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[EUGR] ZeusRust PVE Professions Events Raidable Bases

[EUGR] ZeusRust  PVE Professions Events  Raidable Bases
Hostname [EU|GR] ZeusRust PVE Kits Professions Events Raidable Bases
Status Checked 5 minutes ago / Online 5 days ago
Players 0 / 100
Location Greece
Version 2345
Platform Windows
Map Procedural Map
Registered by thomasi7
Registered since April 27th, 2022 11:17 PM EST
Last update June 15th, 2022 06:42 AM EST
Last wipe June 3rd, 2022 12:00 AM CEST
Tag(s) Economy Events Friendly Kits Oxide PvE Starterkit Vote Rewards

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Vote(s) 59
Rank 144
Score 65
Favorited 2

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In Server there is a lot of paid plugins!

GameStyle: Its a PVE server with friendly players perfect for new players with Battlepass, Events, Rewards and Professions and a lot of paid plugins, When you enter on Event zone you can pvp with other players, the raidable bases are PVE so you can raid safe! You can have Backpacks to have extra space in your Inventory, Finally you can have electricity by paying with your ingame cash or Draw electricity from Grids, the map its big and you have a lot of places to build your base even you can have a Water Base. While you are playing you can find Dangerous Treasures , Amazing events and even you can upgrade your furnace or quary level!

Ingame Cash Info: You earning cash by playing on the server, by quests and from Events!.

Player Ranks List: Player 2 Hours playtime, Member 25 Hours playtime, ProMember 50 Hours playtime, Legend 100 Hours playtime.

BackPack: Default 1 line of space, player 2 line of space, Member 3 Lines of space, ProMember 5 lines of space, Legend 7 lines of space.

Raidable Bases: Its custom bases so you can raid it to earn amazing loot and in the raidable base zone you can team up with some random player so the raid will be easier.

Grid Power: Draw electricity straight from the Power Grids.

BattlePass: A mission system for which a player receives awards and currency for which case can open.

Water Bases: Build your base on water and underwater.

Professions: Players can choose from any 7 professions, including: Miner, Logger, Skinner, Weaponsmith, Tailor, Electrician, Mechanic.

Addons: Kits, Auto Doors, Playtime Gifts, Anti Cheater System , Vote System, Furnace Splitter, Pets, Upgrade Workbenches, Quests with Rewards, Dance System, Raidable Bases, Better Loot, BackPack, PayForElectricity, Economics, Water Bases, Chest Stack, Battlepass, Vote map, Grid Power, Better Npc, Clan System, Professions, Vehicle Tow,Npc Raiders, Shop, Legendary Beasts, JetPack, Furnace Levels, Quary levels, AutoBaseUpgrade, RustCases( Like CSGO), ZBillBoards, SkinBox, ScrapHeliStorage, RevivePlayer, RemoverTool, DropShip, ChestStacks.

Events: Raidable Bases, DangerousTreasures, Junkyard, Convoy, AirEvent, SatDish, Water Event, Boss Monster, Paratroopers, CargoTrain Event, ArenaTournament, HarborEvent, LegendaryBeasts .

Commands: /kit, /wipe ,/playtime, /ad, /rules, /players, /vote, /fs on or off, /raidalarm, /verify, /wbu, /q, /dance, /sil, /pet, /pet help , /pass, /clan, /jobmenu, /Shop, /vabuy