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the.NaTaLiEs DUCKPOND  | PvE | XP | LowDecay | TP |
Hostname the.NaTaLiEs DUCKPOND - PvE | XP | LowDecay | TP |StarterKit |
Status Checked <1 minute ago
Players 0 / 100
Location Germany
Version 2352
Platform Windows
Map Procedural Map
Registered by NaTaLiEs_T
Registered since April 6th, 2022 03:51 AM EST
Last update July 6th, 2022 02:42 AM EST
Tag(s) Airdrops Custom Loot Economy Oxide PvE RPG Starterkit Vote Rewards

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Welcome to the wet side of fun the NaTaLiEs DUCKPOND!

We run a casual gaming server, made for people who just want to have fun on a relaxed, low decay server.

Want to start with lots of cool stuff?
Visit or TEBEX Store to purchase our DUCKresource packs and/or VIP pack.

Want to receive a free supply signal every day or save up for a bigger reward? Give us a vote here and type /vote ingame to cash in.

You need just a short peek of what we offer? Sure, here you go!

If you join for the first time you will be equipped with a DUCK starter kit and while you gather playtime, our economics system will give you credits to purchase additional kits with cool stuff.

Want to play in style? We offer a nice DUCK clothing collection to be perfectly themed for your playing experience!

From time to time, bases specifically designed for raiding will spawn on the map and you can try your luck to splash right in in DUCK attacc mode and grab all the loot you can. But beware, some base designs feature a few hidden traps you have to work around ;)

The more you play, the more your balance will fill up on the server, allowing you to use those credits for a plethora of things.

Almost everything you do while playing on our server will give you experience points and you can use them to level up your skills and abilities to gather more, run faster, hunt more efficient and what not!

You don't like marathon runs across the map or have just shredded your helicopter to pieces trying to do some quacky stunt? No worries, you can teleport across the map and set home points to easily move about.

Beware quackers! There might be some zombies lurking around your position during night times and some of them might just want to pull you out some feathers.

From time to time treasure boxes will spawn on the map, containing some high quality loot or garbage do you feel lucky?

Tired of searching hours on end for scrap only to convert it into blueprints? No worries, we got you covered! Our server features direct access to all available blueprints right from the start.

You're being equipped with a backpack to allow you to carry even more useless stuff around :) With our VIP packages via TEBEX you can also increase the available amount of slots so carrying 7 slots full of rotten pickles is no longer just a dream but something you can now experience full throttle!

Never worry about open doors ever again as we will close them automatically for you. Of course you can turn that off any time!

We added a bit more content to those lootable boxes so you can gather more in less time.

Your base and your vehicles will decay at a VERY low rate, allowing you to spend more time gaming rather than constantly gathering resources for maintenance.

There is so much more to discover like:
Random Events, individual Player ranks, corpse locator, building your own recycler and so on. New features are being added constantly.

So if you want to play on a not so hardcore server with lots of comfortable features available, maybe you should try our DUCKPOND :-)

Happy quacking!