Blue Collar Rust - Lite PvE 4x | Zombies | Raid Bases

Blue Collar Rust - Lite PvE 4x | Zombies | Raid Bases
Server Information
Hostname [9/21] BlueCollarRust Lite PvE |4x|No Kill|Raid Bases
Status Checked 4 minutes ago
Players 2 / 200
Location United States of America
Version 2506
Platform Linux
Map Procedural Map
Registered by iLakSkiL
Registered since September 12th, 2021 06:33 PM EST
Last update May 7th, 2022 02:09 PM EST
Tag(s) Airdrops Custom Loot Economy Fast Crafting Friendly Groups PvE Vote Rewards

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About This Server

Blue Collar Rust servers are aimed toward working adults who don’t want to lose everything when logging off for the night and we strive for a toxic-free community.

About BCR Lite PvE
- Server Location: U.S. Central

- Two-Week Wipes. No killing, no raiding and no looting. Bradley and Helicopter loot are locked to player or clan that does most damage.

- Very friendly modded server with an active community on Discord.

- Free Trial VIP memberships. Allows new players to try additional perks before deciding to paying money on the server.

- Custom 4x Loot Table.

- Custom Raidable NPC Bases with NPC defenders.

- Dangerous Treasures event. Battle NPC bosses for top-tire loot!

- Abandoned Bases mod. After a player or team has been offline for over 96 hours (4 days), their base becomes raidable by other players. Abandoned bases will appear with a purple marker on the map and have a transparent dome around them.

- Additional Bradlies at Airfield, Powerplant, Trainyard and Water Treatment. Be careful!

- Heavy Scientists spawn at Heli and Bradley crash sites, with an additional weaker one gaurding the public supply drop. Two NPC bosses (Karens) roam the map that always drop an M2 and extra goodies. They are extremely difficult! Test your skills against them!

- Spawn your own personal boat, minicopter, submarine, or horse.

- Server Rewards: points are earned for everything you do... playtime, gathering, mining, harvesting, killing NPCs/animals, quests, voting daily, etc. Spend these points in the /s store.

- Backpacks for extra inventory space.

- Stack size modifications: Stack core resources up to 25,000 and most other items up to 100.

- Enhanced Hammer /eh. Upgrade while you build, or afterward with a single hammer hit.

- Remover tool /remove.

- Zombie Hordes at low tier monuments.

- Faster crafting, smelting and recycling.

- Teleportation: (/home /bandit /outpost /town).

- Clans (up to 8 players) with automatic team creation and codelock sharing. Keylocks are not shared. Clan members also have automatic authorization sharing with TC's and Auto Turrets.

- Chest stacking: includes stacking coffins three high.

- Quarries and Pumpjacks available for purchase through online store. Quarries and Pumpjacks can be locked and are protected from random people turning them off as well.

- Autolock for Tool Cupboards. No more worries of leaving a TC unlocked.

- Furnace Splitter: automatically split ore in a furnace with an additional fuel trim option.

- Lanterns do not require fuel and auto turn on/off during the night. Candles never burn out.

- Loot Bouncer: Empties and destroys a crate if it's been looted and has items remaining in it. No more crates with a single item left in them!

- Player Ranks: Battle for custom chat titles.

- Quick Sort: Quickly dump items or 'Loot All' from a container or backpack.

- No restock time at NPC vending machines and vendors.

Custom plugins found nowhere else
- Variable Gather Rate; Default is 4x, Monthly Donors get 5x.
- Beancans and Satchels never dud.
- Composter Splitter: automatically splits compostable items for faster composting.
- Repairbench takes resources directly from TC.
- Super and Ultra personal patrol helicopters for purcahse.

VIP Perks
- Additional storage in backpacks.
- Access to SkinBox: Access all approved item skins, including some custom non-approved ones.
- Sign Artist: Upload jpegs or pngs to any sign in game.
- Workbench range is extended over entire building.
- Auto Planting: Shift + Click to plant and pick an entire planter box at once.
- Double RP for activities.
- Use of /vip command for 1500 RP every 24 hours (not usable with Trial VIP).
- Gold name in chat (Bronze for Trial VIP).

Monthly Donor Perks
- Gather rate increased to 5x.
- Increased gather rate for pumpjacks and quarries.
- Triple RP for activities.
- Ability to lock furnaces, refineries, composters, etc.
- Use of /setgenes command to customize the genes of any plantable seed.
- Use of /donor for 1,500 RP and 1 supply singal every 24 hours.
- Absolut Sorter: Allows players the ability to setup storage containers with configurable items and item categories via a UI. Then with the click of a button sort and dump all the items from the players inventory into the designated containers.
- Donor Kit in /kit.
- Upgraded starting kit (includes metal tools and miners cap with fuel).
- Dark Gold name in chat.

2 Online Players

desiree, charmain, tammara

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