EU|PL Octopus X10 MAX6

Hostname EU|PL Octopus x10 MAX6 15/10 2 days ago
Status Checked 4 minutes ago
Players 0 / 100
Location France
Version 2318
Platform Linux
Map Procedural Map
Registered by KrwawaFuriatka
Registered since September 7th, 2021 05:05 AM EST
Last update September 10th, 2021 07:00 AM EST
Last wipe September 3rd, 2021 12:00 AM CEST
Tag(s) Airdrops Custom Loot Events Fast Crafting Friendly PvP Rust++ Vote Rewards

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Group limit 6
Custom Loot
Teleporting to homes, other players in only 5 seconds
Licences on vehicles
Custom events
Automatic Authorisation for your team (clan)
Lower cooldown on bags and beds!


Don't go above the limit 6 peoples.
Don't take advantage of the game's bugs.
Don't block access to monuments, don't build there turrets, sams or walls. You can block only Small Quarrys.
All players who lives in one base must be in clan. You can change 2 teammates per wipe.
Do not discriminate other people on the basis of gender, orientation, etc.
Don't spam on global chat and discord.
Do not use content and symbols that are generally considered offensive, racist, etc.
Do not advertise other servers or discords.

BRADLEY APC GUARDS - 2k HP. You need 14 HV rockets to kill him. After that, a chinook arrives with 6 heavy bots. Kill all the bots, to instantly put out the fire and loot Bradley crates instantly

HELI REFUEL - 10k HP. Patrol helicopter that refuels on a random monument. You can shoot it down in the air, while it is refueling or by killing the bots guarding it.

PLANE CRASH - A plane that you can shoot down with 3 HV rockets. After shooting it down, the crash site it guarded by heavy bots. There is a 50% chance that the plane will crash by itself.

DTD - Under the dome of fire there is a box that is guarded by bots. Kill the bots and wait for the fire dome to disappear and collect the loot.

CHINOOK - that drops a hackable box at a random location on the map.

MASS DROP - Spawns multiple cargo planes that drop few air drops in close vicinity.

TELL ME X - Math puzzles appear randomly on chat. Be the first to answer correctly and win a reward.

WaterEvent- A huge submarine with 122 chests and 45 bots in it. The boat has 4 levels! 2 on the water and 2 under the water You need +/- 60 C4 to open each of the doors that are in it, but calmly C4 will return you You can get to the submarine with absolutely any transport (of course not a horse: P) There are 4 external entrances, 2 submarines and 2 submarine entrances.

AirEvent- a large airship with scientists. The airship spawns at a random location in the sky. He is carrying 8 crates including 2 Elite 2 Locked 2, Military 2 Standard Crates. The entire loot is guarded by 16 scientists. You can get there only by helicopters. After you finish looting the crates, you can take off in your helicopter or use one of the two balloons that the airship has at hand.

Airfield Drops-A unique Airfield event where the Cargo Plane flies in finds the Airfield, Beings to circle with messages in chat alerting players to the event. Circles the Airfield before attempting to land on the runway and deploying up to 5 Supply Drops on the runaway before taking back off