The Kingdom PVE | NPC Raidable Bases | Zombies | Play to win not pay to win!

The Kingdom PVE | NPC Raidable Bases | Zombies | Play to win
Hostname The Kingdom PVE | NPC Raidable Bases | Zombies | PVP Arena
Status Checked 4 minutes ago
Players 4 / 50
Location United States of America
Version 2301
Platform Linux
Map TheKingdomV148
Registered by Solsey
Registered since February 11th, 2021 04:07 PM EST
Last update May 11th, 2021 03:44 PM EST
Last wipe April 15th, 2021 12:00 AM CEST
Tag(s) Airdrops Custom Loot Economy Events Fast Crafting Kits PvE Starterkit

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Welcome to The Kingdom! This is a PVE server with PVP raid bases, a PVP Arena & a Purge Event which takes place 24 hours before wipe where the whole map is PVP!

The year is 3037 and the world has been ravaged by nuclear war. Out of the smoke clouds came a virus that re-annimates the dead. Everyone has this virus, and when they die, they come back as something else.

We are survivors rebuilding with what we have whilst the corporation and their scientists try to claim everything that's left and use us in their experiments to try and cure the virus.

Together we fight the harsh environment, the hoardes of zombies, and the scientists to survive. We fight back against the corporation by raiding the scientist bases and taking what we can carry.

The Kingdom and its castle are a sign of the old world we had, and the new world we want to rebuild.

Server Location: USA

Wipe Cycle: Bi-weekly Thursday 3pm EST. Maps, backpacks Zlevels & Squire Knight & VIP roles wipe every 2 weeks. The map is changed and blueprints are wiped monthly. Paid roles (Squire Gold/Knight Gold/VIP Gold) will not be removed on wipe and last for 1 month after purchase. RP does not wipe.

*Join us on Discord:*

*Friendly moddded server with active admins and Staff*

*We believe in play to win not pay to win. Ranks and rank perks (e.g. more teleports) can be earned by simply playing in the server. However if you would like to skip the wait, you can also purchase a Gold Rank through our Tebex store. Gold ranks come with an extra daily kit with resources and last 1 month instead of resetting on wipe*

*RAIDABLE BASES: Love to raid? No problem. We have NPC raidable bases from easy all the way up to nightmare. You can also buy raids using RP. PVE raids are locked to you your friends, clan and team but PVP raids can be entered by other players!*

*ZOMBIES spawn in hordes at some monuments and randomly around the map*

*Come back as a Zombie! When you die a zombie in your image will spawn next to your body*

*Extra PVE challenge: extra scientists at monuments. Murderers also come out at night*

*PVP Arena! Show off your PVP skills by joining the arena play for RP!*

*Custom Heli tiers - we have 3 tiers of attack heli: Normal, Military & Elite all with custom loot tables! You can also summon a heli using RP!*

*Server Rewards: Earn RP for playing, raiding or completing quests that you can spend in the shop or on raids, vehicles or taxi rides*

*Teleportation to players, homes and warps with an easy to use UI*

*Teleport to corpse on death*

*Clans mod and clans UI for easy clan management*

*friends mod and friends UI with trade for safer trading*

*Better building with option to rotate walls perminantly unlocked and auto updgrade to build in the material you want to build in without needing to upgrade with a hammer!*

*Remover tool that lets you remove built items and have materials refunded - works with friends & clans*

*Craft recyclers*

*Instant Craft*

*Faster Smelting: smelting sped up by 100x*

*Auto furnace splitter with fuel trim etc.*

*Kits mod - claim your Welcome kit & daily kit as a new player and level up by playing to earn the Squire, Knight & VIP kit*

*Backpacks mod: Have a full extra backpack that does not drop on death*

* Stack size modifications stacks set to 100,000*

*Z-Levels - level up your skills through playing! The more your skills level up the more you gain through tasks like chopping wood!*

*Purchasable vehicles with UI - use your RP to buy vehicles which are locked to you, your team, clan and friends. These can be spawned back in if destroyed at no extra cost!*

*Quick sort - makes looting easier with loot all or deposit item types*

*Taxis - hire an NPC taxi to take you around the map in exchange for RP*

*Skin box - ALL approved skins unlocked for ALL PLAYERS! Unapproved skins unlocked for VIP & VIP Gold ranks. Exclusive custom skinned items also available through quests*

*Quests -complete quests to earn RP, bleach & Paper (to spend in the General Store or Gunz n Ammo) scrap and other useful items. We have a quest for every play style!*

*Rad storms*

SUPPORT THE SERVER: You can support the server for as little as $1 by donating through our Tebex store. If you would like to skip the wait for ranks, you can also purchase Gold Ranks here 👉

4 Online Players

Pill Cosby Rx, Solsey on Twitch, Ng62292, CaptainCrunchD