![PVE] WARNING! There are Zombies (+Raidable Bases)

![PVE] WARNING! There are Zombies (+Raidable Bases)
Hostname ![PVE] WARNING! There Are Zombies [+Raidable Bases]
Status Checked 3 minutes ago
Players 15 / 80
Location United Kingdom
Version 2301
Platform Windows
Map Procedural Map
Registered by shuntor
Registered since January 23rd, 2021 05:18 AM EST
Last update May 13th, 2021 06:54 AM EST
Last wipe May 6th, 2021 12:00 AM CEST
Tag(s) Airdrops Custom Loot Economy Fast Crafting Friendly PvE RPG Starterkit

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A heavily modded fun but not easy PVE RPG survival version of Rust. (server npc count ~3-4k) Custom Map
Raidable NPC Bases,
Custom Undead NPC's (Zombies, Wights, Shades of Doom, Bone Wights, Revenants of Doom, Zombie Lords, Zombie Rabbits, Zombie Rats, Lich, Vampire Nuns, Zombie Cows, Werewolves, Undead Centurions, Ancient Mummies, Undead Pumpkins, Undead Frogs, Undead Chickens, Frog Lords),
Killing Spree Drops and Spawns no limit!,
Different Level Guarded Crates,
Dangerous Treasure Events,
Walking Dead Deaths,
Bradley Guards,
Endless Cargo,
Player Challenges Reconfigured and Extended for PVE.
Rare Powerful Magic Items.
Multi-Kills-Killer-Chickens and Stags/Multi-reload.
Economy - Sell your farmed produce for RP - supply and demand type system (sell prices updated every game week(~4hours)).
RPG system ZLevelsRemastered including crafting up to instant craft.
Teleporting Rune Rocks

Plus a lot of additional quality of life improvements...
Home x 2, Teleportation, Large Backpacks, Horse Lax, Water Works, Trade.

Random Skins or the ones you own. (toggle with /rs) /reskinme /deskinbox /reskinbox

Server Reward system, unlock MANY perks with RP and become a god of the undead slayers.

Auto Pickup.
Extra clip size/durability on guns..
Life Support
Powerful Long Lasting Teas!
Recycler + Speed Boosts up to instant..
Jack Pumps and Quarries
Jack Pump and Quarry Locks
Remote CCTV
Extra Fire damage x10
Extra Arrow damage x5
Extra Melee damage x5
Extended Elevators
Unlock Slot Machines
Unlock z-Levels
Sync Pipes - to connect your boxes.
Fire Arrows,
Shotty Fire Slug,
Vehicle License,

PvE and no RAID's possible - apart from the PvE raidbases!
No VIP's or paid anything. No vote nagging.

35 min day 5 min night.

List of in game scrolling info:
WARNING! There are more than zombies...,
2 Homes (you can earn 1 more home),
Don't build to close to the water, your home could be flooded.,
PVE and no player raid damage. However, anyone can destroy twig buildings.,
Barrels can contain hidden zombies or wolves or anything! Very rarely!,
Online players beware zombies might destory your twig or wooden buildings!,
Unlock /crosshair and /scope in the shop /s,
Beware the killstreaks, they may get you rewards, but they draw attention too!,
Out of all the animals the chickens have been strangely mutated by the virus.,
Shades and Revenents of Doom are slow but have alot of health.,
Theivery is another kind of pandemic, make sure you lock up those doors.,
Call a personal helicopter to attack you with /callheli for 4k RP,
Use /sethome and /home to set and teleport back to base.,
Please treat everybody respectfully. Inspect others bases at your own risk!,
Zombies might destroy your twig or wooden buildings! (when you are online),
No raiding is possible and PVE only damage is active,
Type /remove to remove your own buildings (need to unlock in the shop),
You have a backpack with alot of extra space! Check your bar,
Type /pc to see some stats. All are notified when there is a new leader.,
Set up to 2 homes with /sethome and return with /home ,
Type /ks top to view the top killstreaks,
Type /s for the shop, perks and sell prices.,
You can unlock the max health tea in the shop /s (powerful teas),
Zombie Lords can be found at larger monuments.,
Bone Wights have somehow learned to use primitive shotguns!,
Type /binds to show how to bind gestures,
Locked boxes are indestructable, unlocked boxes are not.,
Type /perks if you forgot what you unlocked at the shop,
When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.,
Max Health Tea's are very powerful on this server. The top one gives you 200hp.,
Reskin items with /reskin toggle random skins with /rs,
Trade with /trade and to receive /trade accept,
Most farmable goods (foods, textiles ,tea) are sellable in the shop /s,
Check out the shop for many perks /s,
The Teas are powerful they all last for 1 hour, the max HP tea lasts 4 hours,
The 3 time use /kit build can get you started building a base,
Ranged traps do not hurt other players, but static traps can (snaptrap, mine, tesla coil),
Make a thunder-poon with a spear and a beancan,
Zombie Lords can occasionally give +1 to all levels when slain,
Night-Time gather rates are doubled, zombie respawns are faster .