Chef Land | Community RP and Casual Rust

Chef Land | Community RP and Casual Rust
Hostname Chef Land [Wiped 2/4] | Noobs | PVE Zones | Events | 2x | Zombs
Status Checked 1 hour ago / Online 20 days ago
Players 0 / 60
Location United States of America
Version 2279
Platform Linux
Map Procedural Map
Registered by ChefCooke
Registered since January 11th, 2021 05:30 PM EST
Last update February 6th, 2021 01:06 AM EST
Tag(s) Friendly Groups Oxide PvE PvP RPG Vanilla

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Chef Land is a community Rust server with a small dedicated player base of friends who want to play Rust casually with the opportunity for all play styles. Chef Land caters to those who want to role play or avoid PVP as well as welcoming PVP players who don't want to sweat and put in too much time. There is a large PVE zone that is easily distinguishable with plenty of friendly players. Offline raids are discouraged with a plugin, so PVP and online raids take priority. Offline raids are not allowed at all on PVE players within the PVE zone. The set of rules protects those of all different play styles and the community is full of adults who understand why those rules are in place. We are looking to grow our server to populate and bring more life to our world. Whether you are a role-player, a PVPer, or just want to play Rust casually, we want you on our server if you are willing to follow the rules and respect other players.


Special Features:

2x all Raw Materials

Offline Raid Protection - To encourage online raids, a plugin will increase the amount of resources needed to offline raid based on the time the offline player has been offline.

Cultists have invaded the island and are now performing rituals with some special treasure!

More events will happen throughout the wipe as well to keep the feel of a changing world to engage RP and player interaction!*

Fresh wipe will occur today 2/4 after the update! Next wipe is a map wipe planned for 2/18, but this is subject to change.

Here are some general rules of the server with more expansive rules in the discord found here:

1). Offline Raiding is allowed but not encouraged- We prefer to have fun and interesting engagements between players, and offline raiding can ruin some of that fun. However we understand how some groups can be overpowered and that can make people hesitate from raiding. So to strike a balance, we have implemented offline raid protection. More about this will be listed in the Raid Rules below!

2). Groups are limited to 4! This is reinforced by a tool cupboard max authorization plugin and will be enforced by me if it becomes a bigger problem.

3). No racism or bigotry - don't want it on my server please.

4). Don't be a dick. This is a community server after all. If people want to RP don't bully them or RDM them. If in some cases where a peaceful or RP player is involved with PVP or raiding, please try RPing with them back before KOSing them, unless they fire on you first!

5). Please keep KOS to PVP zones - More on this in the Map and Zone section. Anywhere else, talk before shooting or attacking. If in the case of RP you are shooting people, maybe give warning shots before hitting the target. Just try to keep things entertaining for everyone. The occasional KOS won't be the biggest deal, but repeated offenses will result in action.

6). No hacking or scripting of any kind!

7). Have fun!