Doublee Dead Lands PvE [NPCs/Zombies/Raidable Bases]

Doublee Dead Lands PvE [NPCs/Zombies/Raidable Bases]
Hostname Doublee Dead Lands PvE [Events/Zombies/Raidable Bases]
Status Checked <1 minute ago
Players 0 / 25
Location United States of America
Version 2268
Platform Windows
Map Procedural Map
Registered by doublee313
Registered since October 30th, 2020 06:37 AM EST
Last update October 30th, 2020 09:31 AM EST
Tag(s) Airdrops Custom Loot Economy Events Friendly Kits PvE Starterkit

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Score 20
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Server Name: Doublee Dead Lands PvE IP: Query Port: 28015
Procedural Map: 4500 Link:
Active Admins: Doublee Ak-Red Kerg l Raynor


Auto Restarts (refresh) Daily @ 5:00am EST
Advertisement (please reply to help advertise us):
Server last wiped: 10/01/20

Using: Rust Server Manager (paid)

QoL Plugins

Auto Doors (Automatically closes doors behind players after X seconds) /ad help
Auto Locks (Automatically adds a codelock to a lockable entity with a set pin) /al
Thirdperson (Allows any player with permission to use third-person view) /view
Backpacks (Allows players to have backpacks that provide them with extra inventory space) /backpack
Bedshare (Allow beds to be shared with other players) /bed help
Fishing (Allows players to use weapons to fish ingame) /makepole /castpole (Left Mouse Button - while looking at water and holding a handmade fishing pole, this will "cast" a fishing line out in the water)
Crosshair (Adds a customizable crosshair to your screen) /crosshair
Removal Tool (Building and entity removal tool) /remove help
Home Recycler (paid) (Allows to have Recycler at home with rates permissions) /craftrecycler
Skinbox (paid) (adds skins and all) /skinbox
GUIShop (GUI Shop based on Economics. Supports NPC) /shop
Sign Artists (Load custom images to signs from a remote URL) /sil /silt
Hiticons (Configurable UI icon and text of damage amount when you hit player|friend|clan member|headshot)
Death Marker (paid) (Show your death location on your map)
Building Actions (Rotate and demolish buildings when you want)
Night Lantern (Automatically turns ON and OFF lanterns after sunset and sunrise)
AbsolutSorter (paid) (Sort items from your inventory into designated storage containers with the click of a button)
Vehicle Deployed Locks (Allows players to deploy code locks and key locks to vehicles)
Furnace Splitter (Splits up ores into equal stacks when you put them into furnaces)


Dangerous Treasures (go get some high quality items)
Chopper Survival (Battle it out and get rewards)
Paratroopers (Spawns Paratroopers Event that deploys from the Cargo Plane a random area with lots of options)
Raidable Bases (Create fully automated raidable bases with NPCs)
Zombie Horde (paid) (A whole new Zombie experience)
Buried Treasure (paid) (Adds Treasure Maps to game that players can use to locate and find Buried Treasure and Gold)