The Disgraced|US|PVE|PVP|Noob Friendly

The Disgraced|US|PVE|PVP|Noob Friendly
Hostname The Disgraced US PVE PVP Noob Friendly
Status Checked <1 minute ago
Players 3 / 50
Location United States of America
Version 2275
Platform Linux
Map Hawk Isles 3.5
Registered by laslo67
Registered since October 1st, 2020 12:31 PM EST
Last update January 7th, 2021 02:08 PM EST
Last wipe January 7th, 2021 12:00 AM CET
Tag(s) Airdrops Economy Friendly Oxide PvE PvP Sleepers Vote Rewards

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Rank 58
Score 227
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Welcome to The Disgraced! We are a new, community-driven server dedicated to making the game of Rust less toxic and more enjoyable for everyone involved! Our server is for everyone - regardless of experience or whether they prefer to make cool RP builds, raid, or run monuments. Our admin team has a large amount of Rust experience, friendly, open to suggestions and committed to making Rust a relaxing & rewarding experience for everyone. We are focused on creating an elevated Vanilla experience through selective modding - the plugins chosen for our server are configured with balance in mind.

We are dedicated to making this a community, it's not just something we're saying. We'd rather have fewer people than have us and our players be forced to deal with unwanted behaviors. This doesn’t include simply toxic players, but also those who might not be a good fit. We’re not looking for those who need to prove they are the best gamer. We want people who want to have fun - sometimes this includes killing, sometimes it includes picking people up, sometimes it includes sharing loot. If it appears that you don't fit what we're looking for you may be asked to leave. Try-hards need not apply.


☢️ Monthly Map Wipe / Quarterly BP Wipe (Last BP Wipe 1/7)

☢️ Increased Stack Sizes (But Not Overpowered - We Still Like a Challenge)

☢️ Max Team Size 4

☢️ More Day, Less Night!

☢️ The Disgraced operates on an exclusive, custom plugin called Play Style. Choose how you want to play each wipe! Live peacefully as a Maker in one of our protected zones, or enjoy raiding your neighbors as a Breaker! Players that choose the Maker role still participate in PVP, but forfeit the option to raid for the opportunity to live in a safe zone. Players that choose the Breaker option can PVP and raid freely, but cannot raid or damage players in the Maker Zones.

☢️ We have several creativity plugins to help you customize your outfit, base and even the rock you spawn in with! We’ve got Sign Artist, Skins &  Custom Rock so the options are endless!

☢️ Is building your thing? We’ve got you covered! We’ve got plugins to help you build your base with ease - including Remover Tool & Enhanced Hammer.

☢️ Let’s face it - Vanilla can be a chore. We have quite a few quality of life plugins to make things a little less of a grind - including Furnace Splitter, Backpack, Lights On, Sort Button, Loot Bouncer, Where's My Corpse, Teleportation (extremely limited) & Portals!

☢️ Toxicity will not be tolerated! Foundation wiping & griefing are not allowed. We have Cupboard Protection (by Orange) to keep your base from being taken over or completely destroyed.

☢️ We’ve got plugins to add a little extra fun to the game - including zLevels, , Fancy Drop, Player Challenges, Quests, Server Rewards, Vehicle License & Fishing! Enjoy a whole new monument experience with the Monuments+ Pre-Fab package by YGBHawk!

Want to join us? Search for "The Disgraced" in the Modded section of server list or enter "client.connect" into the F1 console. Please join our Discord Server (, take a look at the rules and say hello!