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25 Different Zombies classes with Different Abilities
Z-levels, Raidable Bases, Quests, Furnace Splitter, x2 smelt
New Player Starter Kits - Economics - Store - Bounties - Skin Box
Plane & Heli events - Bradley Guards - Taxis - Leaderboard - x4 max Team
Zombie Hordes - Walking Dead - Raiding Zombies - Smartphone
Raid Alert - Zombie Boss - Lottery - Backpacks - Events - Cash & ATM's
Server Wipes Monthly (forced wipe)

Welcome to The New-World

After the apocalypse the Islands lay in ruins.. most of the remaining survivors have formed a community on the northern island now known as Rustwood.

The road to survival will be full of dangers. Civilization has collapsed, there are no governments, no authorities and no laws. Anarchy reigns this new apocalyptic world. Survival not only depends on avoiding the hordes of the undead, you must also defend yourself from other players.


Take care this is an extreme zombie survival, do not underestimate how brutal the zombies are. They mainly roam the map in large hordes, rise from dead player corpses and will even attack your base! Carrying a variety of melee weapons, chainsaws & flame throwers. Some zombies carry a mutated zombie virus that can be passed onto players if they come into contact with an infected zombie. Infected players will also pass on the virus to any other players they come in contact with.

The town of Rustwood

Rustwood town is the perfect place for new players, solo players or those looking for a more PVE RP Experience. Complete with all facilities including on site vending machines, workbenches, large furnaces, recyclers & refineries. The town also has its own police station & jail system to help maintain the town laws. Raiding is prohibited whilst living in the town. Residents can leave the town at any time by vacating their plot and moving to the mainland (where PVP & raiding are allowed). Players may only claim one plot and must de-authorise any Tc’s when relocating to the mainland. Rustwood island is Protected by a shield generator which was be maintained by the players living in the town to keep it protected. Whilst the shield remains operational raiding and PVP is not possible in the town. Rustwood is a friendly community and all players are welcome to set up home here.


Though not encouraged raiding is permitted map wide (excluding the town) so make sure to build solid defences. The server has Raid-Alert enabled and players need to simply sync their rust+ app to the server to be notified if a raid is attempted on their base.

3 Online Players

nakisha, treasa, sunny