zombie-land try to survive PVE

Hostname [US] Bloo Lagoon | 1.5x Vanilla | Max Group size 6 | 10/22
Status Checked 2 minutes ago
Players 204 / 200
Location United States of America
Version 2260
Platform Windows
Map Procedural Map
Registered by GHOST2020
Registered since February 28th, 2020 05:25 AM EST
Last update February 28th, 2020 05:25 AM EST
Tag(s) PvE

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[Group Limit] : Max group size of 6 players, this includes people offline.

Welcome to Bloo Lagoon the enchanced vanilla experience with the following modifications:

- 1.5x gather rate on resources
- Improved Barrels (Only components)
- 3x Auto Turrets limited per Tool Cupboard with restricted ammo capacity
- Nights are only 5 minutes long, and always bright.

For more information and VIP please visit https://lagoonrust.com/

204 Online Players

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