PNW Portland 420 N0 decay NO kos Active admin

Hostname FRESH WIPE 2/11 PNW Portland 420 N0 decay NO kos Active admin
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Location United States of America
Version 2215
Platform Windows
Map Procedural Map
Registered by knab
Registered since February 12th, 2020 07:36 PM EST
Last update February 13th, 2020 04:02 PM EST
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1. This is a Limited KOS (KILL ON SIGHT) server. KOS is only allowed in listed PVP ZONES:
A: Launch site: (inside the fence, the sand dune barrier or the ring road the tank uses. This includes the oil refinery)
Excavator: anywhere inside the rad zone, if not sure go naked.
B: Air Drops: PVP is over as soon as the drop is looted. If a heli touches an airdrop in midair it becomes part of the pvp.
Attack Heli Crash sites: KOS is active until all the metal is harvested from the crashed helicopter.
D:Active Raids: Use common sense. If you hear C4 and rockets, best to leave the area. You can’t expect a player carrying a days worth of work at a raid to have any kind of restraint. Same with the defenders.
E:Oil Rig, Cargo are PVP zones.
F Chinook drop create at Dome: You can shoot at players from the roof of dome. You can shoot at players on the roof of dome from anywhere. You can shoot at Heli players approaching in the dome but only from a position that is physically on the dome. Players on the ground can’t shoot other players on the ground
G:Chinook drop create at Airfield anywhere inside the fence is a pvp zone.
H:Chinook drop create at Trainyards: inside the rad zone is the pvp zone (go naked to check)
I :Once the Crate or Air Drop is empty KOS/PVP is over.
2. Be respectful to the ADMIN & Players. Racism will result in an instant ban! If you see anything with racist symbolism and such. Please take screen shot of it, the place on the map and send a DM to the admin asap on Discord. Trolling in chat is up to you but it sure makes you Suspect to many things. #1 GOAL RESPECT.

3.This server is No Decay. But be for warned sometimes the server will restart and decay will come on. I would suggest keeping some resources in for TC for such a situation . If you see decay turned on message the admin directly on discord.

4. Raiding is allowed on this server but do not grief the base.
This includes
A: Locking players out of their base once the raid is over.
B: Locking the TC. If you place a new TC leave it unlocked once the raid is over. Remove any doors placed. Do not wall in the TC.
C: Destroying workbenches
E: Destroying unlocked boxes
D: DE spawning unwanted loot (With the exception of charcoal)
E: Destroying furnaces and refineries
F:Drawing obscenities on walls
5. NO door camping This means no starting a raid with a DB and no explosives

6. Trap bases are allowed and encouraged here. I want players to learn how to approach a base cautiously. You will have to learn that maybe you don’t run up to an unfamiliar base with a full inventory of ore only to get killed by an auto turret.
Sam sites can be placed anywhere on the map, but be forewarned this will open you up to unwanted attention.

To make this server work we need to police ourselves better. If you can please try and take as many screenshots F12 during pvping and raiding.

Example: Going to kill a player standing under a airdrop? Try to take a screenshot before you shoot. Better to be proactive. That player might not know he’s in a KOS zone. Saves headaches later if everyone is taking screenshots and using their combat logs

Example: A locked create is out, take a screenshot of it at the monument on the map. So if you kill someone at airfield you can say there was a locked create there.