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Players 1 / 200
Location United States of America
Version 2242
Platform Windows
Map Procedural Map
Registered by TryhardRust
Registered since April 22nd, 2019 01:05 AM EST
Last update June 14th, 2020 01:48 PM EST
Last wipe August 18th, 2019 12:00 AM CEST
Tag(s) Airdrops Custom Loot Doorsharing Friendly Groups Instant Craft PvP Starterkit

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We are a new Rust community, providing the optimal Rust experience without the toxicity of other servers. We have active, non-playing admins and moderators that are committed to servicing the community. Servers are ran on high end dedicated machines, with the best paid and custom plugins available.

+ Custom Gathering - Get berries from hemp plants / Get Apples from chopping trees
+ Custom Loot Tables - Good component drop rates, very balanced
+ Auto Doors - Automatically closing doors, with adjustable timer
+ Target Reset - Targets reset when you shoot them after 3 seconds
+ Automated Search Lights - (VIP) Set up automated search lights with a laptop terminal. Can remote control using terminal.
+ Bgrade - (VIP) Automatic building grades
+ Chat Filter - Filters for racist phrases only
+ Anti Chat Flood - Keeps people from spamming chat
+ Timed Christmas Presents - Drops 2 giftboxes per player every 3 hours
+ Clans - Clan options with friendly fire, auto authorize cupboards/turrets/traps, ally option, clan chat, clan tag. Also if you set up a TC before a clan member joins, when they join they have access to cupboards previously placed!
+ Custom AI - AI Loot, health and damage have all been customized.
+ Outpost - Custom prices for items at outpost and bandit. Additional items available at Outpost.
+ Thunder Dome Event - Custom event, Fire dome spawns with a loot box and 3 AI. Kill the AI and hold the area until the 10 minute timer is up to grab the loot.
+ Furnace Splitter - materials are automatically split into equal stacks when placed in a furnace. Also puts in correct amount of wood to smelt.
+ Quick Smelt - Increased smelting rate
+ Lotto System - Hourly prize giveaways for active players.
+ Anti Ladder - Blocked ability to place ladders on high external walls only.
+ Homes - 2 default set homes per player, additional homes and shorter cooldown timers available with VIP kits
+ Instant Craft - Instant craft except for a few items that are abused to spam server.
+ K/D - K/D function that shows total kills, deaths, and K/D Ratio
+ Kits - Basic Kit, Tool Kit, and VIP kits all in a nice GUI window.
+ Lock-on Rockets - Smoke rockets used as a lock on rocket with the Plane Crash event. Will not lock on to any other targets. Only do 5 damage if shot at a player or building.
+ Anti Despawn - 30 minute timer placed on items thrown on the ground so players can't despawn during online raids
+ Airstrike - (VIP) Call a volley of rockets on your opponent - 24 hour cooldown
+ MiniCopter - (VIP) Spawn your own mini copter, 12 hour cooldown
+ Raid Block - 10 minute raid block timer. Disables if you move over 200m from explosive damage. Increased timer for walling during a raid.
+ Anti NoRecoil - automatically detects players using no recoil scripts. Tested and confirmed working.
+ Plane Crash Event - Low flying Cargo Plane flies overhead. Must shoot it down with a lock on rocket. 1 rocket makes it crash, 2 rockets blow it up in the sky and boxes spawn in the air where it exploded.
+ PM - Sends private messages to other players
+ Quicksort - Loot all, and other looting options
+ No Radiation - Radiation removed at all monuments
+ Remove Tool - Remove items with /remove and a hammer
+ Security Cameras - (VIP) Put up security cameras on your base that can be viewed through the laptop terminal
+ Skins - Free for all players, skins added for all items in the game. Change skins with /skin
+ Skyfall - Respawn with a drop in parachute, or use /skyfall to drop in PUBG style from a cargo plane. 10 minute cooldown for either option.
+ Stack Size - All stack sizes modified.
+ Stash Block - Blocked ability to place stashes under foundations
+ Trade - Trade other players with /trade playername
Much more to come...

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