Rustoria No BPs US 5x

Rustoria No BPs US 5x
Hostname 5/22 - No BPs US 5x [ Kits | Shop ] JUST WIPED
Status Checked 1 minute ago
Players 131 / 200
Location United States of America
Version 2164
Platform Windows
Map Procedural Map
Group Rustoria
Registered by RyanD
Registered since May 6th, 2018 09:10 PM EST
Last update August 22nd, 2018 06:16 PM EST

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Rank 519
Score 4
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Welcome to 5x USA No BPs - home to the best 5x servers, period.

If you're stuck in the queue or finding it hard to start, we have several donator kits and perks available on our donation store at

This server is an accelerated PVP experience due to all Blueprints being unlocked for everyone. We have a small map and a lot of active players, so finding PVP is easy!

Administrators on Rustoria do not play, nor do they interfere with gameplay on Rustoria. The staff members who do play do not have any permissions to abuse gameplay in any way.

Rustoria has a well known reputation for its plugins, great performance, active admins, lack of cheaters and overall server quality. We have an actve staff team ensuring our rules are not broken and our players are kept at bay. If you happen to need to contact a staff member, your best bet is to join our Discord at or submit a /ticket in-game.

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131 Online Players

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