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Once there were great Nation's ruling the planet, now there is only the Island.

It's the year 2099 and the world has just started healing from the War of 48'

In December 2047 a biological nerve agent was created and released by an unknown organization. The effects, although not lethal, are permanent mutations to the brain's cortex and in turn create a mindless being set on killing all in its path. The Island, being the only habitable land mass left on the planet, meant as a failsafe for global disaster. Everything was destroyed by the fires of 52', where the world leaders, and their remaining subjects fled to the Island to initiate the Planetary Oxygen Incineration & Neutralization failsafe. The success was minimal, and the virus has affected few on the Island.

You are here after being medically cleared and now have to survive.


The Island | 10X | QS/QC | Clans | Factions | PVP/PVE | Advanced AI

Odd Bi-Montly wipes. Last wipe 1/25. Next wipe 2/8

To connect join IP:


Following years of internal strife amongst the population, the Island has since been broken into factions.

Choose your Destiny:

The Road Kings,
were once the feared outlaws using vehicles to raid and pillage all they could. After years of terrorizing the Island, they exhausted their name defining resource, and power over the road, vehicles. Years later, still true to their name, you will often find them running the roads scavenging, and killing to survive.

The Mountain Men,
are the surviving soldiers and farmers of a Civil War of 72', originated from the King being killed in a hunting accident by his second son. The oldest won the respect of the soldiers and continued to live on the mountain. The farmers that continue to live on the mountain are direct decendants of the soldiers from the Civil War. Still true to their King, they build, farm, and harvest on the mountain to survive the harsh winter climate, where the virus cannot sustain its existence.

The Ice Nation,
were once part of the Mountain Men, Brothers infact. After the Civil War of 72', the younger brother, exiled by the eldest for the accidental death of their father left on a personal quest for redemption. He made an oath to his father that he would lead the life he would want him to. Years later, Ice Nation had established themselves as the most feared faction, and still, to this day, they continue to advance for the Mountain, where the Ice Nation claims its true home should be.

The Convictz,
the Island, to the unknowing, looked only as a desolate land with a prison and small town population. Before the leaders arrived, mass executions were initiated, but never took place. 22 days later, arriving on the Island, security forces were sent to the Prison after contact with its personnel had been lost. Walking up to the facility, there were no locked doors to the entrance of the prison, and no personnel upon entry. It was quiet. Unable to manually unlock the doors from the exterior, one of the members volunteered to squeeze through a set of bars. After bypassing the bars, he was able to reach the control panel. Not knowing which button unlocks a door, he unlocked them all. Within moments you hear all the airlocks switch, and doors beginning to slam and bang towards their direction. Within moments all of the remaining convicts breached the main lobby and overpowered the security force due to sheer numbers. While the convicts had many casualties, the living changed their name to Convictz to start a new life in these uncertain times.

the Islands citizens, not tied to any faction.

You thought you were alone....

Zombies have overrun the monuments.

An unknown military faction has been seen conducting patrols around the island shooting anyone with a weapon.

A humanitarian aid organization continues to resupply the Island for no apparent reason.


Many plugins, and currently developing a few *NEW* custom plugins for this server.

We will not accept donations. There are no kits except for the Zs. Sorry.