OzRust |AU| CasualPVE No Raid | No Kill |

OzRust |AU| CasualPVE No Raid | No Kill |
Hostname OzRust 5x PvE | Player V Environment | Raidable NPC Bases
Status Checked <1 minute ago
Players 49 / 150
Location Australia
Version 2252
Platform Linux
Map Procedural Map
Website http://www.ozrust.com/discord
Group OzRust
Registered by mcphee
Registered since January 25th, 2018 12:46 PM EST
Last update July 19th, 2020 04:34 AM EST
Tag(s) Airdrops Custom Loot Economy Friendly Instant Craft Oxide PvE Starterkit

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5x Gather.
Welcome To OzRust 8x.
OzRust Staff only have /mute permissions. No Spawn/Spectate abilities
We are a dedicated 5x modded PvE server hosted in Sydney, Australia.

This is a PvE Player VS Environment server. Player V Player only happens in Airdrop, Heli or Bradley zones. Raiding is turned off

Current plugins are:
Base Security Cameras - Place CCTV cameras around and view from a laptop in the safety of your base
Horse Riding - Get around Rust in style and ride a horse! When you find one type /stophorse and push E to start riding!
Alpha Loot - Complete rehaul of the Rust loot system
Dynamic Cupboard Share - Auto Authorisation of all TC's, Doors, Turrets For Clan Members Only
Clan - Create a clan (STRICTLY 6 MAX)
Teleport - /tpr Teleport to another playernAuto Codelock - Autolock your doors, type /codelock for more details
Plane Crash - Find Smoke Rockets and shoot down low flying aircraft with lock-on launchers!
Free Skins! /skin to skin your item
Friend - Add a friend, /ff off for friendly fire
Bgrade (VIP Only) - Auto upgrade building blocks when placing.
Sign Writer (VIP Only) - /sil Paste a picture from a web link to a sign
Feel free to join our discord! www.ozrust.com/discord"


49 Online Players

Rust GOD, Earthworm Jim, E Dealer, Hayden, Stewie1K, johnnyeggs, greenbear, Canoon, Uni, alexkotov0101, SAYWHAAAAAT, NoodleCup -iwnl-, Woodworker, [CG] MooMooCow, Steve, Slothy, Santaclaus52, Gravy, Penelope, #Grizz, m4dd4d, Annnnnimal, nabbzy, sKitzzo, moseph85, G1zmo, NativeCrisis, BFE RatSkull, The Punisher, Stewie0K, -NDW-ToeCutter, JAr, Show Clown, MissConduct, Dragonborn250, BrotherGizmo, Views, Mass_cbby, Pyrovile, [h3ip] EGG BOIII, stevevdl, Seven, Hey kid want some E, No One, Zombielicious, tonberry, +SiN+ Inspite, Prc64, Repetition

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