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October 6th, 2017 08:38 PM EST

Admins did not state anywhere that you could not build on a road except their website. We spent 6hrs farming to build our base and the server admin finally showed up hostile and belligerent and wiped our base, banned me from the server for disagreeing with him. He was uncordial and completely unprofessional. Not only did we have no malicious intent, but we expressed our understanding of the rule AFTER being told by others in the server. He claims that the rules stated in chat but I only saw the message one time after we already began building and I have played this server before having never seen the message. I am submitting this as a petition to have the server owner banned from hosting in the future as I believe he was abusive of his powers as an admin and completely unprofessional in his interaction with myself and my group. I have 10k hours and have NEVER had such a negative interaction with a server admin [essentially a 3rd party representative of Facepunch]