Rustocalypse Monthly

Rustocalypse Monthly

Rustocalypse Gaming is a group of gamers, who went out to make servers designed for what players actually want. We are players just like yourselves that didn’t like most of the servers out there and decided it needed to change.

We have hand picked mods that are easy to use and they help out the players in a variety of ways. We test these mods to make sure they don’t mess with the server or ruin the player(s) experience. We’re proud being as vanilla as possible without the ‘Pay 2 Win’ aspect most modded servers have .

We have a dedicated system with a high end i7-7700K CPU, 64GB of Ram and 1TB of NVMe storage to provide the best perfomance possible for our servers, thus keeping our servers online and performance at it’s best possible quality.

We also have dedicated team who provide support on many aspects such as Custom Mod creation, Discord integration tools and the guys who help keep the server clean of the rule breakers!

Players 7 / 100
Registered by Metzey
Registered since March 24th, 2019 04:36 AM EST
Last update June 25th, 2019 04:20 PM EST


Rank Server Players Status Tags
5 / 50 Airdrops Custom Loot Events Fast Crafting Oxide PvP Sleepers Vote Rewards
2 / 50 Airdrops Custom Loot Events Fast Crafting Friendly Oxide PvP Vanilla